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  1. Hi Still a baby compared to some. 1st Credit no cca Connaught no cca Mack Hall no cca and gone very quiet
  2. Drob, you must have had a nice VAT man
  3. Sent a SAR to the DCA. Had the postal order returned. saying this is exempt and is enforcable. Now I may be having major blonde/senior moments (please do not take offence if you are either) but I thought that that they should have sent what I requsted i'e all peperwork relating to me and the case number. If I am incorrect can someone please point me in the right direction. Should also mention that original creditor has ignored any communication for the past 4 1/2 years.
  4. I think I might frame it and save it for posterity LOL:D
  5. Had a very polite letter from CQ which is most unusual
  6. Just a quick question. A DCA has said that if a business customer owes a utility debt (or supposed) that it is exempt from a CCA and the supposed debt is enforceable. Any thoughts?
  7. not 100% sure, however if you are self-employed and the taxman wants to do an audit and there any querys with your paperwork a visit to the office is normally expected, where you will be given a verbal caution and everything is written down (been there, got the t shirt not doing it again). To the best of my knowledge Customs and Excise have an automatic right to enter your property at any time to search and seize any goods to the value for outstanding VAT. Tax man will take to court if necessary. If I have given incorrect information I am sure that someone will correct me. If I have been any help please click my scales.
  8. Having had this kind of thing at my address, (rightly or wrongly) I have opened the letter, telephoned company concerned and pointed out that the named person does not live at the address and to the best of my knowledge never has. The company assure me that they will amend their records and so far that is the last that I hear from them. Hope this helps
  9. totally stunned and speechless. What kind of unemployable creatures work for these c*****s
  10. Interesting, because a few years ago provided you did top up your account by 3.30 on the day in question your account was considered to be in the black. However Lloyds tsb suddenly changed the rules didn't tell any of their customers and started charging left right and centre. It makes a change to see a little bit of common sense LOL from a bank.
  11. I think that you can block the post for this person at the sorting office. As far as i can remember if you go to your local dorting office explain the situation they will return the post to sender without you having to do it. If I'm wrong someone will come along and correct me.
  12. however if they still insist on ringing you you could just put the phone down and leave them ranting at thin air and running up their phone bill. just a thought if you leave the line open (apart from not being able to use your own phone) does that mean they can't use thier particular phone?
  13. bear in mind though you may well receive another demand from another dca for the same thing ( I know from experience), above all try not to worry and as cerberusalert enjoy the ride.
  14. They should be getting one from me soon as well
  15. interesting that they haven't filed any accounts since dec 05
  16. I hope for your sake that you are one of the fortunate people whose life is not turned upside down by divorce, bereavement, ill-health or redundancy. However the majority of us cannot afford to inhabit fantasyland and try to deal with the lowlife dcas with more professionalism than they give us. There ends my rant for the day.
  17. Because they are misfits and can't get a job elsewhere
  18. when did you sign the possession order, because you should have been given a copy of it at the time.
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