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  1. I decided not to accept their offer and received almost by return an increased offer. We have decided to accept it, as it is only just short of what we asked for. It is approximately 95% of the claim. We have returned the paperwork and asked them to close our accounts. They say they will refund within ten days.
  2. I've worked out they have offered me exactly 80% of what I asked for. Still thinking about taking this further
  3. I have received a letter from First Direct telling me that that they have made the charges because they have to consider each payment that exceeds and agreed limit. They are confident they are right and this is all explained in their terms and conditions. However they have offered me £1053.00 in full and final settlement out of the £1316.38 I claimed. Any suggestions?
  4. Update time. Sent off first letter and received a quick reply, returning my cheque. The reply promised to send statements but only the last six years. This was not too much of an issue as the account had been open only seven. The statements arrived a few weeks later by courier. Using the simple spreadsheet (really easy to use) I have calculated how much I have been charged and the interest. £1164 in bank charges and £117.53 in interest. I was shocked it was that high. Because it was a joint account we received a second set of statements by courier. One way to save money. Second letter is on its way tomorrow. Thank you to those who posted advice.
  5. Got a letter today from First Direct saying that our account is again overdrawn without prior agreement; withdrawing all banking facilities and asking that unused cheques and cards are returned. As we use the account for shopping etc and its not our main account it is not the end of the world, but it has spured me into action to do something about the previous charges. Any advice?
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