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  1. small business relief is available on more than 1 property if they are owned by different companies. I.E You have 2 Limited co's, one owns one shop and one owns the other. easiest way to do it and above board. Lesson learnt that a lot of councils are inept at managing anything so never rely or assume anything when dealing with them BTW - threatening to close the business? idiots. thats really going to help the cause isn't it.
  2. They are theiving, and commiting fraud yet no authority seems to be interested...
  3. what a joke - bailiff telling someone they will go to prison? yeah right. On every case I have ever looked at there are 2 or 3 court hearings where in front of the judge the person wilfully refuses to pay anything and even then a suspended sentance can be given out giving the perosn time to come to their senses. Bailiffs really are ****** liars theives and cheats. and pt i think you're right, from what I'm reading there won't be much change in 2012 apart from East London becoming gridlocked. If anyone is overcharged, I suggest giving the bailiff firm 7 days to refund or CCJ them - then they tend to wake up.
  4. Hello Tiaposy, How is the van insured - if they do turn up with an interest to take the van you can show them the log book, and insurance details if its in an individuals name. You could liquidate the company, which will cost min of about 4k, and of course the minute you do this any enforcement action will cease. Trouble is the debt is 4k which is not alot in the circumstances.The other problem is that they think its 13k, due to the fact they probably dont have all your returns, and have estimated them. They can do this. You could submit the necessary forms to Companies house to strike off, but they may not be able to do this if there is money owing to the revenue. Personally, I would write to the vat office dealing with the issue, tell them the co. hasnt traded for however many months for whatever reason, (i imagine you fell on hard times) has no asetts, and is just a shell. I cant see them wasting time chasing for something they wont get. And dont worry, they cant take your house! thats what used to happen years ago when HMRC where preferential creditors. Now they have to get in th eline like any other creditor.
  5. ... and before anyone says otherwise, the above is the legal position I found myself in after the dogs chewed a little scamps backside when he jumped over the boundary to reclaim his football.
  6. They sound well trained Jimbo. From a legal position, no sign is required if the dogs are in a secure privately owned garden. The bailiff has entered at his own risk without invitation, similar if he was to enter your house, finding the door ajar and then fall down the trap door to the cellar. You would not be required to post a sign 'beware, I'm in the cellar and the door is open' His own silly fault, which forms part of the risk of the job. It may of course be worthy to note that however fun it may seem to lock the trap door after him and screwing it shut, may consitute false imprisonment/kidnap.
  7. fair answers BLF. all seems pretty straight forward. I think some folk will jump on you whatever you post, but if you post factually and truthfully with a bit of humour you can't go far wrong? The problem may arise when you have many posters on here like myself who have been targeted for a debt they had nothing to do with, and then ripped off to boot. It leaves a lasting sour taste in the mouth if you know what I mean, and in my case we're talking more than a few hundred quid to! thanks for the post.
  8. fair do's BLF, honestly answer wonkeys post above and truce it is. Still can't imagine why you want to do what you do though, if you work the bailiff work totally legit, and have the qualifications you say you have?
  9. I know its hard, but at least attempt to come up with something amusing You may as well leave BLF Which bit did you fail on BLF? Was it reading or rightttingg
  10. yes, the course is flawed though PT and a waste on money:- I know they won't teach how to add up because you don't need to know (I know HCE doesnt know how to add up cos I have evidence) but you do need to know how to hold a pen and write on paper. I've read the whole thing and there's no mention of this?
  11. Having said that, if they do put their licences in jepardy, there must be legislation to stop them closing one company down and starting another to get round it.
  12. ....and I take it if they are caught they lose their licence. Blimey. This would NEVER work though TT as there wouldn't be any bailiff companies left! Probably all struck off for fraudulent activities
  13. Hmmm. For what its worth:- if a bailiff overcharges the debtor, or indeed, targets the wrong 'debtor' then he/she should face criminal charges, same if they don't correctly levy etc... For example, the Police have to be 100% sure they can charge someone before doing so, otherwise it would open a can of worms in that the Police can be sued for wrongful arrest etc.. same should apply for bailiffs charging people money ('scuse the pun)
  14. ...Then Rob is clearly misguided!!! Can't believe it. Listen Rob don't use an hceo, because they will only rip the debtor off! The debtor is paying them a stack of pointless fees and that will put more stress on the debtor, this is clearly a no brainer? Cash that could be going to you is going to the hceo for doing v little, so issue a Stat Demand instead. You can do this yourself at no cost other than printer ink.
  15. Better then using any hceo, or whatever, use a Stat Demand much better collection rates than any bailiff. 90% are collected in full. Easy results everytime.
  16. Couldnt care less BLF. Why, you can come with him too if you want. 2 mouthy idiots levying on thin air on my doorstep would make my day. 3 or 4 wld be better though. Thats if you could scale the gates and negotiate the dogs
  17. MKB, Let me tell you HCE's make it up on the day. Therefore how could they possibly tell you what they are going to charge till they see how big you are/where you live, what youve got etc etc, how much it means to you if they threaten to remove goods. As I mentioned earlier, the legal wheels are going to turn quicker now, I've had enough, and a particular HCE has it coming like an express train with no brakes. I have made it an ambition of mine to see him with a little legal issue that will cost him dear. He doesnt really realise that I have plenty of means to throw a nice big legal case, and even if i lost, financially it wouldnt matter too much - Im gonna try something in the legal world rather extreme, and iam very curious as to the outcome. 8-)
  18. Yes, best to ignore HCE, theres something clearly lacking if he is not getting enough kicks during the day. Cos of his continued appearance on here though it only makes me want to continue the fight harder, so I'll arrange for some more legal action shortly. Look out, it coming.
  19. What C*ap!!! Don't you drive??!!! "If you park wrongly you pay the price" Right. O.k Best advice ever. Thanks so much. I'll tell all my drivers in C. London that they must have parked wrongly to get a ticket. Bull*hite my love. About 85% of tickets issued to my firm are fraudulently issued - (this is because the officers are on 'perks' linked to the amount of tickets they issue) each one with proof all day long, and after more hassle in letter writing we get them cancelled, so they can't have parked wrongly then can they? What planet are you on?? p.s "I agree with council tax?" you need medical help
  20. Yes, there is probably a better analogy than referring theiving bailiffs to someone like Huntley, but they are the same as alot of criminals because what they are doing when they carry out their crime is: Premeditated Have total disregard for the victim Have a blatant disregard for the law They also lie and cheat in court - High court or any court it doesn't matter, and they also lie and cheat the Police. Again, doesn't matter of it's a PCSO or Inspector level. Fluffy bunny its not a very fluffy world out there - I'm afraid we are living in a forever increasing dog eat dog society - where fewer give a damn than ever before. Just look at most of the MP's and Brown etc all should be locked up. As I say above, get on the receiving end and you'll be more than qualified to comment. Still interested to hear your experiences though Fluffy.
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