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  1. Thanks for your reply but it doesnt really help me. When you say "set up properly".....how do I know if it was indeed set up properly?
  2. Hello Guys, I've been reading about companies such as Credit Card Killer who claim they can cancel any loan agreements signed before April 2007. Now I'm pretty sure this is something I can do myself, so what are the first steps I need to take? The finance was taken out in August 2004 through Welcome Car Finance Thanks Mr Views
  3. Hello Guys, in the past this forum has helped me claim back money from Halifax, Abbey National and Capital One so I am hoping you guys can work your magic again!! In 17/08/2004 I took out joint finance on a car with Welcome Car Finance. Me and my partner were only 19 at the time so didn't even know what PPI was, the salesman just told us where to sign and let us drive the car away. I've just dug out my contract and noticed that there is a box filled in for "optional insurance" which I'm guessing is PPI? Could someone please take a look at my contract and let me know if I can make a c
  4. I could afford £500 a month, which would mean it takes 4 months to clear.
  5. Hello guys, I am 22 months into a 36 month lease-purchase finance agreement for a car. This is being done through my work (I work for a large company) and the finance company is Alphabet (Welcome to Alphabet — Alphabet International) I am now ready to change my car and want to give the car back and start a new agreement. The only problem is, Alphabet gave me a settlement figure of over £2,000! I can't afford to pay this in one lump sum but when I asked Alphabet if the cost could be spread they said no. Even when I told them I wanted to take the new agreement out with them they s
  6. Hello guys, A few months ago I lost my phone which had all the numbers stored on the sim card. I got a replacement sim card but due to my phone being pay-as-you-go I dont have itemised bills that show what numbers i've called. I've tried looking on the "My T-Mobile" site and I've also called customer services, both of these have been unfruitful. Is there any way I can use the data protection act to force T-Mobile into giving me details of all the phone calls I've made from that particular number over the last X amount of months/years? Thanks Mr Views ps - yeah I
  7. Hello Guys, I have a friend who took out a finance deal on a hi-fi system a few weeks ago (19th April). He has paid the first 3 weeks worth of payments but has now decided that he doesn't want the insurance thats included in the weekly price. Can this be easily taken off? It's a HP agreement. Thanks
  8. Thanks for that peice of advice, I have passed it on!
  9. Hello Guys, I have a friend who signed up to a 6 month contract to rent a room. She has decided she wants to move out a little earlier then the contract states and her landlord has sent this letter. I just wanted to find out if the amount she has to pay is standard, or if he is trying to charge her too much. My friend has no problem with the amount if it is fair and legal. Thanks (letter below - which the landlord drafted) Please accept this notice as a means to terminate my Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement (ASTA) for the property 7 Henry Purcell House, 11
  10. wow, this is the first time no ones been abel to help me out!
  11. In September last year my girl looked at her account and saw someone had taken out £3,200. When she reported it to her bank she was told that someone had ordered the money and then walked into the branch and withdrew it. She's gone through the standard investigation procedures (signed documents, given statement, been interviewed by investigations team etc) but her money has still not been refunded into her account. I don't understand why the bank is taking so long to refund her money, because 1 - Whoever took out the money out would have had to sign a document and used a fake sig
  12. AFter rejecting their first offer of £170, they have now sent me this letter (click on picture link) http://img373.imageshack.us/img373/2273/img0813vj6.jpg what step should I take next? Thanks
  13. Hello guys, after sending my initial letter asking for my money back (£680) I recieved a letter today with the following (pictures of letter attached) Now I have 2 questions-: 1 - what should my reply be? 2 - they have written about "crediting" my account etc......but my account has been closed down with them since 2004?!! is that just an automated response?
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