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  1. Thanks to both of you who replied. Will take further advice. Cheers.
  2. We bought my parents' (rented) house some years ago, raising the funds for a "cash" sale by remortgaging our own home and we charged mum & dad a nominal rent that covered the small increase in repayments. The mortgage was fully repaid at the end of last year and it seems unfair to carry on charging them. Both are now in their 80s and not in good health. Apart from state & small private pensions, they receive some financial help due to their disabilities, but nothing more. Over the years the Inland Revenue would calculate the amount of tax due on the second property - having made deductions for interest paid to the bank and any repairs that we've undertaken. But my questions are: 1. Do I have to charge a rent? 2. If not, will HM Revenue & Customs decide on a figure that seems fair & reasonable (well, as far as they're concerned!) and assume that will be the rent and tax us on that? We do not intend to sell the property - our long term plan is for the house to be used by any of our four children to help them get on the property ladder.
  3. When our son (aged 26) moved out into rented accommodation in our area he was joined by his girlfriend who relocated from the EU to move in with him. When she needed urgent dental treatment in May 07 (and unable to find an NHS dentist) I referred her to my (and my son's) dentist. After a private consultation for which she paid £39 a suggested course of treatment was planned. Between May & November 07 she had various dental work and she paid the bills along the way, until 31 Oct when she had a crown fitted and on 13 Nov had a scale and polish and the amount of £248 remained unpaid. She did tell me in the November that she was unhappy with his service. In December son & girlfriend relocated to the south of England. When I visited this dentist with my young daughter yesterday (11 Jan) the receptionist told me that this sum remained outstanding and gave me a printed copy of the girlfriend's bill (which shows treatment from 3.5.07 to 13.11.07) and warned me that unless this bill is not settled by the time she (the receptionist) retires at the end of January then she will have to pass the details on the debt collectors. I was so embarrassed since this was within earshot of 2 waiting patients!! I told her that I didn't have a forwarding address since they are in temporary accommodation until they can find somewhere permanent but that I do have an email address for my son at his new employment and that I would email him. But my questions are: 1. Has the Data Protection Act been broken (ie giving personal computer details of someone who is not related)? 2. As he is my dentist and as I referred her am I obliged to pay her bill? Any advice?? S
  4. My son and friend rented leasehold property from a landlord wef 1.11.05. Flat was nice but carpet a bit grubby that was brought to the attention of the landlord at the time, which he acknowledged needed replacing. Two years later notice of 1 month duly given and landlord called to inspect one day prior to vacation. He was satisfied with the way they had treated the property, saw no problems with returning their deposit and the keys were handed over. Some 7 days later they received a letter advising them that the landlord was withholding deposit and possibly taking them to court for over £2000 (mentioned in the first letter; a second recorded delivery has yet to be signed for but we guess it's a letter from landlord) : 1. Cleaning property (including kitchen) 2. Replacement carpet 3. Labour involved for both he & wife to clean property, possibly including redecoration. The flat had been thoroughly cleaned including kitchen that landlord specifically mentioned (this been cleaned by an independent person to a high standard). This can be verified by my 3 daughters who went along to help remove personal effects. Carpet was in a little worse of a condition (from 2 years previous) than when they moved in despite promises from landlord that this would be replaced. Hmm. So I have a number of questions: 1. If there was a problem with the property why did the landlord accept it as acceptable and taken the keys? 2. And if there was a problem he should have given the tenants the opportunity to rectify it/them. Furthermore, the landlord: 1. Never supplied an inventory for the property 2. Did not have a gas safety inspection during the 25 months they were there - nor was it offered on their signing. When we found out about the lack of gas safety certificate, my husband rang the HSE who subsequently wrote to the landlord. The landlord in turn "voiced mailed" one the tenants with "I have spoken with an officer of the HSE and you may be prosecuted for removing the gas safety certificates from the property." Errm ... they don't have them. It's the landlords' responsibility to keep them for 2 years. Today one of the former tenants received a notification from Royal Mail that they were unable to deliver a "Special Delivery." Guess from whom? Don't trust landlord - he may be reading this site so can't give too much away. But any advice you can give would be appreciated. sa6raya
  5. The current mileage allowance has been set at 40p/mile since I don't know when. I am led to believe that if you claim above this amount you will be taxed. Can anyone tell me: 1. When was this allowance set? 2. Is it true that any amount above this figure attracts tax? In view of the recent rapid escalation of petrol charges don't you think it should be reviewed?
  6. I sent a 2nd letter sent to RBOS 12 days ago advising them that if they didn't refund my charges I'd make a claim through the courts. I did suggest, though, that I would accept £500 for early settlement (as opposed to a full claim including interest of £646. To my surprise this morning a letter arrived offering £616. Wow! Naturally their covering letter would not admit liability and said that it was a gesture of goodwill. Also I must take care not to put myself in this position again (exceeding limit) otherwise they're likely to close my account - though they don't specifically use these words, it's what they mean. If any forum users have to go further than I did then Which? have a PDF on-line fact sheet that will help when filing your claim on-line (see paragraph re Filling in your Form). Good luck everyone!
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