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  1. hello in writing but i put itin the bin lol:) they said that i would not get nothing and they hoped i would not have to take it to the fos perhaps they ment they would take my account off me its only £800 i,m looking i,m in Northern Ireland will i start a new, or just send them another letter with the 10 pounds again any help please
  2. All banks are still obliged to give you this information under the Data Protection Act, so you can still write to ask for details of your charges if you do not have the information. my bank told me no way will i start a new, or just send them another letter any help please
  3. hello i feel that i was mis-sold; it tks frank
  4. HELLO was not on self-employed or on benefits at the time. they will not pay up , thy have told me this in the last letter what should i do now please.
  5. the executed agreement shows that i did ticked PPI box what now please
  6. Subject Access Request) hello can i get a link for this please tks
  7. copy of the executed agreement got that send as S.A.R - (Subject Access Request where can i get that please
  8. hello people here is the letter i got today. tks for writing to us again about the ppi that you still feel that you where mis-sold; as i,ve already explained . cap one ensures that or marketing material is clear and not misleading. ppi is opyional. you had 30 days cooling off that you had to cancel' this is our final responce in this matter. you got the full policy which includes full terms and conditions, so why shall i do now any help or link you can give me please thankyou
  9. hello they have sent me the a copy of the agreement, not sure what to do now:(
  10. hello i got a letter back they say i ticked the box for the ppi so i,m getting 0
  11. hello all hope you are all well after three letters to capital one , i have got my last one from them and thay say noway , they say i got the right info:lol: , and that is that, and this is all that i,m getting from them all, you ticked the box. so what shall i do know friends.
  12. hello i,m still waiting to here word will let you know the out come
  13. hello can you help need the address of the providian visa please
  14. ACCOUNT COVER, PLUS PROTECTS PAYMENTS AND PURCHASESjust ask them to send it to you they have to do it
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