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  1. I am still baffled by the comments... 1. I can send a request to them to change it to “Advance against Income” if you prefer? & I will be happy to send a request to them to amend accordingly 2. Please can you advise which of the credit reference agencies (Callcredit, Experian & Equifax) holds the incorrect information? Surely it is the MMF's responsibility to ensure that the correct information is reported with the Credit Reference Agencies, however it appears that MMF don't even know which of the Credit Reference Agencies they have reported my information with! I even gave MMF a clue as I included a copy of their entry on my Noddle credit report. I foolishly got into a mess with several payday loan companies, the majority after a bit of email ping pong and sticking to my guns I have managed to set up repayment plans for the original loan amount + 1 months interest. MMF have purchased 2 old Pay Day Loans and they have been an absolute headache and it took me months to try and make them understand that I had no wish to make anyappointment for any agent, representative or employee of MMF Ltd to visit myhome. As stated before by other members MMF are the lowest of the low and have a blatant disregard for any regulations or the debtor. I have already complained to the OFT questioning the suitability of MMF to hold a Consumer Credit Licence and I presume that the OFT have added my complaint to hopefully the growing pile of MMF complaints.
  2. Update In addition to sending a reply to Barry Ellershaw I also sent him an email and he has respomded ..... Dear drob It is my understanding that the classification on your credit file is determined by the individual credit reference agency. As the loan is a Payday loan the closest classification they use is either “Mail Order” or “Advance against Income”. I can send a request to them to change it to “Advance against Income” if you prefer? The outstanding balance we have been reporting is £570 the original debt amount was £689 and we agreed to reduce the balance in order to resolve the matter with you. Your credit file should reflect both amounts. Again should this not be the case, I will be happy to send a request to them to amend accordingly Please can you advise which of the credit reference agencies (Callcredit, Experian & Equifax) holds the incorrect information? I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Barry Customer Relations Manager Motormile Finance UK Ltd (MMF) 1. Since when was the classification on your credit file determined by the individual credit reference agency..... I always though that it is the responsibility of the creditor to record accurate information with the credit agencies? 2. Payday loan the closest classification they use is either “Mail Order” or “Advance against Income”. ...... Doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out the correct classification does it?
  3. Yes, I will post some copies of the correspondence from MMF once I have received a reply yo my letter sent today.
  4. Hi BRIGADIER2JCS Thank you for your reply & I appreciate your help. I will send a letter this afternoon (Recorded)
  5. The laughable thing is, is that my letter to MMF was straight to the point and MMF stll managed to overlook the nature of my complaint...
  6. Update I have received a response from MMF today.. Dear drob With reference to your letter dated 28 June 2013, regarding your account with us. I understand from your letter that you have recently viewed your credit file and are unsure what the default we have registered is referring to. For clarity, the above reference relates to a loan that was originally issued to you by QuickQuid in February 2010 and we purchased the debt in June 2011. We therefore legally own the outstanding debt. As the debt has been in default since 2012, we cannot remove this information from your credit file as the information is accurate. Love Barry Ellershaw 1. I didn't address my original letter to Barry Ellershaw it was addressed to Robert Sands. 2. MMF have confirmed that the debt is for a loan 3. MMF are under some delusion that the information that they have recorded on my credit file is accurate So now I have received a farcical response from MMF It's is time to make a complaint to the ICO?
  7. Yes I will keep the thread updated. I will also make an official complaint to the ICO.
  8. Hi Brigadier2jcs Thank you very much for you response. I will send the letter today by recorded mail.
  9. The default date that they have added is correct, the amount that they have entered is incorrect as the default sum included charges & fees. Also the default has been registered as a Mail Order debt which is also incorrect.....
  10. It would be interesting to know why the cheeky monkeys are describing Pay Day loan debts as Mail Order debts ....
  11. Hi renegadeimp, thank you for your reply. As far as I'm aware MMF have a responsibility to record accurate information with the Credit Reference Agencies. I feel a complaint to the ICO coming on.
