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  1. hi can anyone advise me i have firstly had a contract with 3 for 18 months then renewed the contract in sept 07 had a new phone but it kept turning off when i felt like it and lost network coverage sent it back for repair and recieved it back 4 days later but still no network coverage phoned up 3 and sent phone back but before sending the phone back spoke to the techincal guys and was told that phone has a known problem well on friday they said they would replace the phone with another one the same model i told them what is the point as there is a known problem and agreed to a diferent model
  2. My AQ is supposed to be submitted on mon 16th july ahve come to an aggreement with ronan about settlement what do i do have email agreeing to settlement. but am afraid that abbey wont pay up and my case is thrown out. do i file the aq or just write to the courts and explain why i havnt filed aq with copy of the email. want to accept moneybut am scared please advise me.
  3. just a quick question since filing in court abbey have added 2 more charges when i send them the rejection letter do i tell them i have now added the new charges to the ammended spread sheet or am i not able to add them i.
  4. i'm also at the exact stage as you. i recieved their defence on Thursday 28th with an offer of 65%. I havn't heard anything of the court yet but by going on your experience i should hear pretty soon. good luck.
  5. they have defended today with a 65% offer shall i now accept this offer and tell them i am carrying on as i want the whole amount back. and also which letter do i send as there are a few. it seems like the basic defence as a matter of goodwill and without any admission of liability on abbeys part . abbey will offer to pay you 65% of your claim £xxxx. This will be in full and final settlement of your claim. also the letter is headed "without prejudice". also is it possible to amend a clain now it has reached abbey defending, as it is abbey are now charging an unauthorised
  6. im starting to prepare the basic court bundle but i am an absolute novice how do i number the pages do i have to do it by hand or is there a way of doing it via the pc. could someone explain it to me please.
  7. what would happen if i just left it the way it is
  8. today i have preparing my spread sheets ready for the court bundle and was going through them and noticed i have cocked up i have added £79 to much in charges when i filed at court what do i have to do to rectify this because i don't want to ruin my claim please advise me asap
  9. abbey have also filed acknowledge ment of service on the 5th june but i havn't heard anything off them do i have to wait
  10. hi i filed in court on the 31 may 2007 and recieved a copy back with deemed to be served on 02 june then another letter came acknowledgement of service 05 june the defendant has 28 days from the date of service of the claim with particulars of claim to file a defence does that mean from the 2nd june or the 5th june ? also letter from bank saying no to any refund as in the past they have refunded some charges. what happens now do i start preparing the court bundle yet any advice would be appreciated
  11. could some one have a look at the post above and see if it looks correct as i am about to start the court procedure on tuesday it's the daily rate i'm confused with many thanks
  12. STATUTORY INTEREST RATE: 8.00% TOTAL INTEREST: £272.71 TOTAL INC. INTEREST: £2,670.71 DAILY RATE: £0.53 is this right
  13. hi i'm just filling in the n1 form and am stuck on the part The claimant claims interest under section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984 at the rate of 8% a year, from 19/07/2002 to 29/05/2007 of £ [amount] and also interest at the same rate up to the date of judgment or earlier payment at a daily rate of [enter the daily rate of interest] can someone help please ? i am claiming £2398.00 (thats without the interest added)
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