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  1. Yeah isn't it just:) Thanks for your advice, court action begins tomorrow then!!!
  2. Hi all, I shall be starting court action tomorrow (Feb 19th) to reclaim my money from Halifax Plc. This is later than it should have been due to personal family reasons. Anyway, the bank have been constantly charging my account and swallowing up my benefits, at times leaving us with as little as £40 pw to survive on. So I decided to write a RIGHT OF APPROPRIATION letter and emailed it to them yesterday. My benefits go into my account tomorrow. I checked my emails this morning to see if they had replied which they had not. So I signed into my online account with them just to double check that I had used the correct email address for them, which I had. It was then that I realised that they had removed my account from my portfolio! I can only think that this is a retaliatory response from them because of the email I sent to them. I really need advice on this! Please!! I've just signed back into my online account and now my account is showing in my portfolio! Does anyone have any idea what Halifax are up to? Because they are certainly confusing me!!
  3. Hi evanesco, I have also sent the LBA with an updated schedule of charges which included the £10 SAR fee and yet another charge. Got a letter from Sarah Briggs, Executive Office yesterday which said that they would be "looking into the matter". Of course they will! Hope your case is going well!
  4. Hi all, I sent the LBA to the Halifax and the 14-day deadline ends on 13th December. The LBA was addressed to Mr Mark Coldwell, Customer Relations Officer and informed him that a copy was also sent to Mr Andy Hornby, Chief Executive. Today (2nd Dec) I received a reply from Sarah Briggs, Executive Office which says: "Dear ........................ Andy Hornby has asked me to thank you for your letter of 29th November. We are looking into the matter you raise and you will receive a response shortly. Yours sincerely, sarah Briggs Executive Office". The letter is headed From The Office of The Chief Executive and has a direct line telephone number. My question is do I correspond with Andy Hornby from now on as when the 14-day deadline arrives I will be moving onto the next step in the process, which as we all know is Court Action (if of course they have not repaid me in full). In the LBA I enclosed an updated Schedule of Charges and explained that it was updated due to another charge incurred on my account since the first Schedule of Charges was sent to them (in the prelim letter). Onto my next dilemma: I received a letter yesterday (1st December) from the Halifax saying that MORE charges have been incurred on my account and on 6th December they will be taking £60 from my account and a further £28 (Unauthorised Overdraft Charge) on 30th December. They also state that I will be charged debit interest. If I have to instigate Court Action against the Halifax, would I be right in assuming that I can add these further charges to my claim? And if the Halifax say that they will repay me in full, do I then ask them for a refund of the new charges as well as the previous ones, or do I have to begin a new claim? The £60 charge mentioned above will certainly be taken from my account by the time this stage of the process is reached. To sum it all up: (notice the dates!) I send the LBA (dated 29th Nov) to the Halifax on 28th Nov which they receive on 29th Nov by Recorded Delivery. On 1st Dec, I receive a letter from the Halifax saying further charges have been incurred on my account. This letter is dated 29th Nov. On 2nd Dec, I receive a letter from Sarah Briggs, Executive Office. This letter is dated 1st Dec.
  5. Neither am I. Its obvious to us all whose pockets our money is lining.
  6. Yes, you have read it right! No, your eyes are not deceiving you! I have just finished reading this article which was published in THE SCOTSMAN on Sat 1 Apr 2006. Here are a few quotes from that article: "HBOS chief executive designate Andy Hornby saw his annual pay package jump more than 20 per cent last year, despite the bank delivering a lower increase in profits on the previous year". "Hornby's total package rose to almost £1.30 million from £1.08m in 2004. This included an annual bonus of £459,000 on top of his basic salary of £660,000". "Outgoing chief executive James Crosby, who leaves at the end of July, pocketed £1.73m in 2005 - up from £1.48m in 2004 - including a bonus of £586,000 on top of his basic salary of £858,000". "HBOS's profits rose 17 per cent last year to £4.81 billion..." "A spokesman for HBOS defended the pay-outs to all the top earners, saying they were in line with the market, and added that HBOS was the best performing bank stock in the UK". "Both Hornby and Crosby saw significant rises in their pension transfer values last year. Hornby's rose by 29 per cent to £1.24m from £958,000, while that of Crosby increased by 22 per cent to £9.05m from £7.43m". Need I say more?
  7. Hi Tinkerbelle, Halifax used to give me 30 days notice but within the past 2-3 years they have only given me 3-4 days notice!
  8. Thanks for the advice Andrea, I'll do that now!
  9. Hi, Sorry to be so dumb but I just can't figure out the spreadsheets. I'm getting ready for court action but I have a few probs! Firstly, my total claim is for £595 but when I put this (all the charges separately with relevant dates) on a spreadsheet it totalled £5094.63! I am obviously doing something wrong, but what?! I've put interest rate at 8.00% but I've left the Daily Interest Rate In Pence clear as I don't know what that is. If anyone does know what it is, I would be eternally grateful if you would tell me! I would also be grateful if anyone could tell me what it is that I did wrong to make £595 turn into £5094.63!
  10. Thanks evanesco, I appreciate your advice!
  11. Hi all, I sent the Halifax the preliminary approach for repayment letter dated 15 Nov 2006 and received a response today (23 Nov). The response was the standard letter about “sorry you are unhappy, we will send you another standard letter within the next millenium.” They also put on the letter that my letter to them was received at their offices on 21st Nov which I know is untrue as I sent the letter by recorded delivery and it was delivered to them on 17 Nov. Also, I realise now that I made 2 errors on the prelim letter. Firstly, I forgot to request that the £10 SAR fee is refunded to me and secondly, I asked them to refund me the charges which they have levied from my account over the last 3 years when I should have put 7 years. But I did enclose the schedule of charges with the letter which detailed each charge. If I am right in assuming that the 14-day deadline begins with the date the letter was delivered, do I now wait until 1st Dec to send them the letter before action or do I send it now? And do I ask for the £10 SAR fee?
  12. Hi, I have been wondering the same thing myself. When I received my 1st set of statements, dating back to 1999, there was only ONE charge on them! To top it off, several statements were missing and some were incomplete. I wrote to the Halifax, giving them 7 days to send me those statements which they did within 4 days. These statements had more charges on but some were still incomplete and, like you, charges that I know should have been on there, were not. So, I am going to reclaim all the charges and then see a solicitor as I do feel that something untoward has been occurring!
  13. Hi all, I've sent the preliminary approach for repayment letter to the Halifax and just waiting patiently for their response. I became overdrawn by less than £10, but due to the Halifax bombarding me with charges, my account balance is now MINUS £263.16. My question is: When (and not if!) the Halifax pay me back, will they deduct the deficit on my account from the money I am reclaiming from them, even though it's because of their charges that my account has this deficit? And if they do, is it legal? Sorry to be so thick!
  14. Hi all, Looking through my statements I realised that the charges made to my account by the Halifax were not on the statements, except for one. I have been with the Halifax since 1999 and they have made numerous charges against my accounts with them so obviously they should be showing on my statements. But I have noticed that my statements are riddled with £30 alleged cashpoint withdrawals, some up to 3 times a day, which I could not afford to do. When I do make cashpoint withdrawals it is usually £10-£20, with the odd £30 or £40. I posted a thread yesterday as there has been other suspicious discrepancies with my statements and I meant to mention this discrepancy in the same thread. Has anyone else had this problem? I would be grateful for any advice.
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