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  1. Does anyone know if PPI can be claimed back after a bankruptcy and discharge etc, for a loan secured on a property. i.e, in this case, the bankruptcy didn't wipe out the loan as it was secured, and continues to be paid to this day...it was also a voluntary bankruptcy for card debts. thx.
  2. Hello Upset mum. Someone will be along soon no doubt to offer more advice, but as long as the bailiff has not gained entry before, there is no way this fool can come round and force entry. If/when suspension of warrant has been stamped by the court then the warrant is suspended. Ring the court and check! £40 a month should be acceptable to the water co. Remember its his job to scare, intimidate and bully and it is second nature to him, he will probably lay it on thicker because you are female, and think you are a weaker target. All the best.
  3. This requires urgent action. There are numerous options available to you that will stop any further action so don't panic. Is your business Ltd? Is there any chance of you being able to meet their demands in time?
  4. Thanks PT The liability order was for 1258.00. It was passed to the bailiffs at this amount. Car worth 4-5k and no finance. Rossendales people speak in riddles on the phone why don't they just play a straight game? Fools, like the rest of the bailiff industry. The liability is paid in full but we will tackle charging levy fee and 2nd visit fee and get that back, and yes why levy when the debtor calls and agrees payment plan? Just to line the 'ol skyrocket eh? Mr Clark of rossendales will be sorry for his silly boy games. Where can I find the written legislation on collection of council tax, so I can quote this? I wanna become an expert. And what the hell is all this "[EDIT - PLEASE REFRAIN FROM PERSONAL ABUSE]" malarky all about????????
  5. Wow, the guy should be locked away not given a telling off. Do all bailiffs lie, cheat, extort etc etc? or is it just all of the ones I have ever had to deal with?
  6. Have read the stickys and think i know the score here but can someone confirm the following for me please? Rossendales chasing council tax of £1258.00 Visits address and for First visit he charges £24.50 Debtor pays council direct £500.00, then rings bailiff (he is annoyed at the payment being made direct to council which is funny) the following day and makes arrangement to pay at £200.00 p.m which the bailiff says is fine and will drop payment slips though door shortly. Bailiff returns on second visit and posts payment slips through door and same time levies on car on drive, and his paperwork states £60.00 for the levy and £18.50 for second visit. Are the above fees legit? P.S Warning: Rossendales ask anybody who calls them their / date of birth/ occupation/phone number and will tell you the local authority ask them to get this info. This is NOT true according to the councils and none of the information is relevant in collecting council tax so don't give it to them!
  7. Your in the right place mate, good luck with paying it off.
  8. thanks for that HW, off to expose and prove more fraudulent activity in the enforcement industry - yawn.
  9. thanks HW we have always paid the council directly. if the council confirm in writing that the liability order is paid in full, can I confidently tackle equita to expose their fraud? dp
  10. Hi, i forget who the council tax specialist is here is it you HW? Got a little issue here, missed 2 CT payments account sent to Equita, they write and the account was paid no probs. But, they say we still owe 42.50 in 'fees' - being a little savvy i reckoned it was 24.50 for a visit and 18.00 for a second. called into council office to speak to them and they said no spk to equita. I told them no you ring them after all they are responsible for Equita. Anyway long story short, tax office rings equita and it transpires 2 apparant visits were made by Equita. (not aware of any visit) Is the next step to write to equita asking them to prove the visits? If not does the law state the fees still have to be paid even though they didnt visit? Can a bailiff still levy on goods just for the fees or can this just be ignored? Any help really appreciated Thanks db
  11. nice one only me - F & B pls read my post before you comment back to me - as i said a hceo targeted me because that day i was in his sights for easy pickings for a debt that had f*ck all to do with me. i wasn't rude, abusive, just calm but in shock and totally bewildered at what they thought they could do. They called the Police becuse i was ignoring them - pure and simple. nothing else, no fights, firebombs or limbs lost. (shame though) In calling the Police many units turned up - at least 8 officers and 6 cars - turning a normal business day for us into a circus - forcing me to pay under duress of the Police and the ****** theiving hceo's. it wasnt a few hundred quid either, it was £1000's, being told by the scumbags the bill was rising by the minute as i discussed the situation with the police. I had to pay to stop them removing my assets,and got the money back in full 2 weeks later after we instructed lawyers. When i paid in full, and later looked at the paperwork the thief had given me the calculations were all wrong - even his charges didnt add up properly - 1 visit £1800 in fees. The original debt they were collecting was of 700 odd and even if it was that + say 100 quid then maybe it wouldnt have been such a big deal ( i may have just paid and then got the cash back from the real debtor), I wouldnt have then been late in paying the guys wages that week, and for this the hceos that did this will in time pay. That my friend is NOT Fair and Balanced - its outright thuggery and BLATENT extortion. YOU may not be guilty of this but i have found that most of the industry is. Hence I will never cease to give as much problems as possible to the Hceos in question, neither will i ever cease to put a stop to the farce that is hceo enforcement. THE DAYS OF HCEO'S RIDING AROUND LIKE COWBOYS WILL STOP. AND SOON. THEN THAT IDIOT HCE ON THIS FORUM WILL BE CRYING HIMSELF TO SLEEP.
