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  1. Gizmo will she be dealing with my claim. Ive had no letters yet. What should i say to her?
  2. Help needed the court date is 9th march. Any advice please? nothing yet from any solicitors.
  3. So should i go ahead and send legal& trade a cca?
  4. No gizmo, ive been dealing with moorcroft about a choice account. I have sent my cca to them last nov went through all the right letters got a reply from them on 12 jan sayiny account on hold waiting on reply from client then yesterday i got a letter from legal&trade for same debt!! I phoned choice last night and they cant find any account for me. I have alredy sent moorcroft cca non compliance letter.
  5. Heard nothing yet gizmo. How could i agree a settlement? would i write to them?
  6. It seems unfair that i would have to keep sending cca requests to all these companys. If moorcroft told me my account was on hold how can they sell the debt on? any help?
  7. Midshires date to reply was 14th feb. When i checked online they have lodged a notice of dispute. I was reading somwhere that some people are advising not to go to court. Any advice anyone?
  8. Hi, wondering if any one can help, I had a debt with choice who since past my debt on to moorcroft. I sent them my cca on 23rd of nov 06. They never set me no reply, the 30 days were up on 8th jan 07. I sent them a cca non compliance on 10t jan 07 to which i had a reply saying that they acknowledge reciept of correspondence, my account is on hold pending a response from our client. Now im recieving phone calls from a company called Legal&trade who are saying i owe them the money, they have phoned me twice a day for the last 3 days then i recieved a letter this morning from them. What do i
  9. Shovey is a very happy person today!!!!
  10. I just checked my online claim and the ulster bank have untill 14th feb to reply to the courts.
  11. Hi, padd thanks for the good lucks, I sent it to the head office in Belfast but someone said you can send it to your local branch as well. Hope that helps, ill keep posting my progress.
  12. I have lodged an online claim against ulster Bank today 12/01/2007 Total charges £1997.50 Interest £415.28 Court costs £62 Total claim £2474.78
  13. Good luck juli, im in the middle of taking them to court, there return date is 14th feb.
  14. Hi, stuart happy new year. Im in the same place as you just about to lodge my claim against UB. They refunded me £270 before xmas and they still owe me over £2k. Let me know how you are getting on with your case. S.
  15. Hi ff, i had the same problem, i phoned head office in belfast and spoke to someone in customer services and he got on to it, the statements were sent to my local branch for collection in a couple of days.
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