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  1. King 12345 I know the mondeo being "only" a Ford is not as highly regarded as an audi, but I take it you are not aware that they are built near cologne - yep cologne, that's in Germany, as are many fiestas, focus etc. But they rank near the top of the survey! (NUMBER 5) And from experience there really ain't that much in it quality wise. ( ex BMW and audi driver), oh but the bonus bit is the engines will probably have been built in the UK, and That's where VAG have been struggling recently, with engine problems.
  2. It wouldnt be realistic for a dealer to have every part in stock , cars have many many indevidual parts and all of them have a part number. You say the key was cut in germany and the remote supplied by another dealer. If the remote hasnt been programmed they may be able to return it. And refund for that part .If it has been programmed then it is useless to any other vehicle except yours. The key blade once cut is obviously unique to your vehicle anyway. Im not sure how mercedes supply keys, but vw/audi are factory order and come ready cut as part of the remote system and so will be unique to t
  3. Is the part supplied the same as the one you already have? If you have given your chassis number then that should be the case. Main dealers use a chassis number for parts so tbey can be supplied correctly, and keep the vehicle to the specification it left the factory. Did the remote come preprogrammed? With a cut key blade included?
  4. taxi drivers, the mythical trade discount code that exists on every dealership computer system, "yeah i deffo get parts at cost coz i am a taxi driver". ever tried asking a taxi driver for discount "coz i work in a garage" standard reply- "no sorry mate we are metered"
  5. i believe there was a faulty batch of rear shocks with some mazda 5's during a certain build range prob worth asking the dealer to double check the technical bulletins to see if your vehicle is affected.
  6. what part are you waiting for? what year is your car?
  7. the mx5 does not have a rotary engine, if it was a nb model (ie chassis number begins jmznb) it had a mazda engine, if a nc model it is basically a ford mondeo engine. the ****el rotary engine is still current in the rx8 even the newish r3 model
  8. of course the customer will have notified his insurance company he has different bumpers fitted, worth checking?
  9. ford focus cc's leaking roofs and boots are very common, but i believe there is only a two year warrenty on the roof system (pininfarina), opposed to three years on the rest of the car (ford), and the parts are hugely expensive, never mind the labour times that could be charged for testing, fitting parts and then retesting.
  10. older mazdas have a little tensioning spring that can need replacing, it cost about five pounds, off the top of my head this is instead of the tensioner, it's not listed as a replacement part on the mazda timing belt parts list, but neither are any rollers, main dealers will usually replace it as a matter of course if it looks weak.
  11. unfortunately sir, having checked the records, the drive shaft seal/ injector seal/ door lock motor/ headlight bulb etc, that was repaired on xx/xx/xxxx under warrenty may have been from the production date xx/xx/xxxx to xx/xx/xxxx, therefore your car is actually worth 65% less than the normal trade in value, especially as its RED !!
  12. a trick on a bmw to turn off the abs and dsc lights is to turn the steering lock to lock a couple of times then drive about half a mile, worth a try.
  13. -and people complain about garages ripping them off when all they want is a dodgy mot/rrepair.
  14. cdti88 you recently posted about not needing a pair of mg headlights that you no longer needed for mot purposes, £15 for a test and sort emissions on a fairly modern vehicle with no cat for £50!!! not a hookey mot tester is it?
  15. ok now for the geeky parts reply, its a potential warranty job so the garage should cover its backside and fit genuine parts, ie rover wiring loom. they have not decided to do this. unbelievably every single part on your car has a part number, i mean everything, even the screws that hold your number plates on will have part numbers. now you have had parts replaced on your car, your invoice should have a complete breakdown of the parts fitted. conniff the bcu could be a swan vesta type of unit- one programming and thats it, no good on any other car.
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