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  1. Yes, they were 2 accounts that were in dispute with the OC before being sold to Lowell
  2. I have been dealing with Lowell in reference to 2 alleged debts that they had purchased from Aqua Credit Csrd & Three Mobile. After months of letter and email ping pong with Lowell they wrote to me advising me that as a gesture of goodwill with no admission of liability they have decided to close both accounts, therefore I will receive no further contact in relation to both accounts. I then wrote to Lowell and asked them to remove ant information that they have recorded with the three credit reference agencies and to cease processing or sharing any of my personal data. On 25th April I received the following response from Lowell... Dear drob Upon closure of accounts xxxxxx & xxxxxx I requested that the information showing on your credit file for these accounts is removed. This can take up to 50 days from the date of the request. For clarity I can confirm as these accounts have been closed they will not be returned to the original creditors or sold on. Yours Sincerely Lowell I have received a further letter this morning Lowell regarding this matter... Dear drob Please be advised we are unable to remove details of defaults as we are required to reflect true and accurate information on how your account has been conducted. As we are legally obliged to show information for 6 years from the date of the default, the information will not be removed from your credit file, however we will amend your file to show partially satisfied with a zero balance. Yours Sincerely Lowell * Why have Lowell contradicted themselves in the second letter? * How can a closed account show partially satisfied with a zero balance? I'm not sure if to right to Lowell again and point out their contradictions or pass this on to the ICO, any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.
  3. Hi slick132 I will send a letter as suggested today and see what Lowell's response is. Thank you so much for your help so far.
  4. Hi Slick132 Thank you for your reply, should I also enclose a schedule of charges and mention the invalid default notice?
  5. I received a letter from Lowell on 30th April 2010..... Dear drob In regards to account number xxxxxxxx, you have confirmed that your complaint with Welcome Finance relates to a reconstituted credit agreement which you believe that this was reconstituted fraudulently copying your signature from an old agreement and pasting it onto another agreement. You have advised that your complaint also relates to charges that Welcome Finance added to the account, which you feel are unfair and disproportionate. In relation to account number xxxxxxxx, I have discussed your correspondence with Welcome Finance and they have sent me a copy of your complaint response dated 10 November 2011. ( I have never received any correspondence from Welcome nor did Lowell enclose a copy of a reply. Lowell simply quoted the following in this letter) I note from your response that when your insurance was cancelled you were provided with a new account number, however they did not issue with an agreement in relation to this. Therefore your complaint was upheld. Welcome Finance have confirmed that it is not always necessary for a new agreement to be signed when all previous details remain the same. They also advised that if you believe that your signature has been fraudulently transferred from one agreement to another, then you must contact the Police to enable them to Investigate. Finally in relation to your comments that your complaint also relates to charges that Welcome Finance have added to the account, to enable me to review this matter further it would be helpful if you could highlight the fees and charges which you feel are unfair. I have enclosed the statements again to assist. We remain committed to bringing this matter to a positive resolution, therefore I have placed your account on hold for 30 days to either contact the Police regarding Welcome Finance or return the statements highlighting the fees and charges which you believe are unfair Yours Sincerely Lowell As yet I haven't made a formal reclaim of charges to Lowell.
