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  1. I'm sure if you could furnish us with a few details you then someone would be able to respond - most names involved with egg would trigger somebody's memory
  2. Had a distressing bailiff visit a couple of years ago. Thing is, I had paid off the item they were collecting for six months before! The thought that should a similar situation happen to myself (hopefully not now) or anyone else, that they could have just broken down my door and taken goods for something that I could not have proved I had paid for until the next day (as they had visited in the evening and couldn't contact the body until then) just beggars belief. This just cannot happen.
  3. Didge

    Didge v Egg

    Another week of absolutely no response and no missing docs sent. So patience wearing a little thin - have filed a complaint to the ICO. Will compile a letter to that effect to Egg and print it out and send it, just as soon as I have bought some more paper. Though I can just see the person reading it at the other end saying 'am I bovvered?' Really can't believe they would go so out of the way to obstruct and delay, for what I think is going to be nothing - if the rest of my statements are an indicator.
  4. My 'client' has heard not a dickybird out of HSBC, only a phonecall asking him to come in for his 'regular' review of his account (as this is the first time he has ever heard of such a thing, does once in a blue moon count as regular?) This gets my suspicious mind thinking that they have received his SAR, but will be writing out a 'you do realise you only have a week left of the 40 days?' letter to put in the post Tuesday.
  5. Don't hold your breath - mine took well over the 40 days and I think that's the norm. Received a letter after about 3 weeks informing me that my statements would be delivered in time, then a few days before the 40th day another letter giving the excuse that they're a little busy and the docs wouldn't be back in time. Had to send an LBA and it was about day 52 before I saw them.
  6. Didge

    Bump v Humpty Dumpty

    I sent them one of my utility bills and just added a line to that effect to the end of the SAR letter so they couldn't say they didn't get the bill with the letter. Doesn't make the slightest difference to them getting the data back to you in time - still waiting for about 6 months worth of missing paperwork...
  7. Is it contractual interest you are claiming? The choice really is yours - to accept the current offer on the table and close the claim, or to go for a small claims for all you have asked for, with maybe the alternative that if they are stalling on the contractual then you could fall back to the 8% statutory interest the courts would award. There is no right or wrong - just what is good for you.
  8. Oh yes - it's your claim therefore your schedule. Just hang on in there - I was absolutely shaking taking my N1 down the court, but the relief when I saw the payment in my account was undescribable. The banks have been penalising those who can least afford to be penalised for long enough.
  9. Wow. Just had letter through door. 'Dear Miss Didge, Sorry you're unhappy...but pleased I may be able to help...arranging for a payment of £176 to be made in full and final settlement...gesture of goodwill...without admission of liability...do nothing and the payment will be made in the next 14 days...please read the enclosed leaflet on bank charges...' 100% offer. No struggle. No threats of closure. No fun.
  10. Didge

    Didge v Egg

    Had a response to my SMS - 'they're looking into it' and will contact me as soon as they have the missing information. So patience - I'll let them play their game - the amounts involved aren't huge and I'm not in a position where I'm desperate, so to avoid being accused of harrassment I'll wait for the missing docs. Just as long as this is settled in time for festival season - it's not a huge sum, but it's some serious drinking allowance
  11. Didge

    Didge v Egg

    Thanks for all the info Mister:D Egg is the only Default I have - defaulted in 2003 which is a year before I thought :o - found my credit file from the end of last year - that and the arrangements I went into with Egg, a loan and a catalogue in 2003 seem to be the only things that would go against me credit-wise. Debating whether just to be patient as it would only be a couple of years before the default drops off my file - not planning to get back into the debt I've just clawed myself out of by applying for more credit. Have now read Maxine and Yasmin's threads (wow! - Respect!) Making me err on the side of being patient about my default - think if I went ahead, it would have disappeared by the time the courts made a decision! Think my rule of thumb now is patience with the claims I have remaining - they are not life-changing amounts (I got that back at the beginning of this year), but I'm not just going to lay down and let them trample all over me. Will see what my secure message will bring and then this quiet, shy wallflower might have to show Egg what happens when they p*** off a redhead...
  12. Didge

