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  1. Thank you all! That is so funny rameses_qc ! excellent...and Halibutt thanks for the score! Hubby sent his letter today by recorded delivery so I will let you know what; if anything the "pre-schoolers" come back with. Feel so much better now....the opposite of how I felt when I opened his letter
  2. Thank you very much for the advice. We genuinely appreciate it. Now I have the dilemma of do we ignore it or send a letter...the wording is as follows: "Ref: Mnnnnnnnn Pursuers: Cabot Financial (Europe) Limited Original Creditor: Barclaycard Principal: £1659.34 Despite previous correspondences you have failed to respond. We have obtained this alternative address as a financial link, linking this address to your previous abode. This financial link information was supplied by a credit reference agency. We have been instructed by our client to recover this overdue account on
  3. My husband has received a letter today from Macenzie Debt Collectors demanding £1600+ for an overdue Barclaycard debt. However he has never had a Barclaycard - he has only had 1 credit card since we met 9 years ago which is still running normally. Can anyone advise of what we should respond with? I am thinking a letter by recorded post saying " I acknowledge no debt to you or Barclaycard". Unsigned. To be sent tomorrow. I must add that his finances are and always have been poor - nothing I say seems to make any difference. So with that in mind, maybe he had one before we met which wo
  4. On reviewing this thread I will say that I am sorry I did not explain the actual product/packaging issue in detail from the start.
  5. I jolly well will elaborate! The laptop I asked for was an ACER AS5532 £479.99 The laptop box was labelled as an ACER 5532 The barcode (YES WHICH I NOTICED!! ) reverted the product on the PC World system back to a £329.99 5532 The laptop inside the box was a 5332 £329.99 I don't know about you, but I feel that it is their duty to now contact all customers who purchased the higher spec model at £479.99 but actually got the 5332 £329.99 lower spec model in the box. That my friend is the flaw. I do not keep crediting myself. I am stating a fact. Their mistake became m
  6. Yes - IT WAS A MISTAKE - we uncovered the flaw of PC Worlds system. My problem really was the way in which we were dealt with. We were there for about an hour with Customer Services, whilst they tried to locate another the correct model before we discovered the flaw. My problem in the main is that my husband and I were highly inconvenienced, and despite the mistake we would have been happy to find a solution, However the manager was the only person who could call a decision on this. Due to the inconvenience, and the blanking from him previously, then been referred to as "love" in a
  7. Renzokuken, Lets remember here, we were highly inconvenienced. We accept it was a system error. A system error that we uncovered. We wanted to exchange quickly and leave the store. However the arrogant idiotic store manager had other ideas. He would rather ignore customers, then insult them, verbally and by his actions. The guy has no social skills whatsoever. The 6 or 7 members of staff who witnessed the discussion with baby Oliver, I am sure found this situation highly embarrassing. If the minion who replied to me (by way of a photocopied letter) had asked any member of staff who was worki
  8. I have just wasted about 40 minutes on the phone to them and they cannot explain why my card went to the wrong address. At one point she said I used to live at the incorrect address!!
  9. They have just send my new ATM card to the wrong address!! Luckily its a small community and my postman saw that it was delivered to me. Complete fraudsters indeed for deducting charges wrongfully too
  10. Hi all, I recently purchased a laptop from PC world. It was an Acer AS5532 at £479.99. When we got home I discovered inside the box was an Acer laptop of a lower spec. A babysitter later and a 45 minute car ride back to the store I discovered on the shelf the identical laptop that was in my box FOR £329.99. It was I believe an Acer A5332, grey keyboard, no webcam were main aesthetic differences. The "manager" Oliver of the Oldham store at first refused to see us, and refused eye contact. Then he did come out and was SO rude. Addressing my as "love". I said that I wondered how many innocen
  11. Abbey (Santander) have sent my new cash card to the wrong address! The number and street name was correct then they added on the incorrect postcode and district. I am annoyed. Do I have any grounds to complain???
  12. Hello Geoff, thank you for the info. The picture (well quarter pic!) was not ours....but I cannot fathom how we got it, but I guess the bottom line is that we did!! I have read that these guys have yet to take small businesses to court but you never know. I accept we have their image for a matter of days/possible weeks, but it was an honest mistake and we cannot afford this sort of money...thanks all
  13. Thanks..I have read quite a bit about this company being bullies, and acting in a threatening manner to small businesses, which we are. the letter says "as already notified, unauthorised use of our images constitutes copyright infringement under the copyright, design and patents act of 188. Please be aware that copyright legislation provides for strict liability, meaning that you can be found liable for infrindgement regardless of your level of knowledge of the infridgement or your intent. Getty Images is willing to offer you one last chance to resolve this claim through payment of
  14. Hi, I contacted OFSTED about something I heard about a local nursery. They took it very seriously and launched an investigation. I think this is a terrible breach of trust and also child neglect! I would take this all the way! Its a disgrace - we pay these people to care for the most precious things in our life - our chlidren
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