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  1. Hi John Just to let you and everyone else know, we went to Court today for our Directions Hearing and the Judge at Hull County Court has stayed our case. There was a representative from SC&M there acting on behalf of Lloyds. We said all the right things: the defendant has failed to comply with the terms of the court order, their request for a court stay was not within the deadline prescribed by the court etc. etc. Basically they had the right not to comply with the order on the basis that they were waiting for the test case. The judge agreed that the case would be stayed desp
  2. Hi everybody. I'm helping a friend to claim back his charges from Lloyds TSB. We've been working on it for months now and got to the stage that we are going to court on Wednesday (26th) for a directions hearing at Hull County Court. Has anyone ever had one of these before? We have rang SC&M and they told us that they will be making an appearance. I don't know if this is true or not. What does a directions hearing actually involve? I'm presuming that it's only to hear whether we have a case against Lloyds or not. They have asked for a stay but the court declined it. They ha
  3. Hi hovawart, I am helping a friend reclaim his charges from Lloyds. We have got our Directions hearing on 26th September as well (next Wednesday). What time is yours? Are you prepared? I'm going to spend this weekend preparing the court bundle as described here. Also going to start a new thread "Waudby v Lloyds TSB". It'd be good to get in contact with someone in the same position!
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