    Didge v Egg

    Still no response or missing information returned. Really don't want to go to court just for getting statements, so have just zipped off a secure message politely inquiring as to when I'm going to get the info. Oh, and a reminder that they're slightly over the 40 days - like by nearly 30... So I'll just hang on until I get a response from the messaging, and if that isn't positive, then I suppose it's down the courts we go... Another question - as I have charges from one of the other accounts, could I start the ball rolling with a prelim on that, then add the missing charges if/when they arrive? Or is it better to hang on? Another another question - It's the Egg Card (green) that I have a default on. This I was told had to happen when I had entered an agreement when I was having problems in repayment and was paying off a token payment each month for a while. It's also the account where I'm missing information, but apart from these missing months, I have absolutely no charges on this card. Can I still request for the default to be removed even though it was not as a result of charges?
  13. Letter has just popped through my letterbox. It's from BCard. Absolutely bog-standard response - 'sorry you feel charges...unfair...we believe...fair and transparent...T&Cs...disagree with legal analysis...' As a 'goodwill and without any admission of liability', they're prepared to credit my account (after I asked for a cheque because my account's been closed since 2004) with £30 - the difference between the charges and the OFT recommendation (bless them - still trying with that). As they've responded so quickly, I feel a 'thanks but I'm going for the rest' letter being written before the LBA.
  14. I'm about to post a slightly modified version of the banks prelim, changing the words in the 'My request' section about refused DDs and overdraft limits to 'late payments, exceeding credit limits and so forth...' and in the 'What I require' section, I've just stated the charges plus the interest (i'm going for contractual) and taken out the word 'overdraft'. HTH and hope it's OK for me too!
  15. I've answered a couple of my questions - found a calculator to work out the APR from the monthly interest figure, and I guess it's spelled contractual - must be my accent making it sound more like 'con-traactor-al' So, I've worked out the interest on my spreadsheet, printed out a schedule of charges along with my prelim and off we go on the rocky path that is Barclaycard...
  16. I sent a non-compliance letter (as in the templates library) after the 40 days were up. Just before I had received a 'we're too snowed under to get the requests out on time' letter, so I gave a little longer before reporting them to the ICO. Literally as I was writing out my complaint today my statements dropped through my letterbox. It's been about 60 days.
  17. I received a 'sorry but we're snowed under with all the requests, so we won't actually be getting your info to you on time' letter two days before my 40 days. So I sent the non-compliance letter two days later, because I have been busy even gave them about 10 days until today, was just writing out my letter to the ICO when my statements landed on my doormat. So I'm going to be a nice girl and let them off this time - I have what I need, and Barclaycard were actually the most understanding of all my creditors when I was going through Hell financially a while back.
  18. Just as I was compiling my complaint to the ICO, what should thunk onto my doormat this morning? Hurrah! I have my copy statements - as a 'gesture of goodwill', of course, because 'statements held prior to May 2004 are stored...microfilm...does not fall within..."relevant filing system"...nor within bounds...obliged to provide in response to my data SAR...' Still trying with that, then. So I whip out my hilighter, and for what? Five charges in four years. Still, that's 90 quid I'll be going for. Right - strawberry-blonde questions coming up; I've read about it and want to go for contractural interest. There is a monthly purchase interest on each of the statements where I have charges - is this what I would be going for? and is it as simple as multiplying that monthly figure by 12 to get the APR? Or is there a 'standard' APR that everyone has been going for? As I'm asking these questions, should I be going for contractural? Am I even spelling it correctly?
  19. Didge

    Didge v Egg

    Day 56 - Receive paperwork from Egg. (Sounding like Big Brother here - sorry.) Have had three accounts; A Boots Advantage by Egg - found five Unpaid DD fees and one Overlimit Charge, each £20. That turned into my Egg Blue card - no charges from the time of change to present. Was a good girl with that one. Then there's my Green Egg Card. Found no charges on that one. Hmm. Oh. March-April 2004 seems to be missing. And May-Jun. And July 2004-Jan 2005. Considering this is the one I got into most trouble with, and Egg defaulted me on, and 2004 is the time that I got deeply into financial difficulty...hmmm. Surely Egg wouldn't deliberately withold information...? Well, I'll just give them a gentle reminder of the missing months - I'm sure they'll be 'oh - silly us - here they are - don't know why you want them though...' Another couple of strawberry-blonde questions; - On the charges I have found, because it's on a computer prinout, I can't actually work out the date of the charges - merely the month/year. Would it be acceptable to either put the date of the statement or the end of the month the charge appeared in? - On the Boots Egg and Green Egg accounts, there appears a 'Finance Charge'. It's usually only pence or a couple of quid, but I'm just wondering what it is and is it reclaimable?
  20. a) Definitely b) Tongues would wag - they're all married;) c) I give that impression - little do they know me:p d) Beer would have been top of my list if Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Bailey's and wine hadn't appeared first... Thanks for all that info Lateralus Forewarned and all that:)
  21. Now my friends have seen what I've achieved with my bank (Halifax), I've volunteered to help out my friends who are computerless/puterilliterate. I have prepared them with the worse case scenario, and they're still willing to go ahead. So all I need to know is how far HSBC take you? Has anyone got as far as sitting in a court? Do they take you further than I reached with Halifax (settled before they needed to acknowledge/ defend)? I just want to give my 'clients' the best service possible (there is a reward of alcohol involved, after all) and need to know what research I need to do.
  22. Thanks for the prompt replies and Well Done You dickeggsy! As my own case was settled before the bank even had to acknowledge/defend the court claim, will be reading up on the next stages - really don't want to let my 'client' down.
  23. Having had a successful scrap with the Halifax, I now have computer illiterate/un-computered friends who have seen the huge smile and expression of relief that I've had on my face for some weeks now and would like me to help. I have volunteered my help willingly (well, offers of alcohol on completion were gratefully received) and in my wish to help them beat the banks and help them achieve the same expression, I just want to know how far Barclays take it? Has anyone seen the inside of a courtroom? I have prepared my friends this is what it could come to and they are quite willing to go through with it, so I'd just like to know how far the staring contest goes before Barclays blink...
  24. Didn't get to post letter until the next day (I joined the Post Office queue on the 5th, but didn't get to the counter until the next day ). But pretty amazed to have a response so quickly - even if it is the usual 'sorry to learn you're unhappy...' 'we'll respond somewhen this century...' blah. Didn't get a repsonse first time around until after the LBA. But still only gives them until Thursday to give me an offer.
  25. Shock, horror... Just received the 'there's a delay in getting copy statements out because of the very large numbers of identical requests' letter. So Barclaycard lied to me in their last letter... :o :o :o :o surely not.
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