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  1. So I had a (private) podiatry consultation yesterday. I was told I have arthritis in both feet and will need a set of "Richie braces", which cost 2 fortunes, regular hydrocortisone injections in the bone joints of both feet, and most likely surgery to remove excess bone growth, which will leave me in plaster for around 3 months and could result in me permanently suffering more pain as a result. What I find strange is that my assessor never picked up on any sort of issues with my mobility.
  2. Many thanks for your advice. I got a letter from PIP yesterday to say my payments have been reinstated whilst my appeal is ongoing, so that is a weight off my mind. So now that everything has been formalised, should I now start to gather my evidence and deliver it to the Tribunal Service? There is no mention of what my responsibilities are in their paperwork to me, just a slip of paper stating that any information I supply to them will be passed to PIP as well.
  3. My PIP Mandatory Reconsideration decision was dated 5th December, but was only received on 12th December. my appeal application was due back 1 calendar month, 5th January. I then had to wait on information from my GP because PIP didn't return the documents I sent them, even though I specifically stated that I would need them for my appeal. Taking Christmas and New Year into account, I wasn't able to return my completed form until 4th January, and 5th Jan was Saturday. I rang the NI Appeals Service that day to confirm that they were closed on Saturdays, and would my appeal application be considered on time when received on Monday, 7th Jan. I was told that yes, that would be acceptable. As they only have a PO box address, I couldn't hand deliver it so I sent it by guaranteed next day post. Today I received a letter from the Appeals Service to say my application was not received on time and that it had been referred to PIP to decide whether to accept it or not. I rang the Appeals Service to ask why it was considered late as it had been received by them the next available working day after 4th Jan. The person I spoke to said that even though they don't work weekends, they consider them in their "calendar month". my application would have had to have been received on the 4th to be on time. when I pointed out that was less than a calendar month and it was physically impossible for me to deliver it on 5th Jan. If they had a proper postal address, I could've hand delivered the application. The person said I could have hand delivered it, but could not tell me how. And when I told her I had ring on 4th Jan, of course their is no record on their system of me ringing. But there is a record on my phone. now I have to wait on PIP to decide whether to accept the application or not. The same crowd that makes the decision not to award you the benefit based on incorrect and insufficient information, bias, conjecture and supposition. I don't have to think too hard about what their decision will be. if it is rejected, what else can I do?
  4. Definitely from Barclaycard. Has no one else had one of either of these?
  5. I have/had a disputed figure with Barclaycard, which they either sold or passed to a DCA (different letters state different things). Neither Barclays or the DCA have had the nads to pursue the disputed figure through the courts and as I haven't responded to any of their nice "please contact us, we will do everything to help you" letters, I have under a year to go till the Statute of Limitations (SOL) kicks in. A couple of weeks ago, I received a letter from Barclaycard, apologising for their their being less than fair on me when I was a customer, and awarding me a couple of hundred quid by way of restitution for the fees, interest, arrears, and threatening behaviour they inflicted on me over the years. It went on to say that as I have an outstanding debt, they would pass the money on to them to deduct from my account. Which, as it isn't an admission of unfairly charging extortionate fees and interest per se, I am pretty sure the money should have been paid to me, not the DCA. And if they sold my "debt" to the DCA, as they have stated in the past, then they wouldn't have had any further claim on my account. Of course, the letter went straight into the shredder and into the recycle bin. Then at the weekend, I received another letter again saying they may have treated me less than fairly, and saying they were going to pay £75 IN CASH no less, to me personally. There was an enclosed form for me to send them details of my bank account to pay the money to. Well, whoop-dee-doo! I'm going to be £75 better off. Or am I? The problem is with the SOL. If I return the form to have the money transferred to my bank account, can they misconstrue this to be me making contact with them regarding the disputed outstanding figure, and reset the SOL again? Is it best to err on the side of caution? £75 isn't a huge sum but after being turned down for PIP after being on (undisputed and indefinite) DLA for the last 6 years (another story) it would certainly come in useful.
  6. Is this address the correct one to write to Capita at? Capita PIP PO Box 307 Darlington DL98 1AB I have drafted a letter as follows: "REQUEST FOR INFORMATION REGARDING MY PIP ASSESSMENT I had a PIP assessment in your Belfast centre several weeks ago. I am now requesting the following information. · A full copy of the assessor's report · The assessor's full name · Details of any formal medical qualifications held I expect this information, in writing, in the next 14 days. If you have any issues with supplying the requested details, please contact me on either phone number, or email address listed above." Is this ok? Are there any amendments or additions I should make? Am I making a mistake giving them my telephone numbers and email address?
  7. Possibly, but will they supply the name and qualifications of the assessor, even if I submit a foi request? Surely capita are the ones to go after in this case?
