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  1. Thank you for your reply reallymadwoman. Yes you're correct, he's been awarded his 4 points for 'needing prompting to go out', however my argument is he cannot go out at all without another person, and even then he finds it really difficult to continue any journey. He certainly can't venture out "safely", "to an acceptable standard", "in a reasonable period of time" or "repeatedly". I'll get in touch with the HMCTS and see if I can go instead. If not I'll start preparing a good case.
  2. Hi, wondered if anyone can help please. I intend to appeal the decision made for my 19 yr old son's mobility (he was awarded enhanced care but just 4 points mobility). We have had a reconsideration, but the original decision still stands. I am his appointee and know there is a better chance of appeal if we attend, but he suffers so badly with OCD and anxiety that he really has trouble getting out of the house. I'm wondering if I would be allowed to attend alone on his behalf, or whether he would need to attend too? If I can't attend instead, I shall have to take our chances on an appeal w
  3. Hi Maxey, I too have just sent my first letter requesting statements to Lloyds. I'm getting quite excited! Will keep you up to date on what happens
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