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  1. I have had a good look on the PTP website ant the only address I can find is. PoundsTillPayday.co.uk is a trading name of Northway Financial Corporation Limited. Northway Financial Corporation Limited is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority. Northway Financial Corporation Limited PoundsTillPayday.co.uk Level 5 Plaza Commercial Centre Bisazza Street Sliema SLM 1640 Malta Is iData Protection Act 1998 - Section 10 applicable to MMF (If a DCA is chasing you for a debt and they have no paperwork, then they have no right to process your data)?
  2. Hi citizenB I think sending a SAR to Pounds till Payday will be a waste of time and money as their address is Sliema, Malta. I have dealt with various DCA's over the years and NONE have made any references to bank accounts & how many loans I may or may not had, something is NOT right! Pounds till Payday have never recorded any information on my credit files, however as soon as MMF purchased the alleged account they started to record data to the CRA's. a) The Account Date Start is 08/05/2009 b) The duration of the alleged loan was 29 days however it was due for repayment on 29/05/2009 so that's 21 days and not 29 days b) The default was issued on the due date for repayment 29/05/2009 (This would not allow me 14 days to rectify the default)
  3. Yes, something does smell .. I think sending a SAR to Pounds till Payday will be a waste of time as their address is Sliema, Malta. I am bemused, bewildered and angry at the response from MMF stating ""Pounds Till Payday have confirmed the bank account was in your name. as were the previous 30 loans, obtained"
  4. YES 31 loans!!!! where have they magically produce this statistic from? I know 'Dynamo' has just finished his last TV series, i wonder if he is now working for MMF? MMF are claiming that the current balance is £513.93
  5. I emailed MMF yesterday requesting them to provide evidence of my liability and I have just received a reply .. Dear drob Good afternoon. Please find attached a copy of your CCA. This is signed by yourself. Pounds Till Payday have confirmed the bank account was in your name. As were the previous 30 loans, obtained. As previously stated, if you believe somebody has taken out 31 loans in your name, paid back 30 of them and failed to pay back the 31st all without you knowing then I urge you to contact the police and obtain a crime reference number as I believe your personal information may be at jeopardy. As far as we are concerned we have proven this debt to be yours. I do not feel we have acted in an irresponsible and unprofessional way. If you choose to contact the FOS or the FCA then I shall eagerly await their correspondence Regards drob I have attached the CCA and blanked out my personal details and hand on my heart I can not recall ever taking out a Payday loan with Pounds till Payday. I have also noticed in the reply from MMf that they quote "Pounds Till Payday have confirmed the bank account was in your name. As were the previous 30 loans, obtained" where on earth have they got this information from? I have NOT had 30 loans!!!
  6. Re: Default I have just noticed that my credit report states: Account Date Start: 08/05/2009 Date of Default: 29/05/2009 If as MMF claim that this was a payday loan debt then the loan would have been repayable in, for example 1 month, however the period between the account start date and the default date is only 21 days
  7. Maybe I am jumping too far ahead, MMF stll haven'r proved the alleged account belongs to me
  8. Pounds Till Payday have never recorded a default regarding the alleged account, however I have checked my credit file this morning and MMF have added a default dated May 2009. MMF claim that they have purchased the alleged account, however I have never received anything from Pounds till Payday regarding the notice of assignment. MMF have stated "When you took out this loan, you impliedly agreed that the creditor could communicate with you to discuss payment. You do not have the contractual right to revoke that agreement until the loan has been replied" If I had taken out any loan with Pounds till Payday then any agreement would have been between myself and them. If a default had been issued by Pounds till Payday then wouldn't the agreement had been terminated and that NO contract between myself and MMF would exist?
  9. Motormile - Pounds til Payday - Doorstep Collection Motormile have purchased an alleged debt from Pounds til Payday. The alleged debt was from 2009 and I have genuinely no recollection of the alleged debt. I wrote to MMF and asked for proof of my liability to the alleged debt and request that they do not send a doorstep collector to my home address. I have today received a response from MMF .... Dear drob a) Please find enclosed a copy of the loan agreement with Pounds til Payday (NO agreement was enclosed) b) In your relation to your revocation of the doorstep licence regarding our intention to send an agent to your home to discuss the debt. YOU are not correct in your assertion that , under FCA rules (or OFT rules - be advised they are no longer our regulator), we can only call at your home if you agree to make an appointment. The debt is NOT reasonably disputed or deadlocked and WE are giving you reasonable notice of the timing of the visit. When you took out this loan, you impliedly agreed that the creditor could communicate with you to discuss payment. You do not have the contractual right to revoke that agreement until the loan has been replied. Yet you have frustrated our attempts to discuss the matter either by letter or telephone. Regards MMF Can anyone offer any advice as to a response to MMF?
