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  1. Thanks MsWeatherwax My partner is changing surgeries and making an appointment for next week. I have suggested to her that she mentions to her new GP that she has changed because she felt that her condition was not been taken seriously and she wanted a fresh start, and leave it at that. We don't want her new GP thinking that she is going to be a problem patient. I hope her original GP is reflecting on the appointment and questioning if he should have made a moral judgement instead of treating his patient. I feel like sending him a letter explaining why we were so upset but not sure if this would help. Will update the thread after her appointment.
  2. I am writing this a day after attending the doctors with my partner - I was going to write it yesterday but was so angry about the situation I wanted to give myself time to calm down and reflect. Today I am still furious and my partner has been in floods of tears. My partner has a L1 Burst Fracture (Broken Back) which pushes 25% into her spinal canal. She suffered the injury in 2005 in a car crash in the USA. She is mobile but suffers from pains down her arms and legs that she can trace right to her fingertips. She recently attended a medical assessment for incapacity and did not score enough points and her benefits were removed. She is appealing the decision and was advised that the pains in her arms and legs were classed as a different medical condition and she could make a new claim. In order to claim she would require a medical note from the doctor. My partner feels she has been suffering the pain long enough and needs to get to the bottom of it and see if there is a cure. Although she failed her medical assessment the nurse even suggested she visit her GP and get referred to a neurosurgeon. So she made an appointment with her GP. On walking into the Doctors office something felt wrong he was being very cold towards us and did not seem interested in her condition. As the interview continued I was shocked by his approach. The conversation went like this: Doctor 'So what brings you here today?' Partner 'I have pains in my arms and legs' Doctor 'NO, I mean what made you come to the surgery today' Partner 'I had the pains in my arms and legs and was tested for sciatica last year but it was not that and I still getting them' Doctor 'But what brought you here today because you have not been back for 18 months' Partner 'I attended a medical assessment and it was suggested I see a doctor as the problem could be neurological.' Doctor 'OK' Me 'I think she should be referred to a neurosurgeon because the pains in her arms and legs coincide with with her accident and broken back' Doctor 'And who's opinion is that?' Me 'Mine' Doctor 'Well that's not mine' The interview continued with lots of awkward questions about missing medical notes from America and how the Americans do more tests than they need to because they are motivated by money (Not that I wanted his opinion on this). Basically he did not even ask her to stand up, look at her injury which is clearly visible on her spine or ask any questions that were investigitive to her complaint. At the end of the meeting he said he was not going to do anything until he had the notes from the original accident. I asked if he would refer her to a neurosurgeon and he said no. She then asked for a medical note and that is when the penny dropped. He refused the note and when I asked why he said 'How do you think it looks walking in here 18 months later when we have not heard anything'. I was taken back by this statement and asked him if he was suggesting that my Partner was not lying. He said it seemed strange and he was not happy to give a note. I told him that he was basically saying he did not believe his patient. The DWP had written to the surgery and it was there on her medical notes that she had failed a medical! We left the surgery with my partner in floods of tears and me reeling. I understand that there are benefit cheats and scroungers but my partner does not lie she is a very honest person and is suffering pain. This doctor made a decision before we walked into the room that she was a benefit scrounger and treat her with total contempt. My partner feels everything is against her - she cant understand why no one will believe her, why she has lost her benefits and why her doctor won't refer her for treatment.
  3. I am resurrecting this old thread because people here have mentioned that Bryan Carter are issuing proceedings in error. In my case they issued a letter saying they had a judgement against me when they did not. They abuse their power as solicitors - I reported them to Solicitors Regulation Authority last year and they were investigated. They informed the SRA they were changing their systems so these 'errors' would not occur. Reading this thread they have failed to do that and we must complain again to the SRA. Anyway you can read my story here and see the letter and reply from the SRA. As it happens I had them struck out of court and won my counterclaim. Had them investigated and cost them a lot of money.
  4. I received a letter from the courts basically saying that Bryan Carters Claim has been struck out and and I can now request judgement on the counter claim. Unfortunately I have lost the letter and cannot remember the exact wording. I have telephoned the courts today and they have told me to simply send a letter to the Judge and apply for Judgement. Could someone please help me with that letter? Thanks for all your support so far.
  5. In addition Bryan Carter then entered a defence to my counter claim: [/img]
  6. Ok - so its been a long time since I updated this thread - but I felt I needed to let you all know the outcome of my complaint and counter claim. Basically Bryan Carter got a kick up the ass from the SRA. [/img]
  7. I have used a long CCA request letter template that includes a section on harassment posted by a CAG member on a few occasions and it has worked very well. Unfortunately I have lost it and been searching the forums for over 2 hours to find it! This site is massive. If someone knows where I can find such a template please could they post the link here? Thanks in advance.
  8. Had a reply from the SRA today. I had to have it read to me over the phone so can't remember every detail but they are investigating my complaint and have allocated a case handler. They will be contacting Bryan Carter & Co. soon. It looks like they are taking my complaint seriously!
  9. I beefed up the complaint letter to the SRA to include OFT guidelines as suggested by Steven and made the position more clear. I can't actually post a copy of the final letter I sent as I am now in the US. I sent a complaint to the Courts and asked for a copy of the SRA letter to be put on file. I also sent a copy of the complaint to Bryan Carter. I have recieved a reply from Bryan Carter. It is a bog standard letter that states if I want to complain I have to follow their complaints procedure. The arrogance of these people is beyond me! I have reported them to their regulator for Misconduct and the courts and I get another fob off letter in return. They do however say that they have put collections on hold for the time being! Funny because they should have done that as soon as they realised they had no agreement. Even if they write off the alleged debt and correct my credit file I am not going to let them get away with this and I will see my counterclaim heard in court. I want a decision made by a judge so all those CAGers who are up against these idiots can see that they can use s35 of the County Courts Act to get rid of them. Anyway - Back to my vacation....
  10. That's great. Do you think I should also be complaining to the OFT?
  11. Ok here it goes. First Draft of letter to SRA. Please comment.
  12. Thanks PT. I think this is disgusting too! If it was not for the people on this website I would have believed this drivel and paid. I will post the letter here for you to read - if anyone has any suggestions for the letter content that would be great.
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