  6. I took a personal loan with Welcome Finance on 5th November 2008 which included Personal Accident & Payment Protection Insurance. I then decided to cancel the Insurances within the cooling off period. Welcome Finance cancelled the Insurance and informed me of my new monthly payment. No revised credit agreement was sent to me nor did i sign a revised agreement. In 2010 I sent Welcome a CCA request and the statutory payment (£1 postal order). Welcome failed to respond so I rang them up, they claimed that they hadn't received a CCA request not the £1 postal order and they couldn't understand why I needed a copy of my credit agreement as I already had it when I first took the loan out in 2008. I said, yes i have the original but not an amended agreement to reflect the cancellation of Insurances and reflecting my new monthly payment. At this point Welcome put the phone down. I then sent a recorded letter to Welcome telling that they were in default of my request and also sent them proof of the £1 payment. Several weeks past and to my shock I received a revised credit agreement bearing my signature showing the insurance payments removed and a new monthly payment. 1. I did not sign a new agreement. 2. The Original agrrement was signed on 5th Nov 2008 and the agreement that they have sent me was alllegedly signed by me on 25th Nov 2008. It appears they have addded a 2 before the 5. Welcome have denied they ever sent a revised agreement and are trying to cover themselves by saying "we did not issue a new agreement and that it is not always necessary for a new agreement to be signed when all the previous account details remain the same"
  7. I have been doing some digging around and 'Capitalisation Fees' are interest charges... I just want some advice on how to handle this. Up to now this account has been to 5 debt collection agencies who have all returned the account back to Welcome. Welcome have now sold the account to Lowell. a) A default was issued in 2010, however the default is invalid b) Fees and charges have been added to the account which are reclaimable c) A second Credit agreement has in my opinion been manipulated, however Welcome claim they did not issue a second agreement
  8. I haven't done a spreadsheet yet, would I include 'Letter Fee's' on the spreadsheet? Looking at the statement are Capatalisation Fee's interest charges? and what are Fee Assessment Charges?
  9. Hi & thank you for you quick response... Lowell have asked for a breakdown of the charges which I feel are unfair and the reason why I feel they are unfair... 1. The Fees applied are approximately £280.00 2. The default noticed was definitely not executed correctly, however I have never brought the fact to Welcome or Lowell's who now own the alleged debt. 3. Welcome did send a new agreement when they removed the PPI, which was reconstructed from the original agreement by copying and pasting, however when I questioned Welcome about their fraudulent behavior they denied the fact and passed the alleged debt to several DCA'S before Lowell decided to purchase the account. Since I brought the fact that I thought the second agreement was fraudulently reconstructed Welcome have denied they ever sent it and try and cover themselves by saying "we did not issue a new agreement and that it is not always necessary for a new agreement to be signed when all the previous account details remain the same"
  10. UPDATE Lowell have now purchased this account (allegedly) I have wrote to Lowell and told that the account that they have purchased is in dispute as In my opinion Welcome have supplied me with a Credit Agreement that has been, in my opinion manipulated. Lowell wrote to Welcome and they responded by saying when I cancelled the PPI insurance on the loan I was provided with a new account number and that they did not issue a new agreement and that it is not always necessary for a new agreement to be signed when all the previous account details remain the same. Summary: 1. Welcome claim that a new loan agreement wasn't sent to me, however I do have a new loan agreement from them which I believe to be manipulated. 2. I cancelled the PPI which would have changed the details and terms of the original loan agreement, plus Welcome gave me a new account number so surely a new agreement would and should have been provided. 3. Alleged outstanding alance contains charges 4. The original defaullt notice was not executed properly. Lowell have ceased collection activity for 30 days waiting for my reply. Please can anyone offer me any advise what to do next?
  11. Hi BornThisWay I wrote to the NatWest again highlighting their lawful responsibilities Under Regulation 55 of The Payment Services Regulations and the NatWest haven't even bothered to reply. Fortunately CFO haven't managed to get my new card details and this maybe because the bank details they have is from my Lloyds TSB account. I have entered into negotiations with CFO and once they stop fooling around with silly admin & late payment charges I will repay them on my terms. As for the NatWest
  12. I will write to them again highlighting their lawful responsibilities Under Regulation 55 of The Payment Services Regulations 2009 and if necessary will escalate my complaint with the FOS
  13. The letter wasn'tr signed and copied at the branch it was posted, however as they have replied to my letter it proves that they have received it. I will have a dig around for more information before I reply to the NatWest. As of yet CFO haven't raided my account. a) I have a new NatWest debit card and CFO do not have the new card info. b) The bank account details that CFO have are a Lloyds TSB account.
