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  1. hi all, has anyoen managed to give my earlier post on 7th march a look - give any advice or feedback - as im countign down the days to april 15th - and really need to get my POC sorted before the court date, and i think DG know that i have messed this up (kindof) and thats why i want to adjust my POC - if i can, and just claim back the itnerest - any help appreciated. Pete
  2. hi guys, been away for a few weeks on paternity leave (alittle girl) and i have mistakenyl sent a letter to try to negotiate with hsbc before the court date and forgot to send it direct to DG. DG have now written back to me and ask i dotn contact their cleint (fair enoguh - it was my honest mistake) but i have a new date set for 15th april and after goign thru it all in my time off im realyl very worried - as i think i may have screwed up my POC. as im tryign to get back ALL the ML, but really im just trying to get back the interest paid to date back... in reality they will just probably knock that amoutn off the actual amoutn left (which im happy for them to do) but am worreid my particulars are wrong and im exposign myself to some risk, as this looks 100% like we will definatley be in court...any suggestions?
  3. hi guys, ok am working from home today... have that awful piece of paper in front of me, commonly know as a Managed Loan Agreement (im spittign these words out !!) it was taken out on 2/11/2005 for £7130 - period of loan 96 months, which means it ends in 2013 the rate is 12.10% variable (whatever that means) (that means the baby were due any day now will be 5 years old by the time her old man has finished paying off this loan ) i have paid back £1648.65 worth of INTERTEST so far on the total amount i have repaid on the ML. btw - i DO have a 'true signed copy' as requested on the CCA application i made to them, i also have the copy i signed too (they ARE identical) however - am not entirely sure how 'correct' these are... i am willign to scan these in and upload on thread for people to discuss/check? i noticed some additional info in Black & White under the 'other financial info' section... interest rate: 7.00% over our base rate, which at the date fo this agreement gives you a variable per annum rate of 12.10%. hope i given you enough info? thanks Pete
  4. calling all teenagers! calling all teenagers! wanna help an old mathmatically challangend buffoon? £3164 paid back so far to date, so need to work out interest paid on that to date yes? (will check as paperwork at home - sure its 19% variable or something?) i know that it equates to exactly £64 pm in interest of the £113 i pay back each month.
  5. sorry thats £5878.00 not £587! i still owe them!!
  6. thanks guys will take a read of thread now...i think the loan ends in 2012 (i still owe them £5878) hsbc fiddled - do i write to the bank or DG solicitors - as i have already taken claim to court (awaitign new date) so am unsure whom i shoudl write to with this? both maybe?
  7. HI jo thanks for the reply. to be honest no it doesnt make sense - im not very good with XL and figures in general. is there not a simpler way to work it out? liek the amoutn i have paid back so far and the amount refunded. i think my ML amoutn is somethign like 19% im all in a pickle and totally confused by it all! P
  8. hi all, and thanks for your various replies and setting me straight, i do feel better now and slightly nervous but ready to tackle the issue fo 'trying' to reclaim that interest.... i realsie im a little late but im desparate to know how i exactly go about claimign this interest on the ML. £7130 is the total amount of the ML £3455 is the amount of charges i was refunded (that the ML incorporates) i have paid back £113 per month since the ML was forcibly taken out in november 2005 = £3164 paid back so far to date off the ML. (btw - i have never missed nor been late with a payment) it works out that the repayment each month incorpoartes a whopping £65 worth of interest. so with these figures in mind how do i work out how much i can/could claim back worth of intersest on this? how do i get this formula and how do i go about explaing to DG solicitirs this is what im trying to claim back (i want to put it in writing to them in a harshly worded letter that they will understand) i am still awaiting my new date from the courts for thi shearing but with baby no 3 en route id rather get it all settled and sorted once and for all. thaks for any advice or help Pete
  9. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP! dotn know if anyone else has been following my recent posts on this thread in reagrds to my ML? basically i have been refunded £3455 worth of charges in Dec 2006. but in NOv 2005 (during some sever financial hardship) was FORCED into takeing a ML for £7130. now that ML incorporated £3455 worth of unfair charges, whihc i signed a FULL&FINAL settlement for. now, i have been tryign to get the ML amount (thats currently outstanding) reduced as it PART incorpaorted the unfair charges, (it also incoproated an earlier ML/PL and overdraft fees. now i have asked them to re negotiate the amount outsntanding on the ML ans in my opinion it incoprated 3455 worht of unfair chrges so this amount should have been taken off the £7130. i spoke to abotu 6 very unhelpful and mis leading people at HSBC today, finally managing to speak with someone in the ML team (yes theyr have a team to con us por sods!) please tell me if im been a dumb idiot, but i asked them to re negfotiate that amoutn they paid me off the amoutn outstanding. they had the cheek to tell me as they already paid me the £3455 that i was 'to use that money refunded (for bank charges) to pay off part of the managed loan with it' eHHHHH?????? surely by them admitting and refunding me charges then surely they should reduce the amoutn outstanding to incorporate this? please some one help me with this as now not onyl am i confused but really irate as she pretty much told me theyr wont do anythign about it as they have already refunded me the money and i shouldnt have spent it and used to reduce the ML amount. im baffled thanks Pete
