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  1. i have closed my account with first direct and have arranged a monthly payment arrangement to pay off my overdraft. just recieved a settlement letter for my charges would they pay this me as a separate cheque or does this have to pay off my overdraft ?
  2. iam in the process of reclaiming my charges with the help of this site. the thing is the account is a joint account, with my ex husband who i no longer have any contact with, but i had been using it for the last 6 years. will this affect my claim the fact that i am the only one who used it ? and if i get my charges back will the cheque be made out to both of us ?? knowing that abbey are being so so difficult !!!!!!!!!!!
  3. in general is it only accounts that are still open that get made a gogw offer ??? cr*p as they are !!!!
  4. thanks for advice i will do that today.
  5. stopped paying my monthly payments for a bit and last night a debt collector from instrum justitia put a card thru my letter box at 9pm !!!!!!!!!!! he stated he will call again on thursday 22nd, i paid this months payment the next day but need to stop him calling again its so scary, if i write to them asking them not to call would it do any good also what should i write ????????
  6. i have today recieved my statement from shabby they took forever !! can anyone tell me exactly how far back i can claim ie can i claim back to nov 98 ???
  7. gosh been reading this site for days now and still keep running into confusion ! could someone un scramble my brain and tell me what i can claim for TARRIFF FEE - NIL EXCESS OVERDRAFT FEE - £50 OVERDRAFT FEE - £30 DEBIT INTEREST - £8.48 ????? i have an agreed overdraft of but sometime go over this which triggers the overdraft fee
  8. sorry to hijack your thread but this is getting so so confusing i thought you could claim for overdraft fees dont mean the interest ??? please help, what exactly on your statement can you claim for ???
  9. how much notice did they give you before closing your accounts or was this instant ?
  10. just posted my claim today to FD for £700. whats the likelyhood of them closing my account ? i get my salary paid in and have a overdraft of £1000:?
  11. hi very very new to this just reading all the info before i fire off my 1st letter. i have all my info of charges from first direct online, so do i still need to send the data protection act letter ?? and when working out my charges does this have to be in the form of a spreadsheet or can it just be self explanatory wrote out by myself like in list form ???
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