  14. The letter as above was sent to my local branch, however the reply came from the NatWest retail customer service centre in Kent. I have never heard a Visa Debit card described as a service card before!! I am going to respond to the reply from the NatWest, any ideas on what I should tell them?
  15. I am trying to come to an arrangement with CFO. I have cancelled my debit card and have been issued a new debit card. The bank account details that CFO have are for Lloyds TSB and the old card details are for NatWest. I recently wrote to the Natwest to cancel any Continious Payment Authority that might be active ..... Dear NatWest Please cancel and decline any and all transactions that are to bemade, or are in the process of being made to the following company: CAPITALFINANCE , ONE , LONDON GB. This includes any use ofContinuous Payment Authorities that may lie on the account. Under Regulation 55 of The Payment Services Regulations 2009 section55, you are legally obliged to comply. Yours drob I have today received a reply fron Natwest.... Dear drob Unfortunately these payments to CAPITAL FINANCE , ONE , LONDON GB are made by Service Card and I am not able to cancel or return them. In order to prevent further payments debiting your account I would advice you to comtact CAPITAL FINANCE , ONE , LONDON GB Yours Natwest 1. What is a Service Card as my card is a Visa Debit 2. Are NatWest trying to fob me off 3. I am going to reply to NatWest, can anyone help with drafting a reply
  16. hi avfc20122 Yes, in general WDA will issue a Running Account Credit Agreement. The agreement has no fixed term or minimum duration, however it will indicate a credit limit & a total amount payable over a 30 day period.
  17. I'm on their list .... I love the £25 holding payment if you give them your credit/debit card details and remember, Don't miss these special offers. Christmas only comes around once a year!
  18. MMF are trying to collect on 2 accounts, both Payday loans. I have sent several requests to MMF asking for proof of my liability to the alleged debt plus a full breakdown. MMF have continued to ignore my requests and have continued to send emails and letters with their usual threats of court and doorstep collection. I sent a recorded letter on Monday 26th November and was received and signed for by MMF on Tuesday 27th November telling MMF that ALL Communication MUST BE IN WRITTING by post, and no telephone, e-mail or text contact will be tolerated, Furthermore I expressly state that I have no wish to make any appointment for any agent, representative or employee of MMF Ltd to visit my home, should such a visit occur the person will be invited to leave failure to do so and will result in their removal using any necessary means. I have requested a full explanation and proof of my liability for this alleged debt along with a full breakdown of the alleged debt and MMF have failed to provide any data in this regard; therefore I do not acknowledge any debt to MMF Ltd., or any company you may claim to represent. I have also sent an email to Baranby Page & home visits with the same information which has been read... Fast forward to this morning whilst in the shower I heard a knock at the door and Ignored it. Through my letter box was 2x letters from MMF, hand delivered. The leter states "I have now been instructed to visit your property to discuss repayment. I am your local MMF Doorstep Agent and although disappointed that I could not meet you today, I am constantly in your area and a revisit can be booked. Why are these people ignoring me?
  19. Who did you buy the car from & who supplied the finance?
  20. I'm someone more knowledgeable will be along soon to offer you advice. Did you know at the time that the agent was forging your wifes signature? If they really have doctored an agreement as you suspect, they have committed a crime with consequences. I'm not sure on this and I would wait for someone more knowlegeable, but it might be worth contacting Consumer Direct for advise as you might need to report this to your local CID and report this as fraud.
  21. What I want to achieve is for Lowell to remove all charges and correctly update any information they have recorded with the credit reference agencies. One they have done the aforementioned or their unequivical agreement I then want to enter into a repayment schedule to clear the balance. I just want to set my stall out from the start and avoid letter ping pong.
  22. Thanks, Brigadier Should i do this as a Full & Final to Lowell? or just tell Lowell that I want the charges removed before I pay?
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