  12. I have just been looking at my credit file and Motormile have described a default entry as a Mail Order debt, The default has nothing to do with Mail Order
  13. You will need to issue a County Court Claim against Capital One as they wont refund fees or charges without you showing that you mean business. In most cases and if all your paperwork is spot on, Capital One offer to settle out of court before judgement.
  14. I have emailed Icon with the following ...... " I draw your attention to Office of Fair Trading debt collection guidelines which states that charges are not allowed unless stated in the original agreement. After reading the Bose sales terms & conditions I can see no reference made to additional charges for debt collection, therefore Icon are in breech of the Office of Fair Trading debt collection guidelines. I will be forwarding a payment to Bose within the next 14 days and suggest that you return my account to Bose UK". Icon have responded with following.... "I will advise Bose that payment will be made no later than 18th June. I will take their further instructions regarding the collection charge"
  15. So there is no such thing as a pre-litigation charge?
  16. The credit terms from Bose were basic and as far as I can gather the agreement was not regulated. The only terms & conditions I can find are here http://www.bose.co.uk/GB/en/customer-service/shopping-online/terms-and-conditions-of-sale/ and do not mention any collection charges. I did receive a letter from Bose before they sent the account for collection to Icon which merely stated that further costs may me incurred if legal proceedings are brought against me. I think Icon have got a bit stroppy because I have disputed their £24 charge and have asked for proof of my liability to the collection charge. As they have been unable to prove any documentation to prove my liability to the £24 collection charge they have changed tact and now claim that the £24 charge is a pre-litigation charge.
  17. Bose Ltd have passed my£59.99 overdue account to Icon collections for collection. Icon collections have added a £24 charge to the account which I refuse to pay. Icon told me at first it's a collection charge and it must be paid. I have asked for a breakdown of how they arrive at the £24 and provided me with evidence or liability to the collection charge. Icon have got back to me today with the following ...."They are pre litigation costs, therefore they are payable. Your file will now be passed over to our solicitors to issue proceedings" 1. Are they allowed to add a £24.00 fee for pre-litigation?
  18. Make sure you keep the CFO Resolve emails as this is proof of blatant bad practices.
  19. Hi slick132 Thank you for your reply... Another reason for not being able to travel over 100 miles to Nottingham is that I have recently had spinal surgery and i'm currently unable to drive and I'm off work so i will try the approach you have suggested. At the end of the day I took the loan out, however I refuse to pay any additional fees & penalty charges, they have cobbled together a second agreement which one minute they say they never sent and now they have a photocopy and the default notice issued is invalid. Do you think I should make an offer to repay the original loan amount minus what I have already repaid & minus additional fees, intereset & penalty charges and see what Lowell come back with?
  20. Hi slick132 My nearest Welcome Office is Nottingham 119 miles away so it's a bit of an inconvenience to travel that far... What annoys me is that Lowell have purchased my account from Welcome, but every time I write to Lowell they then have to contact Welcome. I'm just fed up of going round in circles.
  21. The NatWest are 100% wrong and instead of investigating your initial response they have attempted to fob you off with a standard letter. I strongly advise you visit your branch with your letter of complaint and get them to take a copy and get them to sign that they have received your letter. I would also make a complaint to the FOS
  22. Thank you for your reply & I will keep the dodgy default notice as a back up plan... I have an original copy of the agreement which included PPI before I cancelled it. Once I cancelled the PPI Welcome issued a new account number and new agreement which I had allegedly signed. Welcome denied that they had never issued a new agreement and told me that they didn't need to even though I had cancelled the PPI. However, despite Welcome claiming that they had never issued a new agreement I have 2x photocopies of a new agreement with the PPI removed, signed by myself. I believe that my signature has been tampered with and copied & pasted from the old agreement. At the end of the day I did take a loan out with Welcome, however I have dug me heals in and disputed the agreement and charges since 2010
  23. Update Lowell have no responded and have told me that both credit agreements are held at Welcome Finance and are available for inspection. They have given me 30 days to respond before starting collection activity. As the original default notice is invalid how does this come in to play regarding the agreement or am I best keeping the invalid default quiet in case it goes to court?
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