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  1. good point mate, forgot about that. First Alt dont supply courtesy cars when your car is a write off i.e when you need it most!! My solicitor used an acc man co and dont settle for a random ford ka or corsa (no offence to people who drive them). The accident management company will assess your risk / cliam i.e likelihood of liability and lend you a car based on your cars spec. And the 3rd party settles this. They are also liable for loss of earning, unnecessary expenses etc so dont let yourself fall out of pocket
  2. Sounds like a similar scenario to mine, but i got a 3rd party solicitor and they have been great and really put pressure on everyone involved and speeded things up..... well as fast as you can do with al the 3 month liability assessment stuff that happens with accidents. First alternative use all different percentages when classifying or trying to resolve a claim - if new car and within 1 year old, 60% repair costs or more damage constitutes a total loss and entitles you to a new car replacement (great feature i thiught). But when it comes to that situation happening they try and skirt r
  3. First Alternative......no comment!! I have alot of experience with this company and they aren't the greatest insurer I have used. Take as many pictures as you can, use legal protection to speak to someone who can give advice, dont accept anything FA propose to you, obtain as many estimates on value and examples of similar cars as you, you need to iron out the liability issue or you will be left probably out of pocket til it gets rectified.
  4. This may be a little too late but insurance companies are a complete nightmare in their definition of 'at our discretion' and bending rules to minimise their loss. Always look for gap insurance as it bridges the gap between market value and new cost - i.e paying the difference between the two figures. Also contact the FSA as there are strict clauses on new car purchases that state if you were not offered gap insurance by the dealer for the event of a total write off, by the means of a key facts and discovery/needs document then you are entitlted to take action to claim this back.
  5. Have a look at this link for information relating to the above posts. Hope it proves useful CCCS - The real problem that underlies the whole process of recovery and how it is handled, is interpretation. Different regulators and organisation can interpret the law very differently. Unfortunately it is subjective to the most part which is a drastically flawed approach considering the spiralling debt situation in the UK. But thats UK legislation for you.........
  6. Mike, if you had read the posts that i made after that one, you would see that i did not fully realise the nature of this forum. And to be honest i didnt actually understand the point of your post, plus it makes no sense.
  7. Like i expressed in one of my posts i did not realise this was a purely 'comlaints based' forum........apologies for any offence
  8. sorry to disillusion you rob but its actually quite suprising what you can pick up with a few questions when you sign up!! finance is not really my cup of tea...........
  9. To all of those with gripes open your eyes and stop being bitter about something you caused yourselves - I have used this company as a quick source of funds for property deposits with absolutely no problems and would always, and will, use them again. The reps are not sharks or salesmen, quite the opposite in fact. I have dealt with a few different reps...... andy who was really efficient and a nice chap , ged?? i think was a bit of a geezer but helpful, and nick who was new but was really clued up. Any of those ring any bells? So to say they are commision grabbing is unfair...are you sure you
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