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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Hi, As a tenant in privately rented property I found that my landlord was in difficulty with his Mortgage Express mortgage. The mortgage was handed to a firm who have been great in collecting the rent from me to pay the banks receivers. It now transpires that the receivers have released the property back to the landlord so the company I have been paying the rent to will no longer collect it. My dilemma is that the landlord has not been in touch, no letting agent has been in touch, the bank has not been in touch and I have had no way to pay my rent for the last 3 months. All the contact details I and the receivers have for the landlord do not appear to work. What can I do?
  3. Ach, this website makes you see the joy of being a bank director huh? My current situation is this. Business failed last year and I had an unsecured loan with ING. Unable to make payments, I set up with CCCS. I keep ING informed throughout, including a letter when the business folded. As of November last year they started to receive payments from CCCS. In December I receive a letter from their solicitors Salans telling me they plan to take court action against me. I phone Salans who tell me that if I send them the details of the CCCS agreement they will not pursue it. I send it to them Special Delivery. In January I receive a CCJ against me. When i phone Salans they tell me they never received my paperwork. I contact Royal Mail who confirm it was delivered and send me a letter to confirm this. I contact salans again and they tell me that they are cannot be held liable for the postal service, even though i reiterate that it was actually delivered. They then send me a letter in February "confirming" that I have not made apayment since May of 2006. After several arguements over the phone that the Judgement was entered into incorrectly they then apply for a charge over my property!! I send a letter of complaint to ING and explain I am trying to apply for a new mortgage so as to move property and consolidate my debt, so paying off the loan to them, in fact paying it off early. Tehy then send me a letter confirming that they will remove the CCJ if I have my solicitor send them a letter of undertaking that I will pay off their loan with the mortgage. My solicitor cannot issue a letter of undertaking without the mortgage being agreed. The mortgage cannot be agree with the CCJ in place, and so on and so forth. Do I therefore apply to the courts to the have the CCJ overturned myself. Do I also have a case against ING and their solicitors for failure to maintain true and proper records of the payments and documentation? Anyone, anyone?
  4. Actually stuck on filing the claim at the minute, Got to the point of receiving an offer from RBS for half of the claim (surprise) when things went pear shaped and it it had to go on the back burner. Now I assume any post from them has gone to my work address so I need to climb back on the horse and go at it again. As I have given them my final letter can I simply hit them with the claim even though there has been a break in proceedings?
  5. Bloomin' heck, if time flies when you're having fun then considering how quick it goes when your life is flipped upside down? Business has gone balls up and mortgage is currently being switched but I am more determined than ever to make the f***ers pay. I had a buyer for my business who spotted my weakness and sat and waited until I went under so as to pick up the lease and business on the cheap. shafted ig time In all honesty it is a relief to be out of the business but if the bank now think that is it then they can think again. All it means is that I have more time to rebuild my life that I was previously wasting on saving my business. Charges have continued to pile up and i think I will now be pulling in all the relevant info as my recent statements have gone to my old business address that i am locked out of. Bank charges, business collapse, life in tatters.............nah. Consider this a resurrection. This is time for a Lazarus event. Any advice welcome but consider that money is very, very low. I want this. I want this bad!
  6. Afternoon all, Quick update. Accounts all handed to their credit collection service who basically told me the account closure 2 days after a refund was pure coincidence. A week later I have a phone call from them telling me they have received my complaint from the financial ombudsman and "would like to discuss the situation". So far they have offered me half of my claim. I refused and told them I will be in contact in due course with what I feel will be an appropriate course of action. I think the banks are becoming even more scared of large claims when people no longer have anything to lose. We will happily take them to court for the full amount and they seem to never want it to reach that stage as we all know what will happen. I am going to push the envelope as far as I can on this one. I'll let you know
  7. Thank you so much for the advice. It does seem to be purely a problem with agents. I had a chat with the landlord who was suprised when I told him I was not in arrears. He is only working on the info given to him by the agents. I am tempted to let them lock me out and then go for them. The original lease took months to deal with as the old landlord tried to use an off the shelf lease to save himself money and my solicitor virtually took it to pieces and started again. I think it will be fairly water tight on my behalf. Obviously I do not want it to go that way but it will be tempting to release myself from a 10 year lease i am quite fed up with.
  8. So to follow on from my problems with my bank and now have a problem with my landlord, or rather his agents. To cut a long story short: 1) Took on lease with landlord, he would offer rent demand, I would pay. 2) New landlord, uses agents, do not offer rent demands, simply walk in and demand payment, payments end up all over the place. 3) Switch to weekly payments as falling behind on payments due to bank issues. 4) agents have complete inability to retaing records of payments as proven when I demanded to see log of payments. 5) Revert back to quarterly payments but agents now tell me I am a quarter in arrears, when in fact I pay a qaurter in advance. 6) Receive oral threat to lock me out, without any demand notice or warning notice. If I am locked out yet am in the right does that mean the lease is effectively terminated and the landlord has broken his side of the agreement? Will I have a legal case against him?
  9. Is there a link to where this has come from, so as to be able to print it from the original text?
  10. In a similar position myself but have just seen: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloyds-bank/5584-janeyb-lloyds-massive-settlement.html?highlight=loan& I think that the banks will be very unilkey to go to court as they will have to divulge all information the charges. I would think it is in their best interest to settle before it reaches court. I am seriously considering going for the whole amount. This is purely just my perception.
  11. Did you not worry about going for the full amount in one go ratehr than the small claims?
  12. And I NEVER forget the ladies.................. The restraining order is proof of that!!
  13. Hi, Thanks for your kind words. Hanging on at the minute but really up against it. In the process of moving my mortgage, reported RBS to the financial ombudsman and awaiting their reply, but really feel like a SOS bottle floating in a bloody big sea right now. Still fighting, but feel a bit like a knight that says neeeeee
  14. I see what you mean about being in a similar boat. Good luck young man!
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