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  1. Finally had a callback from DWP .... They have received the MK47 statement and will pass it on to the relevant department who will then investigate the matter, unfortunately they are not able to give me a time-frame for this matter to be resolved. I was then asked, "why have you contacted Argos if you have never worked for them" erm..... because you advised me to, to get a letter stating that I never worked for Argos. I have never dealt with anyone who is so abrupt or incompetent ....so frustrated!!!
  2. - The DWP have made the error by acting upon incorrect information they have received from HMRC. - HMRC have confirmed verbally that the DWP are acting on incorrect information. - DWP are placing the burden of proof in my direction, I have nothing to prove as it's a DWP error. A few years ago I used to work as a payroll administrator and whenever the DWP/Jobcentre wanted any information regarding an employee they would simply fax a request for information, the information would be supplied and faxed back, So for the DWP to tell me it's not their responsibility to contact Argos is a Joke and an utter disgrace. I rang the DWP again this morning to chase this and was told that because I hadn't received a callback within the 3 hour time-frame the matter will be escalated and that someone will call back within the next hour.. The chap i spoke to also said "I don't know what is going on but you are not alone and this sort of problem seems to be happening quite often"
  3. I attended an interview in October with Argos for a temporary position but that's as far as it went. I have received a letter from the Department for Work & Pensions informing me that they are using information received regarding my income that has been given to the HM Revenue & Customs. The Department for Work & Pensions have reduced my JSA to £38.33 as they claim I am receiving on average £39.07 per week from my employment with Argos I have never worked for Argos paid or unpaid so I rang the DWP to see what was going on. They told me to either get a letter from Argos confirming that I have never worked for them and ring the HM Revenue & Customs. Firstly I rang the HMRC who told me that they don't know where the DWP have got their information wrong as it's incorrect. So i then rang the DWP back to tell them and they got very stroppy and told me to go to my local Jobcente and complete a MF47 statement to confirm I have never worked for Argos. The DWP also said they still need a letter from Argos. I reiterated that I have never worked for Argos so how can I approach them for a letter. I also said that you the DWP have made a false accusation so how on earth can I be penalised for your error..... didn't go down to well! Went to my local Jobcentre, completed the MF47 statement and they scanned it and sent it off for me via email. I then contacted Argos to see if they would put together a letter and they said in general the DWP will contact them direct if they want any information and the request must come from them. I telephoned the DWP again today to chase things up and they told me where is the letter from Argos. I told them that the request must come from the DWP and was then told "we don't do the chasing". I then asked what has happened to the MF47 statement. "What MF47 statement" was the reply, we have no records of it. I then went on a rant as I have £3.82 to last me through Christmas for something that Is not my fault and is obviously an error by the DWP. The lady I spoke to just said I will email someone and get them to call you. (Still Waiting for the Call). Honestly I am flabbergasted on how they are dealing with this matter and how unhelpful the DWP are being.
  4. I presume Lloyds TSB own the debt as they are still recording data to the CRA's and I have not received any notices of assignment.
  5. At the end of the day what are Moorcroft going to do if i do not return a completed I&E? NOTHING!!!
  6. The bank closed my account and now Lloyds TSB insist that I pay Moorcroft...
  7. They should have sent an I&E request before accepting my offer of £1 per month (reviewed after 5 months) rather than sending it after receiving my 3rd payment. Moorcroft accepted my offer so I will not be filling completing an I&E statement.
  8. The debt was for going into an unauthorised overdraft. I disputed the charges until blue in the face and even made a complaint to the F.O.S who ruled in favour of the bank .... Lloyds TSB have passed the account to Moorcrap for collection and no interest is being added to the outstanding balance.
  9. I have no intention of sending an I&E statement .... it's £1 per month or nothing!
  10. Moorcroft contacted me 3 months ago regarding an old Lloyds TSB account I had which had an outstanding overdraft that I owed. I am currently unemployed and receiving Jobseekers so I have very little disposable income. I made an offer of £1 per month, which Moorcroft accepted. I had a letter from Moorcroft this morning asking for a detailed income & expenditure statement. I have already made 3 payments of £1, why are they now asking for an I&E statement? They can go and whistle as they are lucky they are getting £1 per month.
  11. Well said.... This country is ran by corporates and bankers and the more and more I read and educate myself the corporations and bankers are corrupt and dishonest. Who funds and regulates the FCA? It's all smokes & mirrors!!
  12. Microcredit Limited trade as: MiniCredit.co.uk and Minicashloans.co.uk Microcredit have an active 'Interim permission' from the FCA. Consumer credit firms that held an OFT licence and wanted to continue to offer consumer credit had to register for interim permission. Interim permission will last until a firm has to apply for authorisation or a variation of permission in its allocated application period, which will be between October 2014 and March 2016.
  13. Already filed under Ignore ... Just wondering since the Wonga/FCA kerfuffle some Payday lenders /DCA'a are starting to see if they can try their luck before the FCA start to dig their claws into other Payday lenders
  14. Update It's been over 2 years and I haven't heard a peep out of Minicredit/Microcredit/Opos. This morning I received an emal: Notice of Assignment of Debt to a company called Kapama Limited who are the sister company of Opos, the email actually states "All of the debt purchased by Kapama Limited is managed by our sister company Opos Limited" Over 2 years and hey haven't been able to provide a CCA or provide evidence of my liability yet they have managed to shuffle the paperwork to another desk within the same company!
  15. Anyone who is in arrears and there debt has been sold are not included It will be interesting to see how this develops! I am 100% sure that I read on the Wonga website the other day that loans that have been sold would be included. Now that the 10th October has passed it appears that Wonga have removed the section regarding loans sold from their statement. It's all smoke and mirrors from Wonga but would you expect anything different?? If Wonga have sold the debt to a third party then in theory as the third party have paid Wonga a fee, effectively hasn't the third party paid the Wonga debt off?
  16. No way on this earth have I had 30 + 1 PDL's albeit probably alleged rollovers from PTP and if this was the case wouldn't this suggest irresponsible lending? I still require MMF to to provide unequivocal proof, Names and addresses of the bank (s) that the alleged loans were credited to and account numbers and any other data relating to the accounts that the alleged loans were credited to.
  17. I will do, should I address it to Neil Petty? mind you he will only end up passing it on to one of his colleagues to deal with it.
  18. Hand on my heart, as far as I am concerned I have never had a payday loan from PTP. MMF have purchased the alleged debt from PTP and have started to record information on my credit file. I have asked for proof from MMF regarding the alleged debt and in response MMF claim that Pounds Till Payday have confirmed the bank account the loan was paid to was in my name. As were the previous 30 loans, obtained. (No Documents to support the claim) My credit file states that the Account Date Start is 08/05/2009 and a default was issued just 21 days later on 29/05/2009
  19. Hello sillygirl1 30 loans from the same company would suggest 'excessive rollovers' which would point to the fact that I started a financial relationship with PTP in 2006 and not 2009 as stated on my credit file.
  20. Thank you for your help & advice. I will compose a letter to MMF tomorrow to provide unequivocal proof of the alleged debt and to provide names and addresses of the bank (s) that the alleged loans were credited to.
  21. The only address I can find for PTP on their website is in Malta so i think sending a SAR will be a waste of time & £10
  22. Pounds Till Payday have confirmed the bank account was in your name. As were the previous 30 loans, obtained. If this fact is true (which it is not) it would be interesting to find out if the alleged 30 loans were obtained from PTP or other lenders. Either way the allegation is absurd as it would indicate that I have had 30 Payday loans
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