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  1. If DLC have bought the debt from Citi Financial they should have a copy of the credit agreement, if they dont can they enforce the debt? Aso, if any one can help, i have a credit agreement for car finance and have had it for a coulpe of years now. I have noticed that my copy of the credit agreement has not got a witness signature from the finance company, nor a reference number...........Is this document legal??
  2. Many thanks for a quick response Sam.... I forgot to mention that i send DLC a letter last week to stop phoning me and that i will only deal with this matter by letter. I have not received a phone call over the past few days.
  3. I had a personal loan from Citi Financial several years ago and due to unforseen circumstances failed on several payments and received a CCJ. Several months later i received communication from Direct Legal & Collections who started collecting the debt and as far as im aware had purchased the debt off Citi Financial. I have had loads of hassle from Direct Legal & Collections who tried to collect more money per month than what i was ordered to pay by the Count Court. In the end i applied to the County Court for a variation order, which was granted and set at £35 per month. Unfortunately i have defaulted again on the payments to Direct Legal & Collection and have been bombarder by the usual telephone calls and letters. I have wrote back to explain my situation and told them that i am now in a position to start payments again and could they send me a Standing Order mandate out as so i can set it up. I received a letter back today and it states that because i have faulted on the CCJ they now want me to pay £60.90 per month which will clear the debt in 12 months. They have told me if i do not they will enforce the count court judgement within 7 days. 1. If my variation order is set at £35 per month, they cant make me pay more can they? 2. Should i write back and ask for a copy of my credit agreement as Direct Legal have bought the debt from Citi Financial? Any help or suggestions on my problem will be appreciated, thank you in advance:)
  4. I took out car finance with the Funding Corporation and was told that i had to take out PPI. The PPI premium was £1940.75 which i pay monthly at an APR 0f 40.3% Can anyone tell me if i am able to cancel this Insurance? I have read my terms & conditions for Information about cancelling the PPI but cannot find anything. Also do you think it is worth trying to claim all my PPI payments back?? Does anybody have a template for a letter to cancel? Thank You In advance
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