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  1. Should I ring the Court and find out???
  2. I received the 'Notice of Transfer' on the 13th April, I have heard nothing from the Court since. This is the 1st letter from DG i have received (i wasn't aware that I had to send them the itemised list of charges as I had sent 2 to HSBC) Emma
  3. I have just received a letter from DG asking for a copy of my itemised list of charges. I was wondering if there was anything else I could put in the letter to get an offer from them???? Any help would be appreciated. Many Thanks Emma
  4. Thank you all for your messages. I hope I don't see a court room as I will probably crumble although I am more hopeful of receiving an offer from HSBC soon. Emma
  5. I have had the notice of transfer, although I have no court date yet. Emma
  6. Hi, I am getting a bit scared as HSBC have put in a defense on my claim. What happens now??? I really don't want to go to court as I cannot talk in front of people and am incredibly shy. Please help Emma
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