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  1. Didge

    Didge v Egg

    Looks like Ema Clayton (or whoever is reading her mail, because the signature looks nothing like that) actually reads the letters when it gets to this stage, as all my points have been answered individually. So, confidentiality clause has been lifted, all I need to do is return their acceptance form and should be done and dusted. Will let you know when money in bank
  2. Didge

    Didge v Egg

    Congratulations a bit premature at the moment - sent off a secure message asking about the confidentiality bit, got no response other than 'we'll send it on to the relevant department' and nothing. So I've posted an acceptance letter (not theirs) this week, hoping that because I was waiting for a response and haven't had one, it's not too late because they put a 14 day limit on the offer. Cross fingers...
  3. Didge

    Didge v Egg

    Thanks for that Mister Don't know if I'm brave enough to pursue PPI, but one good thing on my doormat as I got home tonight an offer from Egg for what I've asked for. :D As the terms of the settlement ask for confidentiality, I won't say if I'm going to accept the offer...
  4. Didge

    Didge v Egg

    Guess what turned up today? A complete set of transactions for my Egg Green card, along with my CCAs, which I had asked for completely separately. And I was right - in five years of having that card, not a single charge - just when I was in financial difficulty and actually asked for help before it escalated, they helped by putting a default on it, which is the major blip on my credit record now . So now on to the CCAs. There is nowhere mentioned about CC Repayment Protector. I know I wouldn't have ticked the box to do it, because I never tick that box, and when I applied for my Egg card, I'd had a Barclaycard for 4 years that had not taken one payment protection charge out ever, because I wouldn't have opted for it. Would it be worth going for a refund? Is the onus on me to prove I didn't tick the box rather than Egg proving I did? As the charges on one card were over £500, it's certainly worth it in that respect, but what are the odds on getting it back?
  5. Didge

    Didge v Egg

    It's been a while... Still no missing statements, but really looking and working out the balances, etc. I don't think there are any more charges to come. So I started the ball rolling with my prelim on 14th May. Had a response and was offered the £4 difference in Full and Final on the 25th May. Which, of course, I instantly accepted. Yeah. Right. Posted my combined rejection/LBA on Friday.
  6. Sounds just like my claim Elise - Thought my account was closed as I'd got into difficulty, went into an agreement for a few months then was able to pay off the balance. No more statements, no more cards and I'm sure I was sent a letter to the effect it was closed - that was 3 years ago. This week I also get a statement saying my account is in credit by £30 - the amount offered to me, which in my prelim, LBA and rejections in between I requested the full amount by cheque as I considered my account closed. Looks like BC are suddenly getting a whole load of 'returning' customers? No matter - will be filing N1 on Thursday.
  7. My answer would be of course you can claim, and hopefully anyone who is/has been in a similar situation would be able to furnish you with details. Personally I would still deal with BCard as that was who the account was with, but if I'm wrong please someone correct me. If your son has all his statements, then you can start with the prelim, or send off the SAR if he hasn't. Good Luck
  8. Looks like Barclaycard want to do it the hard way. Received response to my LBA yesterday - noting that I was dissatisfied with their offer to refund £30 however their position remains that they believe it's fair when customers break the terms of their agreement, they recover the costs. Me too - totally agree with that. So it looks like once I've returned home from visiting England this week, I'll be down the court with my N1. I would just like some advice please - as I am claiming contractual interest, I would like to put in some way in the Particulars of Claim that although I'm claiming C.I., that I'll accept the 8% statutory if that's what the sticking point is. Or do I just do that in discussions with the legal guys if they contact me?
  9. Thing is, you requested a list of charges, and if they couldn't do this then a set of statements would be acceptable. They have complied to your request, so if you were to now demand your statements, they could then go 'OK', but charge you £3 each statement as is their wont. The list of charges is fine.
  10. No threat of closure and certainly no announcement of closure. Didn't get to court stage with this claim. Just as I was thinking about getting my N1 ready I had the letter offering full repayment of charges as gesture of goodwill and without liability. There's just no set way they are dealing with cases, but Good Luck with yours.
  11. This N1 claim now is to get hold of the statements Abo - not for getting charges. Looks like I'm going to have to do the same for my incomplete Egg statements - not going to make a claim until I have all the details.
  12. IMO I would keep bank accounts and credit card accounts separate. If they were both bank or both credit, then one claim. I know this would mean two of everything including court claims, but you do get the costs returned. HTH:)
  13. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/25716-rejecting-offers.html I do believe you would need to inform MCOL (or the court if your case has been allocated to your local) about the payment and adjust the amount you are claiming for - I'm sure someone would correct me on this one. But keep going - you will get the full amount.
  14. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/6986-data-protection-act-non.html Give them a little nudge:)
  15. :D Money in account today:D 3 days before I'd need to give them a reminder. They're no fun now! Moving onto the completely awkward whatnots of Barclaycard and Egg. Keep up the Good Fight:)
  16. Oh, ho,ho... Yesterday had another envelope. Open it up and it's a statement from BCard for April 2007. With £30 credit. And a note telling me my account (to which I haven't been issued with a card since 2004, has a credit limit of zero and haven't had a statement since June 2004 because that's when I settled it and I'm sure Barclaycard closed it - damn I wish I'd kept all my paperwork) is in credit and if I require a refund please contact Customer Services. Now all of my letters have asked to be settled in the form of a cheque as I thought the account was closed. BCard have asked for my bank details so they can transfer the amount. But being unwilling (in the interests of minimising fraud) to give my details to everyone who asks for them (especially as this is hopefully only going to be a one-time thing), am I being unreasonable asking for a cheque? I'm certainly not going to back down until I absolutely positively have to.
  17. You need to send the LBA so you can show the court you have given them plenty of time to respond to your request (28 days) before you had to make a court claim. So send the LBA, count 2 days for them to have received the letter, 14 days to give you a better offer, then file at court. If you get a rapid response, you could send an extra rejection of settlement letter, but remind them that on XXX date you will be going to court.
  18. Hi Nuggy, Just follow the step-by-step instructions on this site and you can't go wrong. So if your letter was your LBA, then just wait 14(+2) days after you posted that, then file at court. If your letter was your Prelim, then you need wait 14(+2) days and send your LBA - giving them another chance to up the offer. Then it's as above. You just need to hold your nerve - they will blink first.
  19. Didge

