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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. OOOps sorry - just noticed it's Abbey you are taking to Court. If it is of any interest to you moneysavingexpert consistently recommends the A&L Premier Account.
  3. I actually had two accounts with A&L and used my second one as a parachute account and they didn't even notice. From this it seems it might be possible for you to open this account while you are taking them to court over another one. I agree that there is no one bank that is any more reasonable than another. so go for what makes you more money
  4. You don't have to send any other correspondence - just claim and breakdown of charges. I would be wary of giving A&L any chance of being able to defend this by going over the 6 years. Is the amount over that time worth taking the risk? However, this is only my own opinion and perhaps someone else has experience of claiming more than that time.
  5. Thanks younganfree - that is what I meant and phrased very badly. If you lodge your claim at Leicester County Court then you only have to go through the procedure once and you will get all your money back on the one claim.
  6. Stepper, I'm sorry but I can't get the hang of the e mail system and I have tried to reply to you but don't know if you got it. If you want to post again I will guide you through the system of living in Scotland and claiming against A&L. Basically, go to Leicester County Court and you get around the fact you are over the limit Scotland puts on small claims. I have had two successful claims. Can someone please help me reply to private e mails. I replied and it was sent to me!!
  7. Boxerlady this lot will definitely close your account so you should open another one immediately and then start the process of reclaiming your charges. Regards
  8. You'll be fine, just take time to read through some other posts and you'll see there is a pattern. You file MCOL, they lodge Notice of Intention to Defend, and then pay up. Regards
  9. A&L usually send a cheque in the post (my two have both arrived on a Saturday so presume Friday is cheque writing day) within the 28 days allowed for them to enter a defence. Closure of account usually follows within six weeks. Only hitch I have known with this pattern is my second claim and Holte41 (on another thread) where the date for them to acknowledge a defence passed with no cheque. I am sure however this was an oversight because they are so busy, because a quick e mail to them and a lodgement at the Court of a Warrant, and the cheque arrived post haste! Keep confident y
  10. Don't worry A&L are not as tough as they try to make out at first. Read through more threads (especially in the successes forum) and you will see they have the same pattern for everyone. They will deny charges are wrong, you take out a claim against them, they will lodge Intention to Defend, and then pay up. A&L have stated publicly that they will settle all claims, but will close the accounts of anyone who claims. So you should now make sure you have another account before starting action, and move everything into that. Cheers
  11. Not necessarily a buddy - if you post on here everyone can benefit. I know there are people who only read the posts and maybe don't ever want to post themselves. They do however get the benefit of reading the open forum. Of course if you have anything you want ot pm that's OK
  12. My two experiences were both with Leicester County Court - very helpful staff. First one A&L lodged a defence and then paid up two weeks later. Second one they lodged a defence, 28 days elapsed and I took out Court order, but wrote and told them this. They paid up the next week. I am convinced they are getting so many claims now they are losing track. I suppose it doesn't really matter with A&L since they are not going to Court with anyone, but I would be interested in feedback of Scottish system as I wasn't impressed when way back in October 05 I started my claim and
  13. Why have you taken them to Court in Scotland, their head office is in Leicester? There are loads of us who have taken A&L to Court and live in Scotland, but I don't know anyone else who used a Scottish Court. Is it because your claim is under £750? I've won twice and both times it goes the whole road of putting in a small claim and then they pay up. If you read through as many posts as are relevant to you you will find scores of people who have gone through this and you'll get loads of confidence.
  14. This is great news. You didn't even need to keep your claim under the £5000. I did that way back last year and did two claims for almost the same sum you have had back! Enjoy!!
  15. Congratulations Abbo. But they will close your account no matter how long you have been a customer. I was with them for 25 years and am only sorry I could only claim back 6 years of charges. However, what I did before I started my claim was open another current account with no overdraft facility and put £5 in it. I then moved my salary, dd's etc. to another bank. I get a very (I know immature) satisfaction from the fact they have to pay postage to send me a statement every month!
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