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  1. I have got an Premier Current Account with the Allaince & Leicester. My salary is not paid into this account as it was my parachute account while I was reclaiming my bank charges from Barclays. However because of this Alliance & Leicester are have suddenly started taking a £5 'underfunding fee' from my account, even though there was no mention of this when I opened the account. Can I include these in any claims for unfair bank charges? Chris
  2. I got back £1,299.08 including costs and interest, and I got to see the inside of a court room, albeit for a few minutes. What gets me is that Barclays have continued to take more charges from my account even while I was claiming back the first lot, so I will be claiming these back as well in the near future, a fact that I advised them of in my letter accepting their settlement. I think I'll do one of those Wasted Costs Orders as well next time. Regards, Chris
  3. I got a letter from Barclays two days before the hearing offering to settle in full. I wrote to Barclays accepting their offer, but telling them to stuff all the conditions they had seen fit to attach such as keeping the settlement confidential. I attended the hearing and asked the Disctrict Judge to adjourn the case pending receipt of the settlement, I was in there about three minutes. The money arrived in my account later that day so I wrote to the County Court and asked them to discontinue the claim. You've got nothing to worry about. Regards, Chris
  4. Hi all, I was notifed some time ago that I have to attend an Allocation Hearing on the 2nd May because the Judge is considering allocating my case to the multi-track and it might be transferred to the Mercentile Court. I have to attend at 10:00 on the above date at Ilford County Court; Is anyone else on here attending this court at that time, for such a hearing? The notice states that the hearing should last about 15 minutes, what I am I going to be asked and expected to say and know etc? How do I prepare for this? Any tips and pointers would be really appreciated.
  5. Hi all, I have recently received notice that the district judge, following the submission of my allocation questionnaire, is ordering me to a pre-allocation hearing in May. I will be posting to ask about this nearer the time. However, I understand the the Office of Fair Trading is due to make an announcement in April regarding bank charges, and that this could affect claims for the repayment of bank charges. As my hearing will fall after the OFT announcement will my claim be affected? Regards, Chris
  6. I have read the guidelines and I have read the instructions in my Lawpack book but they do not cover all the details and are a little vague, I want to make sure all the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed.
  7. Hi all, I have today received a Notice that a Defence Has Been Filed, with Barclay's defence attached (a standard 2-page diatribe of legal bluster). I have also received an Allocation Questionnaire and I am stuck on a few questions. I have got lots of tips by reading other posts but I need someone to please clarify the following: (1) In Section C, as far as I know there are no pre-action protocols, in part 2 where you state no protocols appy it asks: Have you exchanged information and/or documents (evidence) with the other party in order to assist in settling the claim? S
  8. I have today received a Notice that Acknowledgement of Service Has Been Filed from Ilford County Court. It states that Barclays will be defending all of my claim, however it does not give any other details. It does not mention anything else. What should I be expecting next? Chris
  9. Hi all, Thanks for all the tips and help you have all been giving on these forums. I am still a bit confused about one small detail that is not mentioned on the step-by-step guides and FAQs. I am assembling my court bundle, but could someone tell me when I send it to the court. Do I take it when I hand in the N1 claim form over the counter in the court or send it at a later date? Reading other posts it would appear to be the latter. Could someone please confirm that all I will need to take to the court when I start the claim is: - The completed N1 claim form - A
  10. Got all that. Do I have to send photocopies of all my statements for the claim period or just the actual pages that detail a charge or charges. Apart from my statements I cannot think of any other evidence to enclose. Also I have seen something about a witness statement on other posts, what is all that about? Chris
  11. Hi all, After much letter sending and making sure all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed I am ready to start my claim against Barclays. I will be starting recovery proceedings in Ilford County Court this Friday (15th). I have prepared my N1 claim form (3 copies) and my schedule of charges spreadsheet with the 8% interest. Are there any other documents will I have to take to the court with my N1? Regards, Chris
  12. Hi all, I am in the process of recovering my bank charges from Barclays. I have sent them my letter before action and expect to start County Court action next week. However, due to a miscalculation a standing order was bounced a few days ago and Barclays have applied a £35 unpaid item charge to my account. It is also possible that they will apply a Paid Referral Fee at some point. If I add these to my schedule of charges spreadsheet, will I have to send the new spreadsheet to Barclays again with another letter before action or can I send it with the N1 Claim Form. Many
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