    Didge v Egg

    Thanks for that Bump And Rose, we WILL crack them - like you, it's not the money - it's for the way they treated me when I was getting into trouble and asked for help too. It does make me angry, looking back at the statements I have, that I wasn't that delinquent with these accounts, yet Egg is the blackest of black marks on my credit record. We'll go for a nice eggy breakfast when we win, eh?
  20. I did on my first claim of six years - came to an extra £70 - and got it. Did the same on my second claim, but as the interest only came to another couple of quid, when the Halifax offered me all my charges back without interest (but without needing to go to court), I'm accepting that. If you don't ask, you don't get. If it comes to the point that HFX offers you everything except that, you just have to reason if it's worth going to court for the little bit extra.
  21. Didge

    Didge v Egg

    Next question: I know they're probably snowed under too, how long would I be waiting for a response from my complaint to the ICO?
  22. I've just Googled that monthly rate and it seems to be coming up with an APR of 24.9% HTH
  23. Yep, looks like MCOL on the way... Had a letter waiting for me when I got home - this time from a PO box in Manchester, still not offering me any more than £30 (I'm claiming £90 charges + contractual), their position is they 'believe it fair when customers break the terms of their agreement they recover the costs.' Me too - and when they can show me it costs 20 quid to process such a transaction, I'll willingly pay it. They also want my bank details so they can transfer the money. I have asked for a cheque because I do not want to give my bank details to an account I consider 'dead'.
  24. LBA posted yesterday. Had better dust down my N1 forms...though I may MCOL it this time.
  25. Didge

    sally v egg **WON**

    My (incomplete) documents came from: Data Request Team Egg PLC Point North Brierley Hill DY5 1LU That's where I've sent my non-compliance. But your letter should get to the correct department regardless and they still have the same time to act. (Though I'm sure they work in dog years or something - you know - one week to them is seven in our world...)
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