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  1. 10/10 too, but given the amount of phishing emails I've seen over the years I'd be disappointed if I couldn't spot them a mile away these days!
  2. My apologies for not keeping track of this toxic. The monitor has been fine since I got it back, in fact I'm using it as I type this. Hopefully it'll remain that way until I have the finances to replace it, which I'll do and then keep this as a backup. I hope by now you've had some joy with your complaint!
  3. Well, on friday last week I finally received my monitor back in working condition. Hopefully this means RepairTech have received a shipment of parts so others in the same situation might be getting their units back too. I just hope this time it lasts longer than month before going wrong again!
  4. The TFT panel was what needed to be replaced in the first one I sent back, and it took four months before I got a replacement monitor instead because they were "awaiting parts". This was last year. Something fishy is going on with this company...
  5. Well I've been keeping my nose clean, as it were, while Trading Standards did what they could. I have a lot of respect for the guy who's been dealing with the complaint for me and trying to get it sorted. Basically they got in touch with the Warwickshire TS (the one local to RepairTech) and got them to get in touch about the complaint, but RepairTech told them exactly the same as they told my local one: They can't speed up the process because they can't speed up the delivery of parts from China/Taiwan/wherever the DGM Head Office is. Trading Standards have reached the limit of what t
  6. And the emails are just flying today!
  7. Latest update! I emailed TS the other day to say it had now been 8 weeks since they received the monitor and over four months since I first informed them of the fault, and I had still received nothing other than "We're waiting for parts". TS then emailed them today with the following: This received the following response approximately five hours later:
  8. Did you really just accuse every single thread-starter on these forums of being insecure and in need of attention? Really? What exactly did you think these forums were for? If you think it's so pathetic, why are you even here?
  9. *sigh* Such a summons would be addressed to the male individual who has identified himself as " *** DGM Customer Services" along with his name (blanked out for good reasons) in every single email he has sent to me and Trading Standards. What more do you want?
  10. You notice the bottom of the emails, I will point out again, say "DGM Customer Services" right? This means as far as I am concerned I am dealing with a representative of DGM. It doesn't matter if the person is on the payroll of DGM or is a contractor working for Repairtech, as they have identified themselves as "DGM Customer Services" that is what they are, unless you are trying to suggest this person is misrepresenting themselves? Your point seems to be that I should be dealing with someone at DGM and not Repairtech. My point is that, as far as I am concerned, I AM. They have identified
  11. eBuyers take on the issue was that since DGM supplied me with a brand new replacement, it fell to them to deal with warranty issues according to previous cases they had involving Trading Standards. One would assume TS agree with that or they would have got on to eBuyer by now, I did mention it in my correspondence with them.
  12. You're seriously going to quote the dictionary at me as if I don't understand the word? Believe me, I've known what that word means for a LONG time. Now, answer my question. Are you referring to Repairtech's incentive to deal with this issue? If so, read my previous post. If not, then explain what on earth you're talking about because I have no idea myself. Actually forget reading my previous post, I'll spell it out: Repairtech = Contractor for DGM. DGM = Pays Repairtech money to deal with these issues. Incentive = Repairtech want to keep receiving money from DGM.
  13. I know I shouldn't, but I can't help myself... Assuming you are referring to Repairtech as the contractors, what do you mean what is their incentive? How about doing the job that DGM pay them to do? You know, like any other business. The incentive is to do a good job so you can get paid and attract more customers/contracts.
  14. Thanks for that reply Jasper, that was a very interesting read! Considering this is the second unit I've had go back in the ongoing saga and with TS involved, I was amazed it took them 5 weeks to let us know what the fault was. I've sent my contact at TS your views to keep them informed and it will be interesting to see how long it takes before we have to start shooting off more emails to get this sorted.
  15. Tradings Standards emailed them again today to request another update since it's been 5 weeks now, and received the following reply: I take that to mean it wasn't customer damage as they tried to fob me off with after all, but if I hadn't got TS in they'd probably have never accepted the unit back for testing. I sent an email to the guy I'm dealing with at TS to ask how long with give them because although it's a different part this is exactly the same thing they said last time and it still took months before I got a new monitor!
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