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  1. Ah well, that's what I'll do then - never mind! If I'd have only held out a matter of days... but I needed the money! Thanks sodyouall! x
  2. Anyone at all? Sorry to be a pain, but I really need to know what to do with this cheque!
  3. Well, does anybody have any suggestions? Or should I just send the cheque back and forget about the extra £220?
  4. Well for the last two days, I've been on the spend! Yes that's right ladies and gentlemen, buying much needed baby equipment and stuff for the nursery. With what money? Well, with money from NatWest. So far so good, you're thinking. Well, not quite. I got a letter directly from NatWest, offering to pay a "goodwill gesture" of £2011. The bank charges, essentially. Well given that only a few weeks ago I'd been told by the courts that I wouldn't get a hearing until May, and with a baby on the way, and me getting bigger and bigger, I'm afraid I caved in and accepted the money. I did think for a moment about holding out until they paid the charges and the court costs, about £220 all together, but with a baby on the way and we hadn't even bought half the essentials and with me due in four weeks and not even enough to put in a hospital bag? Well, I accepted. So far so good; the money came through and I have been stocking up on essentials with a list of a few things left to spend (including a donation, of course, to this lovely site!), and yesterday I sent a letter to the court to cancel my claim, copying in Cobbetts. Except that this morning I went to the sorting office, on the first day of my maternity leave, to pick up a special delivery that had arrived while I was still in work, from about two days ago. In it was a letter from Cobbetts and a cheque, for the full amount of the charges, plus the court fees. So what on earth do I do now? I sincerely doubt I could get away with cashing the cheque as well, even though it does seem to be a case of the "left hand not knowing what the right hand's doing", because a letter is either on someone's desk at Cobbetts, or winding its way there now, to say that I've already been paid. And also, throughout all this, all I wanted back was my bank charges. I'm not dishonest and would actually feel guilty if I did that and ended up with two lots of money. Not to mention the fear of being found out! But an extra £200-odd quid in the court fees? That's gonna come in handy! What do I do? Do I sent the cheque back to Cobbetts and miss out on the extra £220? Do I cash the cheque, then send NatWest a cheque via Cobbetts for the £2011? What should I do next? Oh, and - hey, it worked! I got my bank charges back! Thanks everyone!
  5. Lovely thank you I will phone them at dinner time today!
  6. Sorry to be a right royal pain but I am starting to panic now. I've heard nothing from the courts about a date, and it's ages since I sent off my AQ! Should I phone the court do you think? How long does it normally take from sending back the AQ until getting a date? Arrgh!
  7. Ah thank you that is a weight off my mind! Do you know how long it normally takes?
  8. Does anyone have any idea what timescales I'm looking at now, and what's likely to happen next? I put on my AQ that I didn't want to go to court any time two weeks either side of May 27th 'cos that's my EDD, I'm just paranoid that I won't hear anything until near the time I'm due!
  9. You know I do wonder, at what point the courts are going to get fed up with all of this and come down on the banks like a tonne of bricks, like you say, the courts are going to be dead busy over the next few days! Why do the banks keep going through the motions when so many people have won their money back? Surely they must have to pay a fortune in Solicitors' fees? I don't get it! Ah well, let's keep our fingers crossed.
  10. Oh I get you they're not saying they haven't received the letter, they're saying that I haven't replied in whatever way it was they wanted me to. Phew that is a weight off my mind, I was proper stressing out when I got that letter this morning!!!! Thanks very much, I will sit back and wait now!!
  11. Arrgh! Help, I got a copy of Cobbett's allocation questionnaire in the post just now. In the "other information" section they have written: Case Management directions cannot be proposed until the Claimant serves a Reply to the request for Further Information which was due on 12 January 2007. In light of this, the defendant may amend its Defence or apply to Strike Out. Now, they sent this questionnaire back to the court on 17 January, so it's like they're saying, on 17 January, they haven't had my reply. But I wrote back to them on 7th January, I think it was, and sent my letter first class, so they should have had my reply well before now. So what do I do now? Do I need to send them my reply again? Are they saying they haven't received it, or is this a usual delaying tactic?
  12. Sorry to be a pain again, I have sent that letter to Cobbetts now. But there is another letter on the forum which is "letter to court re: Cobbetts cpr part 18 request". Do I send that as well and copy in Cobbetts?
  13. Hello, I'm a bit confused, do I send this in addition to the letter to Cobbetts about the cpr part 18 request, the one that's also in the "stickies"? And then copy this to Cobbetts as well?
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