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  1. is on 11th July, will keep posted on what happens next - I really hope they settle soon! Be great to clear my bills before I start uni!
  2. yeah - think I better wait! Knowing me I'll lose or worse still - it will get to court rather than them paying up before hand! Caz x
  3. for some reason, everytime someone adds to this thread, i am getting an email saying that someone has replyed to my thread!!! How strange! Coz its not my thread - ha ha ha ha
  4. bundle has gone!!!!!!!!!!! YAY hubby has just gone to deliver it to court and send SC&Ms off by recorded delivery.... Thank god Thanks for all the help with the bundle - I would have definately given up if it wasn't for you guys! Seriously!! Now I can relax I finished my access course last week and thought I had finished all my slaving over books etc til October when i go uni for nursing! But alas!!! Been slaving over this all weekend, now I can just enjoy my free time with hubby and kids til October!!! I wanna celebrate - but I leave that til Lloyds have paid up! (Fingers crossed)
  5. Awww thanks Christina - think you deserve a donation to yourself!!!! Which thread is that in? you have a few!
  6. yes - almost there, thanks! What do I put on the Title page? Also i am dropping it off at the court today, but posting it to their solicitors, which means its going to get to them a day late, i didn't think of that - do you think it will matter? Also do I need to just stick the bundle in an envelope or should I write an accomp. letter? If yes, what should I put in it!!!! caz x
  7. Yes def will - u too! Going back to post 39# and 40#, ..... what about this? should I delete this from wit statement as i didnt send a SAR's or what ever it was - had most of my statements and downloaded the couple I didnt have from online banking... Also - what do I put on the title page (last Q's - promise (I think)!!!
  8. tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol I think i have done now, ticked all your boxes! aprat from the australian commission. havent added as it doesnt have in the witness statement. just putting it in order and the going to string it together, got some of the green stringy tag thingys! Hopefully I'll get to watch big bro!!! LOL sad I know
  9. FAO FzKitten... Am really sorry hunni, just realised it were u who posted index list for me! Thanks hunni - i have followed this and have nearly finished now Everyone is so helpful here, i wouldnt have even started this if not for this site. How is any normal person supposed to do all this? ;-)
  10. Thanks Barty! Am nearly there now (I think) If i dont win - im gonna be convicted of GBH (LOL)
  11. ok - so now I have cocked up big time... Been doing my statements and realised my figures are wrong.... I have claimed for one DD twice at sum of 105-00 plus interest... What should I do? Phew! My mistake - I haven't!!!!!!LOL
  12. i had most of my statements, just had to download couple off of the net... Also wondering where you got other samples of Lloyds settled cases from?
  13. i witness statment i says i asked defendant for any evidence of any manual handling..... Dont remember doing this unless was put in different word form!!! What does this mean?? I did ask them to break down their charges, is that same?
  14. While putting together my bundle, I notice that the witness statement doesn't mention all of the things I have in it. Does the witness statement need to refer to each and every item that I am putting in the bundle?
  15. thank you so much christina! Honestly - you dont realise how much you have helped! I am surrounded by dif papers and feel like throwing in the air!! LOL What did you put in your case summary? I ahve no T&C's as of yet, but Gary said that if it gets to 3 days before and still no offer, he will find me some - bless his little cotton socks!!! Prob be nagging you again in a while - unless you've had enough and you log off Caz x
  16. Do i need to understand all these things? I feel like Im in way over my head here - dont want to look silly in court.
  17. my court date is 11th July, bundle has to be in tomorrow...Have printed most of it off now apart form statements, but was going by the bundle suggested on Lloyds thread rather than template library bundle. Thought I was near end of it, but when I asked about presentation, led me to teh template library... Am now confused. Do I need to understand everything on the pages of bundle such as the OFT report - is very legal!!!
  18. it says stuff about director of gas supply etc, UTCCR? UCTA? SOGA? no idea what thats all about
  19. i have no idea... to be honest, i dont understand a lot of the jargon! Am worried tha if i get to court the judge will ask about something I have put in my bundle and i wont know what he is talkin about!!!
  20. am looking at the templates library, at the court bundle. Am I right in thinking that the OFT report here is to be replaced with the updated one from dif thread? Also - how is the best way to keep it all together? Hole punch and string fastening? Am really worried, there seems to be so much in the bundle on the templates library, not even sure what applies to me :cry:
  21. thanks hunni! Just trying to finish off bundle! I have a full schedule of charges inc. interest charges, do I need to copy all of the relevant statements? Prob do ay? thanx Caz x
  22. yeah - i know i having silly panic attack over nothing and logically i know i be ok - but cant help it! Am still sorting bundle, hoping to drop it off at court later today, i know somewhere there is a thread about how to present your bundle!!! Anyone know where? Ive seen it before but cant find it - says something about doing a contents page and stuff.... Brrrrr (is freezing here, and tipping it down - anyone flooded?)...:-| Caz x
  23. lol - prob too greedy!!! thanks Nicsussex! Would have tried to add them too! have just been reading through the thread that tells what to say/do/ask when actually at court - SCARY STUFF!!! I really don't think I could do the things its suggesting, on my letter from the court it states that if i do not want to appear in court I need to give the court 7 days notice and the case will go on the evidence I provide. I would def do this, but will it harm my case? Desperatley need the money but am scared about court appearance!
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