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  1. about bloody time ncf - if i start a thread its usually a hardcore one and one that makes his spine twist, then he jumps on it giving it the holy than thou crap - ive tried to avoid him by simply ignoring his other posts on other threads. Site Team: remove him pls. hce is of no use whatsoever
  2. quite obviously not seen alot then. or as most operate, switch off when on a job, and totally obsessed with collecting as much money as possible by whatever means - illegal or not
  3. thanks for the draft letter Nintendo, I have spoken at length with a senior police officer this evening that i personally know, but he is unrelated to this case. steps are to fire a letter back and not take it lying down. i cant give up as its in my blood to stop the farce. will update soonest
  4. Also a big shame that HCE seems unable to back up with any proof what he says above... its all talk isn't it. it would be interesting to have someone on here who actually works in the industry and fully able to quote some recent cases with all personal details removed. wont hold my breath tho hey hce!
  5. thx jgj - thing is i dont think HCE will have the ability to comprehend anything i said there...
  6. HCE You must wear those leather blinkers that the Police horses have, and clearly you have never worked for or even heard of Sheriffs High court enforcement Ltd The reason i will stop bailiffs commiting crime on a daily basis is because: A: I was forced to pay a huge amount of cash to a bailiff to stop him taking my goods. (a sum that was totally unrelated to the original debt) B: the debt was down to one of our tenants, who had ordered goods and then vacated the premises, not us as we are the landlords. Do you understand? C: the money we had to pay the bailiff was of course returned in full 2 weeks later when we proved this. Fair enough I have a v. comfortable life due to hard work and dedication and probably a bit of luck - in fact i would go so far as to say at 35 years old quite a succesful person- if the debt was say £1-£1000.00 in total inc costs then my company would have probably just paid it and it would have set the appropriate wheels in motion to seek refund from the debtor. However, it wasn't that figure at all, - we know the original debt was £550 and the amount we had to pay was approx £2400 + our legal fees in obtaining the necessary refund. The fact of the matter is that I don't take kindly to people stealing from others. I agree of course that not all bailiffs will rip people off, but in my investigations, ( i have stacks of proof) bailiffs collecting on behalf of a HCEO seem to think they are well above it all and have carte blanche to do what they wish. Shame you have such tunnel vision - and think all are 'guilty'. Its a very warped view of life.
  7. I also asked the Inspector, - so i could be charged £50,000 fees for a £1,000 debt then? The answer, - 'yes of course' when its got this bad maybe we should all spend time whittling canoes from old pallet wood to escape this island?
  8. Love to wonkey but not sure where to go next - fed up with fishing for minnows - i love a good letter writing session, or indeed phonecall, but want to go to the top, and make as much noise as possible doing so
  9. Jon Cris - interesting post, but unfortuantely, the UK is now so corrupt that NO authority knows what the hell is going on. Forget global warming, its just something to talk about. Efficient authority control is already in slow meltdown because NO ONE really knows what the hell is going on, and everything these days is made up 'on the day' In other words, its all bull*hit mate.
  10. Hi all , am trying to upload a letter from the police that is readable, but the images come up too small, even tho the pics are big enough. have read all the help guides on CAG and nothing of any help can anyone help and i will post now. thx db
  11. prob to small to read. if someone can let me know how to get these bigger (they are already big pics, but come out tiny when uploaded?
  12. only me, why would any enforcement officer/HCEO want to meet you or anybody else for that reason regarding fees. This is what they make their living from, and of course they wouldnt want it things changed would they! Read the letter I PM'd you, its quite amazing is'nt it? there is currently NO limit to what a enforcement officer can initially charge. It is up to the person that paid the crazy fees in the first place to squash the ****** officer in the high court. (as you did in getting a refund) Lobby the MOJ and your MP, and of course, great idea to kick up a stink at the local nick, as the more and more people that complain about the system, the quicker the **** in the industry will be forced to crawl back to the rock they were born under. And theres only one way to cook a badger and that is removal of Rule 12. db
  13. truly unbelieivable mate, well done for getting so far though.... but this is the true picture of the state of the British society isn't it? People think the Uk is advanced and a civil society but like ive always said its the same as Iraq under saddam but with less guns, and a different kind of torture. Corruption and scandal rule unfortuantely, hence why so many are emigrating. A very sad affair... db
  14. p.s I think they are refering to their contract they have with HMCS, unless you have signed a contract with them! i dont think so.
  15. hmm. cant believe they would withold your personal info, unless a court orders it? this seems a bit twisted. keep going leeroy.
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