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  1. Yup, I've got news.I had calculated the interest wrong. DG solicitors calculated it correctly for me. Got £3329 paid into my account last friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Progress so far:- 22/09/2006 Initial request for refund of £2578.50 + £1856.55 (Interest charged @ 15.9%. Total = £4435.05. 03/10/2006 Standard response received. 10/10/2006 LBA Sent. 10/10/2006. 1st Fob off letter received. 20/10/2006. 2nd Fob off letter received. 26/10/2006. MCOL filed. £2578.50 + £1856.55 interest + £120 costs = £4555.05.
  3. UPDATE........... HSBC..........Sent LBA 10/10/06 with revised Spreadsheet. Now claiming £4435.05. Got fob off letter "we provide cheque books, cards etc etc free of charge" 10/10/06. MBNA-- SENT REQUEST OF CHARGES INFORMATION 18/09/06. STANDARD REPONSE RECEIVED 05/10/06 SAYING I WILL HAVE A FULL RESPONSE BY 18/10/06. AMEX-- REQUEST FOR REFUND OF £415 + £315.40 INTEREST SENT 04/10/06. AMEX have written on 10/10/06 saying they have halved my credit limit and withdrawn any ATM facility. (I didn't know there was one!!). I'm guessing this is a retaliation to me asking for m
  4. Got a letter back from HSBC saying "Thankyou for your letter dated 22nd September 2006 concerning the recent circumstances regarding your account. This has been forwarded for my attention. I am looking into the matters you have raised and will contact you with a full response as soon as I have completed my investigations. In the meantime, I enclose a copy of our leaflet which explains how these matters are dealt with. If you do need to contact us, please quote ref no. **********." I guess this is a standard reply buying time. Am I right? Since sending off my first request for r
  5. Hi there. I've just recently sent a request to HSBC asking them to refund £2574 in charges but I didn't send a spreadsheet detailing the charges. Will this matter? Have also written to MBNA requesting charges but didn't enclose a cheque for £10. Will they just charge my account or ignore the request? Also, is it possible to make a claim against American Express Credit Card. I haven't noticed anyone else on the forum claiming from them. Great site by the way. Any information greatly appreciated. Cheers, Stefan.
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