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  1. I haven't started yet. Off on hols on Weds night so will try tonight if I can get the packing done. I couldnt access this site whilst at work yesterday but did look on Moneysaving expert and there is some info on there also about going to the ombudsman which is quite useful and explains it in easy terms. Looks like it takes a bit longer but there is info on how to complete the complaint form too. Not sure how accurate that detail is but it looks ok to me. Bank Charges: Reclaim them, they're unlawful. STOP PRESS! Major OFT / Bank announcement....
  2. Thats fantastic - thanks for the link. Will do that on Monday and see what happens. I think Cap 1 are awful and its about time they sat up and took notice of their customers - hasn't anybody told them "The customer is ALWAYS right !" Hee hee hee
  3. We are in Watford. Hertfordshire - anyone had any luck with the local courts ? Whats the process with the ombudsman ? Do I write to them and the courts or just one.
  4. must have missed about that one sorry ! Which is easier route - the paper one with N1 form or MCOL ? Which do they respond to quicker ? Anyone got any ideas ?
  5. Recd a letter today from C One, saying basically thats it £72 was final offer and they are not increasing it. "Financial regulations require me to advise you that this is my final offer in relation to this matter. However, you now have the option to contact the Financial Obudsman Service within six months from the date of this letter." Not sure if this is a standard reply or not - Whats the next step - is it 14 days then court process / MCOL ?
  6. Thanks UK, just looking for that now. I didnt realise you could do the LBA and offer rejection at the same time.
  7. Prelim letter issued on 31st July and have had reply back dated 8th August saying thanks for your letter bla bla bla, terms & conditions bla bla bla, reduced fees to £12 bla bla bla, will refund £72 on a £600+ claim !! Do I send them the thanks for that partial payment, waiting for the rest letter ? I have seen those letters for the banks but not sure if its different on the creidit card side. Any advice gratefully received ! Thanx
  8. Thank v much ! Have managed to get an APR of 34.96% ! The spreadsheet I have used previously has the 8% column in but I cant find a spreadsheet where I can add in the APR figure. Its probably possible to change the formula but im not confident at excel so if anyone is good with formula give it a go. Formula at present is =(C9*0.00022)*E9
  9. Its been a while and I have eventually got back to my claiming paperwork having gotten completely confused and given up. I have checked my statements and have two rates of interest. Cash withdrawals rates of 2.528% and 2.207% per month and purchase interest rates are the same. What i can't work out is how come my rate is 2.xxx and other people are claiming 30% according to their threads. Should I by multiplying by 12 to get an annual rate ? Also, I am having a job finding the spreadsheet to list all the charges in. I found one that was on google but was too complicated for a single brain
  10. Thanks Paintball, I will try that. I have been having probs finding the right spreadsheet to use as there seem to be quite a few about. In the library I found one but it uses 8% - so once i have worked out how to change that % I should be ok.
  11. Thanks FC, will try and find that one as going through the statements tonight. What rate of CI did u use ? I have seen all different rates on different threads, the most popular seems to be their rate on cash advances. Good luck on your claim !
  12. I have just recd my statements from Capital One and fees add up to just over £300. Before I do my Prelim ltr, just wondering if its worth going for contractual interest too ? On checking thru the successes a number of them have been successful. I was really lucky with RBOS - they paid out 95% settlement £6500 just as the 2nd lba crossed in post. I have a feeling Capital One wont be so quick but would welcome any feedback. Thanks x
  13. have done already, thanks for all your help with this.
  14. Please can you move my thread ? Claimed £7089 on 27/02/07, accepted offer of £6089 on 29/03/07, money arrived in account on 12/04/07. Many thanks CAG - donation sent - sorry its so small but had to pay off my loans xxxx
  15. Wow, this is great news ! Beyond 6 yrs claiming sounds like an excellent idea - do we send SAR and ask for charges to go back to the date the account was opened ?? We had am account with Barclays 7or 8 years ago that we had lots of problems with so we opened one with RBOS - who we have just agreed a settlement of £6500. I shall be sending Barclays a letter through in the next couple of days I think !
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