  8. OK everyone,thanks for your thoughts and advice. It has all been taken on board and this is an update on where I am. I rang as soon as I got my decision and asked for the mandatory recon. I will be writing to capita for a full copy of the assessor's report, along with details of the assessor's formal medical qualifications, if any. A complaint will be made to capita and, if required, the GMC. Once the recon is turned down (as with the vast majority of recons) I will be triggering a tribunal hearing. Now here is something I didn't know - I was speaking to the advisor who helped me complete my application form, and he said that once I ask for an appeal/tribunal, a couple of weeks later I will receive notification that I have been put onto "supplementary" payments, and this will be backdated to the day following my cutoff date, while the appeal is ongoing. So if Motability is OK with it, my mobility payments will resume to them. I am pretty certain my appeal will be allowed, as there are so many aspects of my conditions either not addressed in the assessment report, or have been misconstrued. And as far as giving my MP a hard time about it is concerned, he is an abstentionist and wii either be unable, or not bothered to do anything. But on the other hand, maybe he will fight tooth and nail for me. He belongs to a party with a history of fighting. Sorry, forgot to add this. Can someone supply me with the address details for capita, or any existing template, to ask for a copy of my full report, and the name and professional qualifications of my assessor? I need to get this away as soon as possible. The clock's ticking folk
  9. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I spoke to the person who helped me complete the form and he told me to first contact Capita for a copy of the assessor's report. Then to make a complaint to Capita about the incondsitencies between what happened at the assessment and what is in the report. I have 4 weeks to supply supporting medical evidence for the reconsideration. Other than that, I have no idea what else to do, if anything.
  10. Like thousands (100's of thousands?) of other disabled people, I have had my mandatory PIP application refused. I had previously been receiving DLA (middle care, full mobility) for 6 years. On the decision, I was awarded 0 points for all parts. The comments made were either from an assessment for someone else, or were downright lies. I will now have my car, my lifeline to the outside world, taken off me on 13th November. I will only be rceiving ESA now, but as the PIP decision says that I am capable of work, I know its only a matter of time before it is taken off me as well. I am totally unable to walk much further than the end of my garden path or driveway. I live off a main road and there is a steep hill from my home to the entrance to our street, making it impossible to use public transport. My wife works, which leaves me at home all day on my own. I have limited use of my left arm and no grip in my left hand. As I need to use a stick to get around, I cannot carry dishes, cups, pots etc. I also suffer from forgetfulness and have left the gas cooker on on several occasions in the past so I can't even prepare a bowl of soup or a cup of tea. I rang and asked for a reconsideration. I went through the different parts with the girl I was connected to, giving her the correct details on what had happened at the assessment. She asked me to get medical evidence from my GP to support the reconsideration, as thiks hadn't been asked for at the time of the application. I can't get an appointment with my GP to discuss this until 15th November. One of the worst aspects of this is that I can't even feel angry, as the antidepressants I take leave me unable to express feelings. So what happens next? Has anyone on here from Northern Ireland had to go through this? What sort of waiting time is there for a reconsideration and, ultimately, appeal tribunal?
  11. There was a "no parking at any time" sign, which overrides the use of the blue badge. There was no blue badge mentioned on the ticket. So if that's your advice, then I'm afraid its wrong.
  12. I'm totally confused now. what you're saying is, there is one sign on University Road where it joins Bradbury Place, another at the Malone Road/Stranmillis Road intersection and another on the Lisburn Road at the start of the streets which connect to University Road, stating that there is no uparking at all in that area? Because there is definitely on-street parking on Elmwood Avenue, which runs parallel to Fitzwilliam Street. there would need to be a sign at each end of Elmwood Avenue stating the different rules which apply to the rest of the area, and I'm pretty sure there isn't. I'm also pretty sure there are no signs stating that the area is a permanent no parking zone, at the start of every entrance to the QUB area. Why? I've given all the relevant information. Including what the sign said. Haven't you read the previous posts? To recap. I parked on double yellow lines with my blue badge displayed. I got a ticket for parking in a restricted parking area. The sign displaying the restrictions (no parking at any time) was around 100 yards further on from where I was parked about 6 inches by 4 inches and positioned in such a way that it was difficult to see, and impossible to read, from where my car was parked. I challenged it as I believe the restrictions were not sufficiently displayed my challenge was rejected on the basis that the restrictions were adequately displayed and lined. There were no other signs in the area, either at the entrance to the street or at the "boundaries" if the surrounding area, stating it was a no parking zone. If you feel that you can give me advice on what I should do, but feel additional information to what I have already stated is needed, feel free to ask. please don't ask vague or irrelevant questions, or make inflammatory comments. It is very unhelpful.
  13. Okay I've read the rules. I don't see anything in them which is pertinent to my case. let me state the specifics as far as the blue badge rules do apply: I was parked on double yellow lines, just before they became a single yellow line. I did not park within 15 metres of a junction. My valid blue badge was clearly displayed so it could be read from outside the car. In other words, I was, to the best of my knowledge, parked legally. The ticket does not allude to a breach of blue badge rules in any way, shape or form. The only sticking point is that of parking restrictions. That is why the ticket was issued. I say the restrictions were not clearly displayed; ie the sign is too small, and placed where it cannot clearly be seen from certain positions. They say that the restrictions are clearly signed and lined. That point is the issue I am asking for advice on.
  14. Yeah thanks for that. But in my case, on-street parking charges don't apply, as I am a blue badge holder and can park anywhere, unless restrictions are clearly marked. My argument is that the restrictions were not clearly marked.
  15. I sure did. The badge, yellow lines etc, don't matter in this case. It's a matter of whether the parking restrictions were clearly displayed, and what my next move should be based on that.
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