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  1. The money appeared, then the next day I had a letter saying "for commercial reasons blah blah".
  2. I'VE WON! Full settlement has been paid into my account this morning Yipee!
  3. Nice touch - Halifax charged me another £28 yesterday.... Any idea how long from the date they file the acknowledgement to when they (hopefully) pay up? Thanks
  4. Received the acknowledgement today, stating they intend to defend. Signed A O'Brien. Hopefully not too long now
  5. Still waiting for them to acknowledge the claim. Thier 14 days are up on 5th December
  6. That's the problem - most of them were silent calls... ...anyway they still haven't agreed to pay me - yet
  7. Hi I also had this prblem. I wrote to them asking to be contacted by letter only and I got a letter back saying "there is nothing they can do to stop the calls". A copy of that letter has been sent to Ofcom, Financial services ombusdmen and the office of fair trading. I received a call form Ofcom who said thay do not normally look at individual cases, but due to the severety of the breach, they are investigating it. This morning, I also recieved a reply form the OFT who are going to investigate as well and have enclosed a "complai desclosure form" for mew to return. The OFT
  8. Submitted my MCOL yesterday, so watching yours closely Steve
  9. MCOL submitted £2236 + 8% interest £417.48 + 49p per day Total claim is £2773.48 (inc court fee).
  10. Received a response to my partial acceptance letter stating I refused their offer and they would not be refunding anything The 14 days are up tomorrow so MCOL time Steve
  11. Received confirmation in writing today of the "offer" of £675. Pretty standard letter from what I see reading the other posts here. Love the paragraph:- "I understand that you would like to receive information about our costs for specific transactions. We are under no statutory obligation to record the information you want and are unable to help with your request" Acceptance as partial settlement letter posted Steve
  12. LOL, I've just been offered £675 Pick a number - any number Steve
  13. Just had a call from the Halifax in response to my first letter of 17th October He calimed that the charges are legal. I responsponded with "Can you then please let me have the full breakdown, as requested in the letter, of the costs incurred by the bank and how they compare to the charges you have made?" He replied "I'm sorry we cannot give that information out". I said "I'm willing to take this all the way and listen to your legal representitive tell that to the judge" He then said "to save going down the legal route" was willing to offer a partial refund of £675 "which were char
  14. Sent LBA today by recorded delivery, so the clock is ticking for them now Looks like 13th November is going to be unlucky for them Steve
  15. No, ignore the solicitor part - you don't want to be getting the cash from the bank and handing to straight to them - especially as you've done all the work so far! (btw - LBA going out in the post tommorrow ) Steve
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