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  1. If a bank or retailer fails to cancel a CPA, and they do not correct it, they are breaching payment service regulations. Lloyds & HBOS have a very simple procedure that means the advisor you speak to over the phone fills in a form and sends it to Visa/amex/Mastercard who have 48 (working) hours to cancel it. If a payment gets authorised after the advisor fills in the form, any further payments get refunded automatically 48 hours after the payment leaves the account. The "my express authorisation" someone mentioned above, that is given to the retailer when you give them your car
  2. For the last year I have had 3 debt collection agencies contact me in relation to a gas supply to a flat I moved out of in 2005. The gas bill of £111.44 is in relation to a period of 2006 to 2008. The previous 3 DCA's stopped contacting me after I provided a court order evicting me from the property, a letter from the landlord confirming my eviction agreeing full and final payment, and a letter that I wrote stating the same. It is really starting to wind me up now, and I have had a new debt collection agency contact me this week with another demand. How am I able to get th
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