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  1. Did you call Boxxer? I hope so, I think it helps to remind them that you are a real person not just a number! Babs x
  2. Good luck and keep going - its worth it in the end! Babs x
  3. Just file your MCOL and sit tight, it takes time but they are paying out...have a look at my thread...about 4 of us had our money today! Keep at it and good luck Babs x
  4. Woooooooooooooooooo hoo too! I got my money this avo! Mind I think I've spent a fair bit of it as well - been shopping all afternoon sice I saw it sitting there! Well done Jimmy and Clare and Steve - today must have been the day! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. I agree with Lisa, if you have a look on my thread, a few of us did that and I think, looking at others, that it speeded the process up. Good luck, its not far now! Babs x
  6. Welcome slippy... just in case you didn't see it..here's the link to the LBA template http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/92-3-letter-before-action.html Its easy to follow but ask if you need help, there are plenty of us here! Good luck Babs x
  7. Morning one and all! How are we? I'm jut about to ring the court Mammie L and I'll let you know, yes it is the 150..just slightly diff from the 149 I think but Jonni2bad's example is super excellent. Now Clare and steve...whats all this french then... I speako the lingo you know! Ha ha you pair are funny! xxx
  8. Oh you are good Mammie L! Just looking to fill in my AQ - better to be prepared than not - and I need help on one bit please - the section about value of claim..I'm following Jonni2bad's template..... Quote: Section D - Case management information Amount of Claim What amount of the claim is in dispute? Enter the total value of your claim in the space provided - This should include all interest but not costs. Don't i even put down my £250 for the small claims court then...or the £100 for this...? I just got stuck on that bit!
  9. I'm sorry but try him...can't do any harm!
  10. Ah not wanting to put a dampner on things...i called him and he gave me rachels number last week BUT....i did speak to a real human - I assume he is anyway!
  11. LOL sorry amethyst..she replied to me after i left her voicemails..
  12. LOLOLOL @ you! I now the feeling of crazy tesco trolly drivers! I think I get you but when you replied to accept their offer did you say that you were accepting payment for those charges between those specific dates? umm....I'd say have a chat to lateralus or bong...they may be clearer than me on this but I think you should be ok...you were clear in your first letter about which dates you were claiming for so can't really see that its a problem....I might be wrong though.
  13. try rachel tomlinson on 0121 455 2701 babs
  14. Hi again Steviec.. LOL steve n lives here so don't worry about asking him! (hee hee steve ) Umm right well.... 1) no start from the date of the letter 2) hell no! would they you??? don't think so! 3) ditto! 4) hmmmm hadn't thought of that......check with a mod....funny you should say that though...I was refused credit for a mobile phone this week...hmmmmmmm Babs x
  15. LOL @ Jimmy LOL - dirty mind young man!
  16. Woooopeee do dah and ditto Mammie L...he is soooooooooo layed back about things! Helped me in my time of panic I can tell you! Congratulations Jimmy Babs x
  17. LOL thanks Flunky. Umm as far as I'm aware it all goes as one....you do know you aren't claiming for the 8% until court time don't you? Best to ask Mammie Lateralus or Bong...they are some very helpful ladies who in fact must be the 2 halves of the fountain of knowledge! Babs
  18. HD...if your letter was anything like mine ther is another bit to it where it says.."blah blah blah (like yours) arsing from the charges applied to your account in the period referred to above" and then in the first sentance of the letter were the dates between which I claimed.......... any help?? Babs x
  19. Congrats Jimmy! knew it was going to be soon!
  20. Mammie L - whats all this, besmurch + expedite, big words.....on a monday......I ask you, where will it end?!
  21. Good deciding! I think you send a little letter to them....now if I'm correct I think martin had a template on someone's thread...hell knows where...can you remember Mammie Lat?
  22. Good man, keep the wifey in her place - it worked with my boyf! LOL he was the one telling me by the way NOT the other way around!! Good luck!
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