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  1. Hi warms, I haven't got much to report yet - The deadline for Barclaycard to respond to the dpa request is actually the 19th (sat), but I haven't had a reply from them yet regarding my second letter. I think I'm going to send my pre-lim next week regardless - I'll claim for all the charges from the last two years, but haven't yet decided if I'm going to go down the route of an estimated claim for the previous four years or a seperate claim to get my statements - still got a bit of reading up to do before I decide. Will let people know though when I do! TT
  2. I sent my DPA request at the start of the month, and yesterday received my statements going back to June 2004 - even though I told them I had my statements from April 2005 onwards and only needed statements previous to this - Do they not even read? I didn't get any print out or notes relating to the account, so Im sending them a letter today telling them they have not complied with the DPA request properly, and that the clock is still ticking. I think the deadline is mid August. Anyway, I'll keep this thread updated when I get any new news, TT
  3. OK, I haven't updated in a while, so here goes: I sent my LBA on 4rd July, and it was received by Cap One on 5th July, so the deadline for them to reply is today. However,I received a letter from them the day after I posted My LBA offering me £274. The difference between what they say they've charged and the £12 the OFT has suggested. Anyway, here's the thing - They say they've only added £706 - a huge difference to what I say they've charged. I've gone through all my statements again, checking to make sure none of the statements are duplicates etc but I still come out with £939. I
  4. Hi, I ordered my credit reference files in march (from all three agencies) and was having another look at them last night and I can't believe I hadn't noticed until now that my overdraft doesn't show up on any of them. I've had my account since 1998 when I started uni and have had an overdraft since 1999 and I just find it very strange that the account isn't on at least one file. I have had my barclaycard for the same length of time and that's on there, as is everything else. Has anyone else found this? My friend who banks with HSBC swears her overdraft shows on her files and
  5. Debitas are capital one's "in house" debt collection agency - it's just a different department with a fancy name to scare you into thinking you're dealing with a different company! They deal with your account after it has been defaulted. I think it's cheaper for capital one to do this than to pay an outside agency to do it for them. If you look on the letters debitas have sent you, right at the bottom, in tiny writing it should have an address on it that is exactly the same as capital one's. It has on the letters I've received from them anyway. In other words, address your letters to capi
  6. Exactly - they think it's one rule for them and another for everyone else! Just because they're a big company they think they can pick on people who are smaller than them. Well I've got news for them - bigger doesn't always mean better! I took my LBA to the post office this morning but the collection had already been made for today (a downside to living in the middle of nowhere), so it wont be sent until monday, but at least I know it's on its way.
  7. Hi all, I had another phone call from mercers on thursday and quite frankly I'm disgusted with them. Firstly, they asked for me by my first name only. A woman then asked, are you still living at such and such address and is your mobile number still ........ I asked why do you want to know that?, who am I talking to? Only then was I told it was mercers and they had to check my personal details - I thought I had to give them those, not the other way round, they could have been speaking to anyone! I told her I wouldn't talk on the phone as I had nothing more to say to them - The account
  8. Hi, thought I'd give you an update. The deadline for capital one to reply to my pre-lim came and went yesterday, but this morning I received a letter telling me it's going to take them a 'little while' to look into the situation and they'll try to get an answer to me within four weeks. Me thinks they can't cope with the work load! Ha Ha Ha! Doesn't matter to me - I'm sending my LBA off tomorrow.
  9. Bookworm you evil genius - I may well just do that! (me. A troublemaker?....... No, never!) I've had no contact from mercers since tuesday, so I think it was just scare tactics from them - feel a bit silly how I reacted looking back. I can laugh at it now though! capt crackers - if I were you, it would depend on how much of the balance is made up of charges. If it's only some of the balance you should really try to make a payment, even if it's not the whole amount, just to show barclaycard you aren't trying to avoid paying what you owe - I did this at the start of last year and after
  10. dzaster, Thankyou, I will bear in mind what you say about the cccs. If I have any more trouble from mercers I'll maybe contact them.
  11. Your reply must have been posted while I was writing mine - This very thing happened to me with another DCA, with regards to my capital one account. Originally debitas were dealing with me but they passed the account over to Newman and co the same day I posted my pre lim letter to capital one but they simply asked me to put in writing what was happening for their records and that I wouldn't hear from them again until the dispute was settled. That's why I was so bothered by my call from mercers.
  12. Thanks for replying so quickly - I understand what you're saying about alerting them to what I'm doing, but I was in somewhat of a no win situation. If I hadn't written to them to dispute the balance I would have been faced with a default and I was simply trying to avoid that. I've calmed down a lot since I posted, and the more I think about it the more I agree with you that they're just retaliating - During the phone call there was no mention of the balance of the account or the amount of the arrears which is simply bizzare if they really were calling to collect payment. Also, when I as
  13. Thankyou Bookworm, You've made me smile with that! I will keep you all up to date
  14. Hi, I need some help – this is a long post and I apologise for that but I thought it was better that you had all the info in order to best advise me. I am in arrears with my Barclaycard, so I wrote to them in April asking them to hold my account for a month as I was starting a new job and wasn't going to be paid for a while. I did this because I didn't want to get clobbered with another late payment charge, and an over limit charge. They wrote back a month later saying that they would hold the account for two weeks taking it up to 2nd June but that I would continue to be charged fees (in
  15. Hi, I joined the site a while ago now, but haven't been in a position financially to start my claims until now - but at least that's given me plenty of time to look at the site and figure out what I'm doing! (it's also given me time to get more and more angry about just how much of my total 'debt' is actually made up of these unlawful charges-currently more than half-but that's another story) I did a dpa request last month and was sent all my statements (no admission of any manual intervention) and worked out the charges totalled £939. I was defaulted on this account at the end of d
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