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  1. I am in a similar situation as jen78. I have seen this info on the FSA Website 12. What happens to those wanting to, or in the process of reclaiming charges while the case is going on? It will be for the courts to decide in relation to claims made to them. The Financial Services Authority has issued a 'waiver' from its complaints handling rules. This action means that until the test case is resolved any bank or building society that applies for the waiver will not be required to handle complaints relating to unauthorised overdraft charges. I think that I will go ahead as normal because it is up to the Courts to decide and they are in a higher position than the FSA. Nothing on the FSA's website indicates that customers cannot continue to reclaim their charges. Has anyone else got any say on this? Andy
  2. Thanks letter off today:D Andrew
  3. Hello to you all, I am updating my thread with details received from CRAP 1 today. I received a letter offering me a goodwill of £168.00 and a Complaint settlement form to sign. In light of the OFT test cases currently being undertaken do I proceed or do I await their findings? Thanks
  4. You are a star Dipick:D
  5. Hi Jase1982. I am in the same situation with you. Account has been closed since 30/8/2006and they have been chasing me for a debt. You should be able to claim back charges made to your account. I recently received the transactional statements from CRAP 1 and is moving ahead in a reasonably acceptable way. Thanks to the help of this forum. If you need any help with anything so far please ask or PM (Private Message) me. Wishing you all the best Andy
  6. Thanks for this Dpick. Also, do I use the same template letter as that of the Banks when requesting for your money? Andy
  7. I am reading to send the request letter to CRAP One. Does anyone knows the address to send it to? Thanks Andy
  8. I think I have just managed to get over this hurdle (gosh I must be thick lol) It was not too difficult afterall. Went for 39.90% APR and got charges amounting to £569.84. So is this the figure I have to claim for throughout the claim? Andy
  9. Hi Charley! How are you doing? I see that u are indeed getting busy whilst the footie is not on the box. Wish u all the best with Crap 1. Andy
  10. Thanks UK Aviator I got figures as follows: Monthly rate = 1.94% APR 25.88% Interest Rate (Retrieved from their website) = 34.90% Now do I enter both into the Notes section of the spreadsheet? On which worksheet do I actually enter the charge? The Spreadsheet does look abit confusing!! Andy
  11. Thanks UK Aviator. Which contractual interest should I use? Does it matter? And do I use the same spreddy as the ones for the bank? Andy
  12. Celicaman thanks for your help so far, below I have typed the details (charges) of statements. I hope that someone will be able to help me : Statement Date: 4/10/2005 Minimum Payment Due : £9.51 Credit Limit : £200.00 New Balance: £190.50 20/09/2005 OverLimit Fee £20.00 20/09/2005 Cash Advance Fee £ 2.00 20/09/2005 Cash Advance Fee £ 2.00 04/10/2005 Interest Applied £ 1.39 Statement Date: 4/11/2005 Minimum Payment Due : £75.16 Credit Limit : £200.00 New Balance: £253.01 31/10/2005 OverLimit Fee £20.00 31/10/2005 Late Payment Fee £20.00 04/11/2005 Interest Applied £ 2.73 04/11/2005 Interest Applied £ 2.01 Statement Date: 3/12/2005 Minimum Payment Due : £104.50 Credit Limit : £200.00 New Balance: £283.20 30/11/2005 OverLimit Fee £20.00 30/11/2005 Late Payment Fee £20.00 03/12/2005 Interest Applied £ 2.54 03/12/2005 Interest Applied £ 2.65 Statement Date: 4/1/2006 Minimum Payment Due : £167.85 Credit Limit : £200.00 New Balance: £330.06 23/12/2005 OverLimit Fee £20.00 29/10/2005 Late Payment Fee £20.00 04/01/2006 Interest Applied £ 2.84 04/01/2006 Interest Applied £ 4.02 Statement Date: 4/02/2006 Minimum Payment Due : £42.67 Credit Limit : £200.00 New Balance: £231.12 13/01/2006 Cash Advance Fee £ 2.00 30/01/2006 OverLimit Fee £20.00 04/02/2006 Interest Applied £ 3.05 04/02/2006 Interest Applied £ 1.46 Statement Date: 4/3/2006 Minimum Payment Due : £47.61 Credit Limit : £200.00 New Balance: £235.83 24/02/2006 OverLimit Fee £20.00 04/03/2006 Interest Applied £ 2.89 04/03/2006 Interest Applied £ 1.82 Statement Date: 4/4/2006 Minimum Payment Due : £107.23 Credit Limit : £200.00 New Balance: £281.39 24/03/2006 OverLimit Fee £20.00 30/03/2006 Late Payment Fee £20.00 04/04/2006 Interest Applied £ 3.21 04/04/2006 Interest Applied £ 2.35 Statement Date: 4/5/2006 Minimum Payment Due : £169.95 Credit Limit : £200.00 New Balance: £327.73 24/04/2006 OverLimit Fee £20.00 04/05/2006 Interest Applied £ 3.16 04/05/2006 Interest Applied £ 3.18 01/05/2006 Late Payment Fee £20.00 Statement Date: 3/6/2006 Minimum Payment Due : £236.06 Credit Limit : £200.00 New Balance: £375.10 24/05/2006 OverLimit Fee £20.00 03/06/2006 Interest Applied £ 3.25 03/06/2006 Interest Applied £ 4.12 30/05/2006 Late Payment Fee £20.00 Statement Date: 4/7/2006 Minimum Payment Due : £305.99 Credit Limit : £200.00 New Balance: £423.85 04/07/2006 Interest Applied £ 3.43 19/06/2006 OverLimit Fee £20.00 04/07/2006 Interest Applied £ 5.32 29/06/2006 Late Payment Fee £20.00 Statement Date: 4/9/2006 Minimum Payment Due : £445.20 Credit Limit : £200.00 New Balance: £513.70 19/08/2006 OverLimit Fee £20.00 30/08/2006 Late Payment Fee £20.00 No further Details. Can someone please help me to work out how many unlawfull charges are on there? Many thanks Andy
