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  1. Thanks for everyones input. Its good to see different opinions. I have only got the dates as far back as January 2004 which was a warning and its states, Absent Migraine on 14 Dates, so employer was aware but they also informed me at my 1st appeal hearing, that I had been absent due to migraine in Oct 2000 so they knew I had migraines from start of my employment. I went back to doctors in Dec 2004, as they were becoming more frequent, I had been seeing gp about migraines since about 8 yrs old. In the disciplinarys notes for the April 2006 Hearing it says Migraine
  2. inline 66 I was getting ready to give up until I saw your post. I had my appeal yesterday and nothing has changed. Felt totally worthless after appeal, they blamed everything on me and basically said that it was all in my head. They did admit to me again though that the whole process In April 2007 was a sham basically. But they wouldnt discuss before April 2007 because I had been reinstated. Every time I brought up anything from last year they say it isnt relevant. They fail to see how the pressure they have put me under from the begining of last year 2007 has a
  3. I am in the process of claiming for disabilty living allowance, but as far I understand from what I have read on the disabilty Rights website I do not have to be registered disabled to be covered by the disability discrimination act. The Occupational Health Adviser also stated to my employer in several of his reports that it is very likely that I would be covered by the act. I can see what your saying but I was in a role where nobody had to cover my job, more of a floater covering other people if anything, I was one of only a few that could operate most of the machines and wa
  4. Yes I was suspended at this time, I did not want to be suspended from work, even though it was full pay I would have preferred to go back straight away, as I had already beeen away from work for over 6 weeks. I had made them aware of this but it Seems to me as if they did'nt want me back and they were trying everything they could to aviod this. Unfortunately I cannot say when I am going to get a migraine, so I can't see what difference it would have made, being suspended or not. They were ok with doing the risk assesment without me, although there there was need for them doing the risk
  5. Sorry this is long but I have tried to wrap it up as short as possible I have tried to include as much as I can. I am a 38 year old male who has suffered from migraine all my life. Up until recently I have been getting about 12 a year. So they had not been affecting my life too greatly. I Started work with a major brick manufacturer in June 2000. I worked 39 hours a week, sometimes with the option of 12 hours overtime. They were aware of me suffering from migraines from the start of my employment. I had odd day off due to migraine normally 1 day sickness at a time, which was tak
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