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  1. Hi All In May 2007 I started that ball rolling for my dad.. Sent of the prelim letter and LBA on his closed TSB account. His charges date from Feb 2002 to April 2004 - totalling £3590 However this all fizzled out and we got no where with it. At this time there was no urgency because he was working and all was well. However now he is out of work and in need of money and I have told him that I will try to pick this back up and try to get these charges back. Do you think that it is reasonable to write to them saying, we wrote to you originally in 2007 and have still heard nothi
  2. Does any one know the conditions in which you would normally recive a default? thanks
  3. I have been issued with a default notice from the car finance company that I use. Basically I could not afford to pay last months car payment and i rang them in plenty of time, many times to sort something out.. The first call asking if i could have a payment holiday was flatly refused. The next one to see if i could get someone more helpful was also refused. The third one a few days before my payment was due to go out was also unsuccesful, and the lad i spoke to advised me to cancel my direct debit so not to receive any bank charges (which i did) and to speak to my account manag
  4. I cant remember the exact dates we did this, but it was months ago, and we thought every thing was done and dusted. I followed the procedure in having our council tax band re evaluated, and after finding out that our neighbours were in band b (and not c like us).. and checking our house price in 1991.. i contacted the council and they agreed that we needed to come down a band.. We then didnt have to pay council tax for some months as we were owed a refund. any way yesterday i got home to find a letter from the Valuations office telling us "Please find enclosed a copy of a notice
  5. Ok - here is an update.. a reply from the solicitor yesterday: I have spoken with Birkenhead County Court today and they have confirmed that the Consent Order setting aside judgment has now been approved by a District Judge. The Order is currently waiting to be typed and the Court will post this to us shortly. In view of the above, I have today filed the Defence & Counterclaim with Birkenhead County Court. I expect to receive a copy of the approved Order from Birkenhead County Court in the next few days and I will forward this on as soon as it is received
  6. embo


    Hi All My court claim was issued on the 26th July - and I think today is the day to start judgement as there has been nothing from the court or the bank.. would you go ahead and start the judgement now? Thanks
  7. Ok - will see how it goes for now.. Thanks for all your help.. Becca thanks for your help too.. I will see how we get on for now, and if we still have no luck with the solictor maybe you will be able to help at a later date?
  8. Thanks Bed 32. I am so angry about this.. I have an update already - My husband managed to speak to the solicitor (the second one who said it was under control) just now.. And they said... "oh we thought solicitor 1 was dealing with it"............which is why we didnt turn up.. so hubby said i am not paying this money and i want this ccj off my file so the solicitor said.. "ok we will file an appeal and the ccj can be overturned" does this sound like a fob off? can an appeal be made?
  9. Thanks Cillitbanger thats another thing.. Ages ago because of the appaling treatment we did contact the ombudsman, and norwich union seemed to step up a gear for all of 5 minutes and gave my husband a £100 good will gesture. i will have a look re rogue solicitors too thanks
  10. Ok - in june of last year my husband was in an accident, some bloke smashed into the back of him.. to cut a long story short Norwich union the insurers were dreadful and the claim went on and on in a ridiculous way.. first it was written off, then it wasnt then it was..etc etc.. the other party said it wasnt him, then he wasnt involved at all, then it wasnt him again. he would not accept liability so it was to go to court. it really has been a mess. In the end my husband got the car back, but was not the same as before the crash and sold it on..actually quite some time ago.
  11. Unless it was sent on gold paper Thanks v much!
  12. thanks for coming back... but it seems to be different from the actual charge for exceeding the overdraft as we have those aswell (o/draft usage fee) but we also have a few...o/draft letter charges as well - all ranging in value... the biggest being £110
  13. Hi Sorry if this is a daft question.. but i have looked through and couldnt find the answer...and it never came up with my own bank account claims Can you claim the money back for O/Draft letter fees? Many Thanks Emma
  14. embo


    please ignore :grin:
  15. Rang her direct line number as have tried to get through on the number on the letter we got in reply to the request for bank statements (08453004431) but has been engaged for about 2 weeks. And have tried the other numbers given on this site, but had no luck (no answer, or engaged tone) She DEMANDED to know where i got her direct line number from, and i wasnt sure if i could tell her or not, so i said from a friend. She said she needs to know who gave me the number as she is going to contact them. Basically we received a letter saying the statements are now ready and we just need
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