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  1. Hi thank you , I just claimed the 8% interest which worked out to be approx £631!!!! so definitly add it on (+ they won't pay up if you don't). I used the spreadsheet in the Template Library (I think thats were it is) It was the simple works spreadsheet, really easy to use, just put in the date was taken out your account, amount & description of charge & it will work out the interest up to date at 8%. One thing I will say - may have only been me but!! Make sure you put in the date the charge was taken out your account not the date they notified you (statement date), I realised but could be a fatal mistake to make. Im off to start again with my credit card (Nationwide again ) Good luck Sarah
  2. Hi to all, I hope every ones had a great xmas. NW finally paid the rest they took from me so big smiles all round!!! I think I've got the bug now as I fully intend to do the same with my NW Credit card. I have now closed it but I am assuming it is still possible to claim? I will of course read up but is there any difference between claims on a cc or bank account? Will keep you all posted, thank you so much, couldn't have done it without eveyones help Sarah xx
  3. Just got to get the rest now, hopefully some loser from NW is sitting there giving me back the money they should never have taken in the first place. When it's all sorted I have decided im going into my local branch & will vocally explain that I have won against them & I want to close my account before they unlawfully take any more money out!!! Petty really but I want the satisfaction of me telling them to stick it not them closing it!! Fingers crossed the same will happen for you, just keep checking- im sure you will
  4. ****Update***** im getting there at last, £731.51 has just appeared in my account in the last hour (how sad I check it that often!!) My claim is for jut under £5000 excluding court costs so it seems to be a random amount but judging from other threads i've read it's the norm for it to be paid it odd amounts?? Keep it coming Nationwide
  5. Im glad im not alone, my poor lap top automatically goes to my banking when I switch it on, i've checked so many times!! Please let me know how you do as we've do things at the same time, im always thinking they'll get round it cause i've done something wrong in the paper work-either that or i'll be the first they decide to take to court!!!
  6. Caz, Hi thanks, im just so nervous now!! I filled out MCOL on the 9th Dec, It was issued on 11th Dec and Acknowledged on 13th Dec, Ive not heard anything yet or had any payments made. Am I worrying unnecessarily or should something be happening by now? Sarah
  7. Hi, will do apologies, have only now just about got the gist of the threads etc. To keep everyone up to date. I have put in my MCOL, had confirmation from the court on Monday 11/12/ in writing then got confirmation details of where it was sent on Friday 15/12. I have got schedule of charges copied ready & the letter's to send to court & Nationwide for them to attach the to my claim. I will be sending them recorded delivery on Monday. Any one have any idea's what will happen next or rough timescale til things get moving? Courts have given Nationwide til 30/12 to reply. Thanks you for every ones help & support, It was so daunting having little o'l me against big horrible them but im getting there now Sarah
  8. Thank you, glad I didn't do anything. Do I just sit tight now for papers in the post?
  9. Hi, I've posted previous threads but to keep all up to date I am claiming against Nationwide for just under £5000!! I have filed my MCOL. When i've checked the progress on the moneyclaim site it has a 'start' icon on my claim which I clicked on. It then asks me to 'select type of Judgement' either by 'Default or Admission' am I supposed to do anything with this now? I don't want to do anything wrong so advice would be appreciated. Many thanks Sarah
  10. Hi, im struggling with the final leg. I have sent all letters and spreadsheet etc. I am now at the stage to complete my MCOL in. I am a little worried/confused regarding a few bits, please could anyone help me? *If I do not win the claim will I be responsible for Nationwide's legal costs? I am concerned as I could not afford to if the case is yes *Do I amend the charges spread sheet to calculate the interest from the date I do the MCOL or from when I started contact/first letter to Nationwide? I don't want to do it wrong & loose on a loophole. *I am unsure of how to work out my daily rate of interest for the Money claim form? Also is it necessary to add anything else to the template of the money claim form shown in the Template library or is the example shown enough information? I am aware I am asking for a lot of help, I have spent hours reading as much as possible throughout the site & im very aware it all needs to be done correctly. Any help would really be appreciated, Many Thanks, Sarah
  11. Hi, Ive looked at the advice on what to put in my claim, is the minimum information shown enough or do I need to add more? Also do I recalculate my interest etc on the (spreadsheet) schedule of charges I sent them previously so it's done on the date I put in the cxlaim or leave it the same as I sent Nationwide? Im worried if I do any paper work incorrectly I will have my claim quashed on a loophole, has this ever happened? Any help would be appreciated, Sarah
  12. Excellent, thank you, the link you gave was what I was looking for, an idiots guide broken down in each step!! Thanks, will keep you posted:)
  13. Hi, i've put a question in somewhere else on the site but i've possibly posted it in the wrong area! Ive sent DSR & got all data back, sent in initial request for refund (using a template in the library) with the charges spreadsheet & interest etc. Suprise suprise got a letter back basically saying no refund. Im stuck about what to do now, i've seen bits about MCOL or N1 forms, who do I send them to if I complete them? how do I go about moving on to claiming through the court? do I tell nationwide I intend to go to court or do the court tell them?! Im lost!!!! I would be grateful of any help/advice Thank you Sarah
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