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  1. Hi gez, would you mind pm'ing me the letter too please? xx
  2. yes, will do that now...what a palava...
  3. which is going to put me back over my overdraft. Great.
  4. smiley33

    New Charges

    Because HSBC took so long in paying me, I now have £125 charges this month.
  5. Will do...will ring them up tomorrow...partner signs everything for me when I'm away...needed to get it done as going on holiday and didn't know how long it would take...!
  6. I received a letter from Colin saying that £2,440 would be paid into my account.
  7. I was in Turkey last week and my partner received the letter from DG to say they would pay. She forgot to add the £100 on for the AQ and agreed to the original cost. I received a letter back off DG saying they would pay it into my bank within 7 days, they paid it in on Saturday morning. Funnily enough, a direct debit went out, came back as there was no money in my account, £2,440 went in and they charged me £25. Can I still claim for the £100 AQ charge then?
  8. Won! Won! Won! Woohoo!! £2,440 in the bank!!!! Paid straight in and a letter off Colin telling me that I was to receive it!! Thanks for everyone's support, will be sending some on...!
  9. I know...when I received the AQ I didn't realise I had to send in a list of charges to DG, otherwise I would've done it straight away...phone Julie on : 0121 455 2701 - it's another lady's voicemail, but Julie answered and gave me that number as a contact.
  10. Right, just spoke to Julie at DG - very nice lady - she said that she got my list of charges and they're with HSBC now who will make me an offer - with regard to timescale, she did not know when it would be because of the xmas backlog, but it is being looked at and will hopefully be next week...if I accept the offer given to me, the money will be in my account 7-10 working days from acceptance. I asked her if I still needed to take my AQ and £100 to the court tomorrow and she said she couldn't advise - I said that I would carry on with what I was doing in case it did end up in court, therefore I would have carried out the correct procedure. kathryn, I would phone her and fax over a list of your charges...
  11. aaarrrghhhhhhh - - - - my mobile didn't show that i had a voicemail sent to me LAST friday from Julie saying she needed my breakdown to send to her client so they could make me an offer!! Now when I ring, I'm just getting voicemail!!
  12. I've just tried ringing DG again, they're getting Julie to phone me to make sure she received my charges on Friday...only thing is, I have to send in AQ by 4pm tomorrow. God, I'm grumpy as hell
  13. well done Bex!! there's hope for me yet...
  14. how can you lose them? saying that though, I re-installed windows xp on my pc and thought everything had been wiped off, so I've just been deliving deep into my hard-drives and guess what?? I didn't install windows properly as I found my charges...haha
  15. I've given them til 12pm on Tuesday to get to back to me. If not, I'm sending in the AQ.
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