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  1. PAID ITEM CHARGE £25.00 16/08/2006 INTEREST 17JUL-15AUG £3.75 01/09/2006 UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT 17JUL-15AUG DAY £25.00 01/09/2006 FAILED DIRECT DEBIT CHARGE 04SEP £34.00 04/09/2006 UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT 16AUG-15SEP DAY 1 £25.00 02/10/2006 UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT 16AUG-15SEP DAY 5 £25.00 02/10/2006 INTEREST 16AUG-15SEP £3.98 02/10/2006
  2. After a looong delay, the ball will be rolling tomorrow afternoon! Basically I decided to get my finances back in order before chasing this. Tomorrow morning I will be sending a schedule of charges and prelim letter, if I can find a way of attaching letters I will - failing that when I get my broadband back up (long story - in short stay away from Tiscali!) I will put them online and link to them for everyones reference. In the afternoon I'll follow up with an email to Richard and Sarah as others have had sucess with this in the past and it lets them know I'm serious. Pretty much sending the template letter, schedule: PAID ITEM CHARGE£25.0016/08/2006INTEREST 17JUL-15AUG£3.7501/09/2006UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT CHARGE 17JUL-15AUG DAY 1£25.0001/09/2006FAILED DIRECT DEBIT CHARGE 04SEP 49.00£34.0004/09/2006UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT CHARGE 16AUG-15SEP DAY 1£25.0002/10/2006UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT CHARGE 16AUG-15SEP DAY 5£25.0002/10/2006INTEREST 16AUG-15SEP£3.9802/10/2006 (hope the formatting stays in place...) Total £141.73. If anyone has any thing to add you are more than welcome to join in and post! cheers m
  3. Thanks for all the replies everyone - I love this idea janquinny!! Cheers mate
  4. Hello guys, Has anyone got any tips on building a better credit rating? I got turned down for the Tesco Clubcard Credit card last week. Looked at my experian records and it shows 2 late payments on my A+L acc but not a lot else! I have never missed a mortgage payment, and prior to this last 6 week period have never been overdrawn. I'm thinking it is because I have never had a credit card, and the fact that I have one acc £800 overdrawn and two bouncers that I have been failed. Any tips - dont really need the credit from the credit card - I just want clubcard points
  5. Thanks glen, I'm going to send the initial letter on the 2nd of Oct as there are more bank charges due to be applied on that date. If any one is interested: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/alliance-leicester/31528-markio-l.html
  6. Ahhh, thanks janquinny. I have charges that are due to be applied on the 2nd of October - so I'm planning on sending the initial letter that same morning. Which is cool as it gives me a few weeks to go over a few of the other threads and the faq's once more. Watch this space...
  7. Hello all, I have read the faq and done a search, but I can't find an example of the schedule of charges. Is this just a list of the charges, dates / ammounts / description etc? Sorry to be a pain, but i did search
  8. Hello all, I'm going to log my claim against the A+L here, any one please feel free to chip in at any time! I've just got a quick question before I send the initial letter; what is the schedule of charges - is it just a list including the date ammount and description? I have searched for an example but no joy No one else seems to have had a problem with it so i must be a bit thick I'll attach the letters as they go out (if that is an option). Cheers all, and good luck with your personal cases!
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