  10. I would email Mr Lender and requested that they cancel the CPA in place and ask them to provide you with confirmation of the cancellation. DO NOT telephone them as they will fill your head with rubbish and try to bully you. You have already informed Mr Lender of your difficulties and have offered them a reasonable repayment plan. They haven't replied yet because your payment is due tomorrow and they think they are getting the full payment so I am sure you will hear from them tomorrow.
  11. You need to be firm with whom you talk to at the bank if they still refuse ask to speak to someone higher, don't let them fob you off. Make sure you take the name of the person you talk to at the bank, make notes of what is said & times. IT IS YOUR RIGHT TO CANCEL CONTINUOUS PAYMENT AUTHORITIES DIRECTLY WITH YOUR CARD ISSUER. http://www.fca.org.uk/news/continuous-payment-authorities-your-right-to-cancel
  12. Hi Katie Your bank MUST cancel a continuous payment authority when asked. The best way would be to visit your branch informing them to immediately cancel the CPA between yourself and Mr Lender. Get the bank to acknowledge your letter by a signature and take a copy for yourself, your bank are liable for any further payments that are taken in error after a customer asks for a cancellation, the bank must refund them.
  13. I haven't paid anything to Abbey/Santander since late 2006. The debt was made up purely from fees and charges, however a narrowly missed the boat claiming the charges & fees back.
  14. The debt dropped of my credit reports last Nov/December.
  15. UPDATE... Robinson Way have failed to respond to my prove it letters and have continued to send out further demands and are now threatening doorstep collection. I sent RW another letter informing them that they have not responded to previous requests and have told them not to bother sending a doorstep agent to my house. RW have responded today with a very short but sweet letter...... Dear drob Thank you for your recent correspondence. Your internet based template has no foundation or relevance to the debt you owe. Please respond with either a valid dispute or a proposal for payment within the next fourteen days. Yours Faithfully Collections Monkey Maybe it's time to hit them with a Statute Barred Letter?
  16. I received a letter from Robinson Way this morning.... Dear drob Your account details have been passed to us by our client, Santander to manage your account on their behalf ... blah blah blah Should I send a prove it letter or statute barred letter?
  17. Hi silverfox1961, I will wait until Robbers Way contact me (I'm sure it wont be long). I am 100% sure that the last transaction is over 6 years ago.
  18. Hi sequenci ... I am not a 100% sure as to when Abbey National closed my account. I have a box file in the loft of all of the paperwork so I will have a look over the weekend but I am sure they closed the account before they issued a default.
  19. I had an authorised overdraft with the Abbey National (Now Santander) the account also has charges which i tried to reclaim however I missed out due to the OFT test case The Abbey closed the account as retaliation when they found out I was trying to reclaim charges on my account. The Abbey National registered a default which has now dropped off my credit reports. I have not acknowledged the alleged debt for over 6 years despite every now and again I received a sums in arrears notice. Today I received a letter from Santander informing me that they are passing my account for collection to Robinson Way. As I have not acknowledged the alleged debt for over 6 years nor made any payment as I disputed the outstanding amount. Is this now Statute Barred? Any advice on how to respond would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Update Just like to thank Lee from Vodafone who is now kindly dealing with my complaint and is well on the way with resolving all my issues.
  21. Lee I have sent you an email. I would prefer an update via email on the issues listed below as so I have everything in writing
  22. UPDATE Well it's been several months since my last post and despite several promises from various employees to sort out my problems, guess what? Nothing at all has been done. 1. Vodafone continue to bill me for 5 handsets when I only have 4 2. 2 Unallocated Credit Notes and Vodafone had the cheek to email and ask me what Invoices do the Credit Notes relate to! 2. Vodafone still owe me a £199.00 debit card refund for a handset that was returned in July 3. Vodafone incorrectly advised me that It may be easier speaking to your back and doing an indemnity claim for the £199.00 refund. The Bank will not do an indemnity claim for a point of sale debit card. Let's hope Vodafone wake up when they receive a County Court Summons for the £199.00 I thought mobiles customer service was poor, how wrong was I because compared to Vodafone's customer service 3 mobile are fairly good and that's saying something
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