  13. Can anyone be of some assistance please? :confused:
  14. After waiting for all that time (very patient) the statements has arrived. However, there seems to be some problems; 1. I don't know what to do (I am thick:confused: ) 2. The last entry on my statement reads minimum payment due £445.20 Credit Limit £200.00 New balance £513.70. It doesn't show figures to show what has been charged added to £445.20 to give new balance of £513.70. Can someone please help me? Andy
  15. Hi All! Please can I have some responses/suggestions to this letter that I am about to send off to Abbey today. Thanks ACCOUNT NUMBER: xxxxxxx Response to settlement offer. Dear Mr Ron Aberdeen Thank you for your letter dated 25th June 2007. I respectfully decline your offer as Full and Final settlement and request, once again, that you return to me all charges imposed on this account, totalling £1873.64. I will accept the sum offered only as part settlement and on the clear understanding that I will pursue recovery of the remainder, with a County Court claim if necessary. My Request for Repayment letter dated 29th May 2007, Letter before Action dated 14th June 2007 indicates that you have until 28th June 2007 to respond before I commence legal action. However, despite my deadline I will be giving a further 14 days from the date of this letter to resolve this issue and return to me all charges imposed on this account, totalling £1873.64. For the avoidance of doubt, I wish to stress that I do not accept your offer under the terms stated in your letter. I trust this clarifies my position. Yours faithfully
  16. Thanks Jo. Anymore suggestions, help to this thread so far????????
  17. Did u received your GOW offer before or after the expiry of LBA?
  18. Lucky you! I will be deducting this from the charges. Slightly worried though, I'll read through some more threads and see if I can get a clearer idea of the best way forward.
  19. Yep, The letter I received today was dated 25th June 2007. I check my Account and I saw fee refund 30.00+ lots of times. The letter states ...'Although the charges were correct, as a gesture of goodwill, I am happy to refund £630.00 to include cancellation of charges yet to be taken from your account..... I have £50.00 to be deducted from my account on 12th July 2007 for more charges. I am not totally clued up as to what is hapenning:? :? Thanks Andy
  20. So basically should I write to accept the £630.00 as part payment and tell them that I am in the process of taking legal actions to obtain the rest. How do I handle the £630.00? Should I add up all the charges plus the 8% interest and then subtract £630.00 or should I add up all the charges, subtract £630.00 and then add the 8% on the remainder? Thanks Andy
  21. I sent Abbey the LBA on 14th June 2007, now giving them 14days to respond expiry date would be 28th June 2007. I received letter today 4 days after expiry of LBA offering GOW. I hope that I made this abit more clearer.
  22. Thanks for this info. However, a section of the rejection letter (...indicates that you have until xx/xx/xx to respond before I proceed to the next stage of my request (before I commence legal action)....) The 14 days on the LBA expired on 29th June 2007. So help!!!! why should I delay my N1 form for a couple of weeks??
  23. Hi All Just finishing N1 Form to send off to court tomorrow when I received letter from Abbey today. They acknowledge receipt of my SAR and Request for money letter and stated that they have carried out a full investigation and offering me Goodwill of £630.00. I know that there are rejection letters available in the Bank Fodder but because I am about to submit my N1 form to court tomorrow (2nd July) should I respond to Abbey rejecting their offer or should I ignore and contine with Claim? If the former situation is to be used which one of the rejection letters should I use? Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. Or could someone assist me with a response letter? Andy
  24. Hi Tricia! CONGRATULATION To you. It has been a long journey for you since 1st March 2007, so happy for you. Make sure you treat yourself to some thing 'FABULOUS' Andy
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