  12. wont be long everyone i will publish this fools address and we can all pop round his for a cuppa and ask him face to face - i'm sure a few people knocking on his door will be fun - he pushes things too far on here... ncf - he cant answer this posts question because he doesn't know. Come on, you're asking someone to look into the future on a job that hasn't happened, as we all know HCE makes it all up on the day - show me one that doesnt.
  13. its called highway robbery, and unlike in Robin Hoods day is now completly legal.
  14. or the hceo is so obsessed with gaining payment he will try to force anyone to pay by threatening to remove goods and then calling the police to make even more of a meal of it. wont he hce
  15. the answer is f*ck all only me, you should have called the Police and they should have arrested the hceo for fraud and theft, and the court should have had him locked up. for a long time. In addition, the Police should have turned his domestic residence upside down looking for, and seizing all goods in connection with the proceeds of crime act, because there would be a possibility that he has done this time and time again. This is what should happen to all hceos/bailiffs that can't help but steal.
  16. Yes you may well use it for work, but that won;t stop them trying to or taking it. Remember, you are dealing with **** that really don't care. They will take your mothers bloomers off the line if they could sell them. The onus will be on you to prove this/that after the event, its hassle you don't need. I'm just saying it's easier to hide up the vehicles till the heats off, and I'd probably also contact the creditor and tell them they will get every penny they are owed, but you have nothing till work picks up, so they will HAVE to wait. You can also take the opurtunity in your letter to tell em about the vehicle that is your friends and document the vehicle index in the letter.
  17. Still smirking at the MPs Jim Devine, David Chaytor and Elliot Morley in the dock the other day. What a laugh. Good riddence to 'em My only hope is that in a similar way (there is really no other way) that bailiffs are soon brought to book. Just imagine if you're a bailiff that has thieved ££££'s in fees over the years S*it i don't think I'd sleep at night.
  18. hello leahben, Firstly it wouldnt do any harm to write to them and tell them the facts about what you haven't got. As above, don't bother ringing as the conversation will most likely end up in a pointless argument. Secondly, hceos can't force their way into your home, unless you leave a window a jar etc. They can force their way into commecial property though, and outbuildings, providing they are not connected to the domestic dwelling. Thirdly, it sounds like the creditor will have little chance of recovery from you. The hceo will probably continue to call until he either gets bored, or gets called off, or realises that he's wasting time calling, hence a firm letter to them telling them you have nothing should suffice. Remember though that they can always take a car/van, and it will be upto you to prove ownership of someone else etc etc so its always best to park any vehicle in another street, or down the road to avoid the hassle. Its easier. BTW thw high court writ against you will be valid for 12 months. ( i think) good luck
  19. sherforce **** of the earth, - should all be lined up and shot at. or maybe hung from the gallows.
  20. Indeed, Skanked, on one large site we cut the rates payable from 4,800 p.m in more than half to 1,850 - the site was even miss measured by the Valuation office, which we understand happens alot.
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