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  1. thats really good. Did you actually owe Next anything to begin with? ie did they wipe debt due to their harrassing behaviour. If you did then I am taking mine further. I had a distressing call from them which didnt make sense. If you want I can pm you the details. Let me know. Thanks
  2. Hi I phoned them yesterday and amongst another issue I have with them, I told them to stop phoning me. You are harrassing me. You are in breach of the telecommunications act. Remove my number NOW. Which they did. I said If you need to contact me send me a letter. End of.
  3. Wonder if anyone knows if there is anything I can do? I have a child born 1986 and another born 2002. I was entitled to this money and received a payment for the 2002 child but got a letter saying. "I regret that your claim for the childrens tax credit for the year ending 2002 was not made before 31 January 2007 and therefore was out of date." Now, as we all know this was not publicised so none of us knew thus prob next to no-one applied before 31/01/07. I certainly did not know otherwise I would have applied. Does anyone know of any successfull appeals? If so, how I go about doing it? Thanks so much
  4. No ha! not at all. I just didn't know people used oil. Sorry. I'm at work now so got to get on with it......Bye
  5. No dont buy them. Everybody's skint right now and you are only paying for a label. You know that it does not cost anywhere near that amount to make these. Keep your money. I am stopping you. They really don't look that grand to me either. You'll like them for a couple of days then get mad at yourself for being so daft.
  6. yeah I was thinking that folk would be saying "this is not what you are meant to be using the forums for" ie laughing at each other's jokes and not taking forums seriously. I will need to digest your note in the morning as I can't really be bothered right now. (oh that sounds ignorant). I definately will be spoken to about wasting forum time now. I'm beginning to think you are taking the "you know what" about running out of oil like you live in the olden days high up on that blooming mountain like Heidi. You prob are! I did hear on the news mind you that weather in northern Ireland is grim so I believe your mountain is cold but not your entire house. (right just noticed you wrote lol after that oil thing so I guess its a joke) Geez hope its a joke! We've got Central Heating over here in scotland (no oil top ups needed) just normal gas bill. We should PM because we're gonna get into bother. My payment is for 2002/2003 cos I was too late for the 2001/2002 as it was meant to be in by Jan 07 but the govmt never publisiced it and us folk had to come across it by default so of course it never made the deadline.
  7. Forgotton one you need to see a gp. A short term antidepressant will take away this feeling of doom and gloom. Yes I know you feel you are in a hopeless situation and your brain must be completely bogged down but this will help you see clearer and therefore be able to have the coping mechanism that you need to fight these swines. I know all about it. Been there, still coming through it and yes its hard but with the right type of help you will be stronger. Please see your gp. Doesnt necessarly need to be a psychiatrist/psychologist or anything. As well as my mental health issues I suddenly developed panic attacks. Something I never understood before. They were mega and uncontrollable. I HAD to see someone there and then as I was frightened of this feeling and of being alone for any length of time. I got some sort of antidepressant that took the attacks away completely. Im not saying "if you are down then pills are everyone's answer" but when you seem as low as you do then you need something to regain back rational thoughts. Take Care and you can judge for yourself that people are taking the time to care about you. We dont even know you and we care!!! Please realise that.
  8. Hi sorry to hear your situation. I'm not sure about the benefits folk as unless you know the system it's hard knowing what you really are and are not entitled to. The loans and the catalogue will have to accept token payments. I know that for sure. All you do is write to them (I never give my phone no) and send them a statement of means ie what comes in and what goes out. Priority bills are your mortgage/council tax/gas/electric and you obviously need money for food etc. so even if you offered them £1 a wk/month then they should accept it. They won't like it and may pass it to debt collector but bottom line is "cant get blood out a stone" so they know if they threatened court action they would be out of pocket for court/legal fees and a judge would look at your incomings/outgoings and come to the same conclusion. Court may seem scary but it is not in the slightest. I had to go recently and represent my daughter for "supposed" missed rent. I was PETRIFIED as never been in a court in my life. Crying the lot. Then done a lot of research and when I went 4 times I saw how incompetent and nervous the lawyers etc were and the judges were extremely nice and kind. They know you have fallen onto hardship through no fault of your own, however you have (which you should) contacted the companies involved and not stuck your head in the sand. In the future when your situation changes you tell them you will reassess with a hope to raising your payments. No one wants debt collectors etc involved but its getting kinda hard to avoid them these days. I hope this helps a little and things will get better. I remember my dad saying that to me when I was in a not nice place and I thought "yeah right" Believe me THEY DO!!
  9. I feel like Im talking to myself cos I wouldnt go and get the letter either if I couldnt be bothered even tho I had found it. Maybe when the climate changes you will let me know what the letter says cos I now cannot mind what its for now. My 6yr old asks "what??" when I sit erupting at my computer and I make something up and he says "thats not funny" which like you makes me laugh more and more. It's cold here. Surely youve got central heating. You act like you can only sit in one spot in your house otherwise you will freeze over. Maybe its cos you are high up on that mountain. Im gonna google northern ireland to check out those mountains.
  10. Hi I didnt realise you had replied to me and I automatically thought you didnt like my humour and thought you had fallen out with me. That is funny you in Ireland up in a snowy mountain.....! Keep that fire on.
  11. thanks for your reply again. Why are you so cold? Do you use your laptop outside haha!!
  12. thanks for your reply. I appear to be going to get a payment for the next yr too but when reading these posts it seems like they didnt make the cut-off date in Jan 07. (plus as we all know nothing was publicised that we could be due something) I came across it through default
  13. Hi I received a reply from them yesterday saying that "I regret that your claim for the childrens tax credit for the year ending 5 april 2002 was not made before 31 Januarry 2007 and therefore was out of date" Can anyone help?? Thanks
  14. I appreciate your answers I will be looking more into this and taking it further. poppynurse - thanks but it is not about qualifications or time as he is also not eligable for funding for a degree course either now because of this.
  15. sorry i see, im new to this forum stuff so i dont know the language used here. I understand that they are strict but what i dont understand is why that if you do not complete the first year of an HNC course then you are not eligable for funding for any other course, however you are allowed to have a false start for an HND or Degree course. I myself have never completed an HNC or HND as I went straight to Degree level during which I had a false start and was able to gain funding to complete this degree. However in the case of someone such as my partner who is not able to go straight to a degree, i do not understand how progression is possible as he can not gain funding for any type of course now. as self funding is not an option, how is it then possible for my partner and others like him to get back into education? SAAS says "SAAS also appreciates that it can be difficult to know if you’ve made the right choice of course. On one occasion only, SAAS will allow what’s known as a 'false start'. If you don’t do more than one year of an HND, degree or equivalent level course (i.e. you don’t progress into the second year), SAAS will ignore the support given to you for the first year and give full financial support for another HND, degree or equivalent level course. Do not automatically assume that you will be eligible for a ‘false start’. Always check with a student finance adviser at your institution or contact SAAS. A false start is not available for an HNC or similar level course." My point is that as HNC courses can be accessed by people as young as 16 (perhaps younger I am not sure of the minimum age limit), does it seem fair that a youngster straight from school embarks on an HNC course then decides its not for them and returns to school, then in the future when they are a little older wishes to start another course such as a degree, find that it is not possible due to the previous false start. I would appreciate if there is anyone who could give me more information on the subject or direct me to someone who could be of help
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