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  1. Did you call Boxxer? I hope so, I think it helps to remind them that you are a real person not just a number! Babs x
  2. Good luck and keep going - its worth it in the end! Babs x
  3. Just file your MCOL and sit tight, it takes time but they are paying out...have a look at my thread...about 4 of us had our money today! Keep at it and good luck Babs x
  4. Woooooooooooooooooo hoo too! I got my money this avo! Mind I think I've spent a fair bit of it as well - been shopping all afternoon sice I saw it sitting there! Well done Jimmy and Clare and Steve - today must have been the day! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. I agree with Lisa, if you have a look on my thread, a few of us did that and I think, looking at others, that it speeded the process up. Good luck, its not far now! Babs x
  6. Welcome slippy... just in case you didn't see it..here's the link to the LBA template http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/92-3-letter-before-action.html Its easy to follow but ask if you need help, there are plenty of us here! Good luck Babs x
  7. Morning one and all! How are we? I'm jut about to ring the court Mammie L and I'll let you know, yes it is the 150..just slightly diff from the 149 I think but Jonni2bad's example is super excellent. Now Clare and steve...whats all this french then... I speako the lingo you know! Ha ha you pair are funny! xxx
  8. Oh you are good Mammie L! Just looking to fill in my AQ - better to be prepared than not - and I need help on one bit please - the section about value of claim..I'm following Jonni2bad's template..... Quote: Section D - Case management information Amount of Claim What amount of the claim is in dispute? Enter the total value of your claim in the space provided - This should include all interest but not costs. Don't i even put down my £250 for the small claims court then...or the £100 for this...? I just got stuck on that bit!
  9. I'm sorry but try him...can't do any harm!
  10. Ah not wanting to put a dampner on things...i called him and he gave me rachels number last week BUT....i did speak to a real human - I assume he is anyway!
  11. LOL sorry amethyst..she replied to me after i left her voicemails..
  12. LOLOLOL @ you! I now the feeling of crazy tesco trolly drivers! I think I get you but when you replied to accept their offer did you say that you were accepting payment for those charges between those specific dates? umm....I'd say have a chat to lateralus or bong...they may be clearer than me on this but I think you should be ok...you were clear in your first letter about which dates you were claiming for so can't really see that its a problem....I might be wrong though.
  13. try rachel tomlinson on 0121 455 2701 babs
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