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  1. Check your bank accounts carefully for unknown transactions... I had two transactions totalling £30 taken from my account by O2 UK LTD (PREPAY). I have never had a phone with O2 and I dont know anyone who does. Called my bank straight away...they cancelled my card etc...have since had a letter saying that it's not fraudulent and probably that someone known to me took my card and replaced it (no way this could have happened). I now have to write an appeal letter to say that I did not carry out those transactions and no one else took my card. In the mean time, the transactions have caused me to go overdrawn so I'm in a bit of a viscious circle here :/ They want me to send evidence...anyone got any ideas of what I can send them as proof? cheers
  2. Thank you I have a it in writing but it was signed by someone who was dealing with his money issues at the time but now no longer is...would that count? I'm hoping that, like you said, the court papers will give him the incentive to cough up!
  3. Hi there, I split up with my ex nearly a year ago now and he left me with all the bills etc for the place we shared and money that he borrowed from me and my parents. We made several agreements for him to pay me back but he has broken them all. I feel now that he has had enough chances and time to pay this money back and so I dont think I have any other option but to try and get the money back from him through the courts. Do I have any hope of doing this? What kind of evidence will I need to show that he owes me this money? Any help is much appreciated.
  4. My partner and I split up in May. I moved out immediately and he stayed in the property until June. I am on benefits and as I could not afford to move into a place of my own I moved back home with my parents...meaning I have lost housing benefit, council tax benefit etc There were several bills in arrears as my ex told me he had been paying them when he hadn't. I have now been left to pick up the pieces and make payment arrangements with them all to pay off the outstanding amounts (totalling almost £2000) with only my benefits. I did a spreadsheet with all the details about the half he owes, photocopied the bills and wrote a letter to my ex. He payed £150 in June...said he didnt have enough money last month...and now has become threatening to me and refuses to pay anymore money towards the bills so I am paying my own half as well as his. He earns more than double what I get a month so he should be able to afford to pay something each month. Is there anything I can do legally to get the money from him that he owes. If I could afford to, I would cut all ties with him and forget about it but I just cant do that sadly. Any advise would be much appreciated.
  5. thanks...that's what I needed to know really Guess this will encourage him to take a packed lunch to work!
  6. My boyfriend works 12 hour shifts alternating between days and nights. They have no official breaks where he works and I was just wondering if he should have. He's a security officer and someone needs to be on duty constantly but surely they should get someone to cover so he can get a break and something to eat? If anyone could point me in the right direction of where to find out I would be very grateful.
  7. I just checked my credit report with annualcreditreport.co.uk. There is a section which shows you credit applications and searches that have been carried out. First of all, is there anyway I can find out who has searched my file as there is one on there that I havent a clue who they are (Credit Reporting Agency (API))... Secondly, I'm a bit worried as there have been two searches carried out on the same date but with different reference number by BT (ID)...it says the search purpose was money laundering! I dont have an account with BT. I had a BT phone line at my old address but it was in my ex-partners name. The search was on my current address in March 2006. I dont have a very good credit score any way but could this affect it? I have no idea why they'd be searching my credit file, especially for money laundering. Do I need to do anything about this? Should I be worried??
  8. hopefully shelter might have some ideas for you...good luck with it and let us know how you get on
  9. Can you SIL get council housing? Shame that the CAB weren't much use I dont know what else she could do really...is there anyone else, friends/family that could lend her the money? I'm guessing not You could try contacting shelter shelter They have a phone number for their helpline on the website and you can email them....lots on info on the site as well...maybe they can help (finger crossed)
  10. If I were her I'd go and speak to the CAB....they will probably have more of an idea of what she might be entitled to and might even be able to help her claim for it. I'm surprised that she cant get help from the DWP....they have several different loans/grants from the social fund and I would have thought she'd be entitled to one of them! The only other option might be to try and find a place where they only require one months rent up front. good luck
  11. Sorry if this is in the wrong place...wasnt sure where to put it... This all started a couple of months before Christmas.....we order the odd few films through our virgin media box but I noticed there were some on there I'd never heard of....spoke to Mr M_A_A_B and he didnt recognise them either. Gave VM a call and they apologised and didnt charge us for them. Following month the same thing happened and same response from VM. One of the films on the bill wasnt even listed in the films available! Well, it happened again this month and I phoned again....this time they said the stop button had been pressed so they had been watched....now, both of the films this time were supposedly watch while no-one was even in the house! I filed a complained and heard from them today. Apparently, they have 'multi-million pound equipment' and this means we will be charged because someone watch them at our house...even though neither of us were in, no-one else has keys to our house and the dog cant work the remote....unless someone cleanly broke into our house, watched a film then left and locked up behind them!! Then did this a few days later.... The guy on the phone said they could send out an engineer but if there was no fault we'd be charged £75.....we cant afford that and even though I know we didnt watch these films we cant risk them saying there's no problem and charging us. I said that I'd check next month's bill and if there were still films on there that we never ordered then I'll take things from there. This is adding £5-10 to our bill every month. Is there anything else I can do about this?? Cheers..
  12. Thanks for all your help....just thought I'd give you a bit of an update as to what's going on now.... Hand delivered the grievance letter to bf's ex-work....received an acknowledgement letter a few days later...I guess thats them trying to cover the 'reply within 14 days' bit.....they have a bit more time left until the 28 days in which they have to take action is up.... It seems that all the passengers and some other staff are unhappy about bf leaving and now another member of staff has left too.... Once we get a proper reply from them we will seek further advice and I'll probably post on here to find out the best way to handle things next! Good news is my bf has a new job that he starts tomorrow
  13. ok....here's the draft I've prepared so far...can someone look it over for me and let me know if I need to include anything else or remove anything...also need some help with the bits in red, they are what the solicitor said but not sure whether to include one, both or neither as I'm confused about that bit! Many thanks!
  14. thanks for that...all very helpful. With the grievance letter, will it need to go through the details of how they did not follow their own terms? Bit confused about what the solicitor said too....he didnt explain if the letter should ask for the weeks severance pay, pay owed up to the date he was fired and holiday pay owed (which the solicitor said we should give 28 days for) as well as the stuff about the disability discriminations act (he told to ask for the employment to be reinstated for that)....both seem to contradict each other. I think one of the reasons for his dismissal could be that they are a community project and may not have had enough funding, why they went about it like this though makes no sense at all. Again, many thanks for all the help
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