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  1. I am now about to send off my LBA as their 14 days have expired, and I just got a fob off letter. I have cancelled my Direct Debit and missed one of my payments. I then got a call from their Indian call centre telling me that I had missed the payment and had been charged £12, I explained that the payment was not due as the account is in dispute as they owe me a lot more than I owe them, and that they are fully aware of the pending court action. The collections man was very helpful and we had a long discussion about how they were penalties and laughed about how profitable it was to imposed these penalties and discussed how much I could make by doing the same thing with bad payers for my company. He also said that they were penalties and did not reflect the costs to Citi to make the phone call to remind me to pay and that they had reduced them from £25 to £12 not because the costs to collect the money had come down but because the public were not happy paying so much in penalty charges. So I decided to tell him that I would call back in a minute and would pay as a good will gesture, despite the fact that Citi owe me more money than I owe them. I rang Citi cards, got their IVR saying welcome to Citi all calls are recorded etc, I didn’t have my card number so then it went through to the same call centre and had the same conversation with another chap, but this time I recorded it. I also made sure that he worked for Citi and fully represented Citi and was not from a DCA although I should not need to do this as citi's IVR is on my voice recording - so if I ring Citi they can not argue that he has nothing to do with them. My question is ..... is it worth me taking this call recording along to court, how much weight does a citi employee working in the collections department have with the court when he is saying that they are penalties and do not represent the costs of his work in getting me to pay?
  2. Thanks for clearing that up Glenn........but just 1 last question and I think I will be 100% clear the dailsy 20% interest is that added from the date of the first charge i.e 6 years ago? Because if it is then I would basically be taking may £1401 current total and more than doubling it?!? As a rough figure without doing the daily monthly compounding etc my claim would be about (810+591 =) £1401 * 120% = £3082 After the compounding it would work out even more, is this right or am I getting carried away here? p.s sorry its taken alot of explaining for me to get to grips with this
  3. Thanks Glenn, Thats the bit I was not sure about if I still added the contractual interest to the lot. So my claim is for £810 in charges and 591 in interest on the charges which equals 1401 I then apply the cash advance figure for 1 year to this (will have to check but for now lets say thats 20%) so its 1401 * 20%= £280 Total = £1691
  4. I had calculated the total charges but I did not need to tell them as they new instantly and said they would increase their previous offer which came back after the DPA subject release to cover all charges. I then told them that was the figure I had and it was a good offer but I had calculated the interest myself and realised it added up to a substantial amount so would accept their offer as a partial payment but would require the interest to be paid back as well. I then said that an associate of mine had called mr miney and he was able to quickly provide this exact amount, which I said would be of assistance to ensure that I had calculated it correctly and we were in agreement on how much interest had been paid on these charges. But she was not entertaining it. I have calculated my interest based on how many months since the date of the charge * by my current monthly interest rate then added all these together. I think this will be fairly accurate but does not account for any changes in interest rate and does not cumulate the interest charges i.e apply interest on the interest. Do you think I should just run with this or not include the amount of interest that I have calculated on my prelim and just say that I require all interest paid on the charges to be repaid and leave the ball in their court to decide how much that is??
  5. Could not get past the gatekeeper to Paul Miney, instead got Yvonne who did offer to refund all my charges in full but got aggressive when asked about the interest and told me that they would not calculate it for me, if I wanted to take it further I had to write in So off goes my prelim request.
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