  10. BUMPTY BUMP.....PLEASE can anyone check if this is 'true and execute and a proper copy' of this document...have a 3rd baby on the way...could do with knowing beofre paternity leave and if we can stp paying
  11. can no-one please check the attached copy of my credit agreement for my loan to see or tell me if it HAS been properly executed? i thought the idea was to get it posted up for all to see and then comment on? i have read on other threads about what a "True executed copy of a loan agreement" should contain but not sure my one contains all the necessary info? thanks everyone Pete
  12. thanks for postivie words of encourgaement y'all i onyl just re-read latties bit at the bottom of her post about trying to claim the interest on the managed loan - NO i havent doen anythign about this - and i think in all honesty it may be the only thing worth trying to claim back now - but howd i go about doign that then? its just i signed a 'full and final...' to hsbc when i won my inital claim last year. and now becuase the ML incorporates part of the charges won in last years settlement i cannot claim for them again, so my only hope now is when i do get my new court date through is to use the grounds of harrassment and using my log (incidentally lateralus i found my little log that i kept - i know i couldnt believe it either!) or just trying to claim the interest on the ML. in all honesty, my head is a mess with this all and i DO really need some help as i feel i may have taken on a bit too much as i was a bit over confident having won my 4 bank charges cases, i thought tackling the ML claim woudl be a bit harder, but one i would win none the less. i dont feel as confident now, now knowing that i cant claim against somethign i have already (sort of) won already.... as approx 1/2 of the managed loan was incporporating unfair charges - the other half of the loan incorporated an overdraft and consolidation of a normal Personal Loan. HELP !
  13. got letter back from them today (branch liason team) Dear Mr Doyle YOUR REQUEST FOR CALLS TO BE SENT TO YOUR BRANCH with regards to the above request, regretably, we have not been able to locate any calls for the period requested, as we generally only hold these calls for 1 year. furthermore, we only retain calls for all regualted products for 6 years, as per the FSA guidelines. yours hsbc so what do we make of this then guys? whom do i complain to now? baring in mind i really needed this eveidence to back up my claim of harassment to takign out this loan...without the eveidence my court date seems pointless. ALSO i recived a letter from DG accepting my date change proposal and they have said: ~We attach a copy letter form the claimant in which he requests and ajourment of the above hearing. we confirm our clients agreement to that request and we woudl therefore be greatful if you could vacate the hearing and re-list on the first open date. we would however be greatful if you could list the matter for 30 minutes as our client will be making an applicatuion to strike out the claim to be heard at the hearing. yours DG (cheeky sods eh) what now?????? Pete we
  14. thanks shane - your a legend! has anyone got any advice on this if its right or not?
  15. its a B&W oen sheet has 3 mian key titles/points Key financial information Other financial infiormation Key Information term and amounts, signatures (all parties)
  16. i can - erm if you tell me how and where to post it up - i havent ever posted up a document on this site before? im sure its not too tricky to do - i just dont know how to. its a 'one sheet' with both mine and wifes (and branch managers) signatures on it..
  17. anyone able to answer my last posting abtou the specifics on the paperwork i recieved? - what should i be lookign for specifically on the loan paperwork? Bump?
  18. just spoke to lady at HSBC again, she apologised and wrongly informed me! i can go into local HSBC branch to sign a release form to pick up the CDs....thats IF they can find them. she said the archive dept would have to trawel through them for the periods i had the conversations (to proove i was harrased) now, this lady i spoke with knows that i need this evidence for my court case... and she is doubtful as to wether their archives for taped conversations go back to march /november 2005 (the two periods i need the audio for).... so i said to her, can i have this in writing from you catagorically sayign that you might be unable to provide me such information...."ill have to get back to you and confirm this detial with you"....so she cant even tell me that they cant provide me the evidence i need to back up my claim in court....this is unbelievable...what now?
  19. hi all, your not going to believe this...HSBC have just told me on the phoen that they dont keep taped phonecalls for longer than 6 months (although they did say they would defo check it out and confirm with me tommorow) BUT........ to top it off the lady told me i 'couldnt have copies of the conversations on cd/tap - i would have to go into my local branch to listen to them'...is this BS or what? and more importnatly - does this not contravene some rights within the data protection act? she did say that she could provide paper transcripts of the conversations to me - but not actual audio (on a format that i requested - CD) help! Pete
  20. hi guys, thanks for all your replies. i have lot to think about and sort out here... i here what your all saying, so even if i cant reclaim the chages on the ML - can i claim anything like the interest on it? anything? right im off to get some conversations from the HSBC folkes!
  21. thanks lula - ill wait then! thaks for all your help and advice - have a nice xmas
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